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Entertainer (딴따라) is SBS Wednesday & Thursday drama about Shin Suk Ho‘s (Ji Sung) journey of scouting, training, debuting and managing talented young people of a new band (called Ddandara Band) for a tiny independent label (started by his friend Yeo Min Joo (Chae Jung An)) after getting betrayed by a large entertainment company (KTOP Entertainment) he worked for. He used to believe that everything can be hidden, solved, taken care of by money & connection – but when crisis keeps coming, people he treated unfairly in the past are biting him back and he realizes he can’t rely on $$$ nor his connection anymore. Then he learns from his young entertainers (who come from various backgrounds) that there’re other fair ways to make it in this very competitive field. KTOP keeps cockblocking Ddandara Band & Suk Ho, but nothing is impossible!


Ddandara Band comprises of four young people from very different backgrounds: aspiring musician Jo Ha Neul (Kang Min Hyuk) [vocalist] who’s struggling to clear his name after being framed by KTOP artist, Juilliard student Kyle (Gong Myung) [guitarist], single father Na Yeon Soo (Lee Tae Sun) [bassist] and nerd Seo Jae Hoon (L. Joe) [drummer] whose whole life is filled with studying, studying and studying & her controlling ‘helicopter mom’. Ha Neul’s noona / closest friend Geu Rin (Hyeri) is their manager.

Entertainer is directed by PD Hong Sung Chang (Glorious Day, King of Dramas) and written by Yoo Young A (Bel Ami)


“They understand each other as entertainer, they’re not dating!”☻ -Shin Suk Ho-

“I know I shouldn’t but Dad, can’t I work really hard and do the music that Sung Hyun hyung couldn’t do?” -Jo Ha Neul-

“I was going to give up but I heard his voice… then I started dreaming again, his (incredible) voice made my heart beat again.” -Shin Suk Ho-

“We have to trust people – if we don’t, how will we live on?” -Jo Ha Neul-

“Do you know how people’s mind work? If they think the name is cool, their expectations are very high but if they think the name is lame (like you said), they expect very little. Then when you show up and show them your incredible talent, you will stand out like crazy” -Shin Suk Ho-

“I don’t want to be a celebrity, I want to be a musician” -Na Yeon Soo-

“Nobody is good from the start” -Shin Suk Ho-

“Don’t be discouraged… there’re times when things don’t go your way. I trust your sister’s words – I believe in you” -Na Yeon Soo-

“I debated whether I should believe him or not but I decided to trust Ha Neul’s innocent face, trust his words and came this far” -Shin Suk Ho-

“Dating? Marriage? I don’t need all that. Family? Jo Ha Neul, he’s all I’ve got and the only reason I live” -Geu Rin-

“I’ll turn him into a gem for the world to admire” -Shin Suk Ho-

“It’s best to right your wrongs now because you’ll get hurt if you keep going” -Shin Suk Ho-

“There’re no wars without wounds, you’ll have to fight first to determine the winner” -Lee Ji Young-

“You grabbed my hand & pulled me out of it, I couldn’t have done it on my own… so I’m grateful you weren’t giving me false hope” -Na Yeon Soo-

“KTOP will trip you every step of the way, they’ll step on you when you’re down so you’ll never get back up… Why? Because you’re Shin Suk Ho’s kids. I wish you’d become a musician more powerful than Jackson, then clear your name & soar above the clouds… but you can’t fly if you’re with me. I can’t give you wings. Even if you make it, I’ll be the one who’ll break your wings” -Shin Suk Ho-

“I don’t want to know anything nor do I expect anything but don’t ignore my dream to hold my brother in my heart & make the music he was unable to make. My dream is to do music with you, so please don’t take that away from me. I’ll try to persevere so you should too.” -Jo Ha Neul-

“Entertainer Band have relied on me with their dreams and hopes but how could a person like me lead those naive guys?” -Shin Suk Ho-

“I want to sing with you, sing the song you make, on the stage you arrange. I trust you will come back…” -Jo Ha Neul-

“How could you spend your whole life doing only one thing? That’s not fun. You still can study hard while playing drums for enjoyment” -Shin Suk Ho-

“I didn’t know this day would come, I thought I’d always remain on top & continue bullying others around but now I’ve hit the rock bottom, I’m too humiliated to keep my head up… I’ll come and kneel before you every single day to make up for all the pain I’ve made you suffer. I’ll kneel until you tell me I can stop coming.” -Shin Suk Ho-

“You’re the best in my eyes and I believe that whatever you did, you did great!” -Geu Rin-

“Being a family is all about love and affection” -Jo Ha Neul-

“Giving her all the answers will not help – she has to make mistakes & learn from them” -Shin Suk Ho-

“I realized that life could be fun and there are different ways to enjoy it” -Seo Jae Hoon-

“Mum will live her life, I’ll live mine so you should live your own life” -Jae Hoon’s Dad-

“Jae Hoon’s life is worth $1.2 millions. Then how much is Jae Hoon’s dream worth?” -Shin Suk Ho-

“Mum, I’ve lived all my life the way you dreamed, I want to live my own dream now” -Seo Jae Hoon-

“Even if there’s a rainstorm of stress, I’ll be your green umbrella. Be strong!” -Geu Rin-

“You’ve already stepped into a quicksand, you’ll never get out if you stay there. You need to get out now if you want to live” -Shin Suk Ho-

“I used to say bad comment is attention but it’s not… it’s poison!” -Shin Suk Ho-

“We need to face reality to gain courage!” Seo Jae Hoon-

“I might not be an umbrella but I’ll stay with you” -Shin Suk Ho-

“You should send off your past love and prepare for the new one” -Yeo Min Joo-

“There’s no going back. I have nowhere left to run so I run at full speed ahead” -Shin Suk Ho-

“Let’s just laugh… what is there in life? Everything changes” -Shin Suk Ho-

“You’re supposed to listen to songs with your ears & heart, not your eyes” -Shin Suk Ho-

“Do we need to have the same parents to be family?” -Kyle-

“I don’t resent you, I blame myself for being too young hence unable to help my vulnerable brother” -Ha Neul-

“Giving a kids up for adoption (hoping) for a better parents & environment to grow up is abandoning him because you can’t predict if they’re gonna be better parents when he never even meet his real parents” -Kyle-

“I cried so much so my (adoptive) dad gave me name ‘Lee Bang Geul’ to smile my whole life” -Kyle-

“If you really love someone, you can’t hold it without expressing your feelings to them” -Na Yeon Soo-

“The two finally belong to each other. In the end, the two get married and live happily ever after.” -Geu Rin [Daddy’s Long Legs]-

“You should work hard when fans want you but we won’t last long if our everyday life isn’t going well” -Shin Suk Ho-

“Wherever you go, your dad will always be by your side soo don’t be afraid and do whatever you want” -Ji Young’s Dad-

“Love is a fastball” -Na Yeon Soo-

“I thought I should bury my feelings inside because I’m not worthy but even though I know (I’m not worthy) – this is love too so I can’t hold it in” -Na Yeon Soo-

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