Empress Ki Second Teaser – Screencaps

Empress Ki second teaser is full of action and it has really piqued my interests!

Unlike the first teaser which briefly introduced the three main characters; Empress KiWang Yoo and Emperor Huizong of Yuan (Emperor Huizong, Togon-temür), this teaser shows the strong determination, ambition and spirit of a young Goryeo girl, her struggle & journey to become the Empress of Yuan Dynasty. It also gives a hint of her romance with the two male characters: she protects and helps Crown Prince of Yuan Dynasty to leave the island, and her gorgeous lantern night date with Wang Yoo.

EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc1 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc2

EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc4 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc5 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc6 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc7 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc8 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc9 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc10

From a maid to become the highest Empress of Yuan Dynasty…

EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc11 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc12 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc14 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc15 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc16 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc17 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc18 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc19 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc20 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc21

Ambition, Fight and Love of a Goryeo Girl who is as Brilliant as a Fire Flower

EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc22 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc23 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc25 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc26 EmpressKi_2ndTeaser_bc28

Empress Ki premieres 28 October 2013 on MBC.

English Subtitle cr to Jiwonderland

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