Five Children Episode 10 Brief Recap

A spark of truth from Sang Tae knocks down Mi Jung’s 3 years lingering anger & revenge. All along she thought she was protecting her innocent children but she didn’t realize her children suffer the most. They suddenly lose their father’s presence & love that’s crucial for their development. Granted In Chul was wrong for leaving his family for So Young but he made an effort making co-parenting works for their children’s sake. Will Mi Jung finally ready to give In Chul another chance to prove his worth as a father?

Episode 10 Brief Recap

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Only after Sang Tae points out Mi Jung and her kids are very lucky, Mi Jung finally changes her mind. At least her children still can experience their father’s love (a father is still a father no matter how screwed he is) but Sang Tae’s kids can’t see their mom anymore. He wishes she would come back for a very short time just so his two kids can feel their mom’s love but he can’t T_T Even though she really hates In Chul – please consider her kids’ feeling.

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Worried Grandma Jang is anxiously waiting in front of the police station, feeling so small as she can only be her granddaughter’s burden who can’t do anything to help her.. After secretly hiding her divorce & pain for 3 years, it’s almost impossible she’ll allow In Chul to see the kids hence she’s shocked when Sang Tae reveals she agreed. In tears, she’s sorry yet very grateful that Sang Tae came as an angel in their lives. Like what he said to Mi Jung, he also assures Grandma not too worry too much because things will work out well.

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As today is Soon Young’s ‘last day in Korea’, Ho Tae takes her to the memory lane. She keeps lying about her ‘happy marriage’ and her wish to continues ballet because that’s where they first met. Ho Tae confesses he liked her not because she’s a great ballet dance but because she’s such a genuine & nice woman. Even if she’s not rich, he would still like her.

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Finally Yeon Tae meets with Sang Min again. I love these two together 🙂 He orders her to look inside his phone without giving her the passcode to ensure she didn’t check his phone. Hilariously, Yeon Tae doesn’t know how he is – she guesses he’s a soccer, baseball or even ballet star 😀 He gives up, sarcastically points out she might not know anything about luxury sport. Well in other word, you’re not as well known as you bragged, Sang Min ah..

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He asks for her name, phone number & social security number & if any info from his phone is leaked out, then he will point the finger to her. Instead of writing her real name, Yeon Tae writes Lee Yeon Doo and straight away he notices this name doesn’t suit her face! Her address is correct as she slurred it on the day they met. He’s curious about her job and she replies unemployed. But he’s actually more curious about her one-sided love which ended not in her favor. Hilariously, he applauds her for not showing her weakness (cries) in front of her lover then he tips her to just confess her feeling. Like in golf, hitting only results in two things: in or out. But Yeon Tae chooses friendship over love (she’s worried Tae Min will no longer be her friend if he rejects her confession). Sang Min offers his help whenever she needs any tip to confess her feeling and it makes her angry.

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After she hangs up, she turns back and in her horror, a delivery motorcycle instantly hit her. An angel comes to her rescue, giving his coat, helps her to get up & catch a cab home.

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Despite Soon Young’s sweet talk that his car is running out of gas, Ho Tae insisting driving her home (well she no longer lives there). Before she gets off the car, he put on nice red high heels he just bought as he knows she really loves shoes. But he couldn’t buy her one in the past. Knowing it’s not her home, he opts to leave first before she enters her ‘house’. He parks in the nearby corner & watches in agony when she catches the bus (she’s changed back to her worn-out sneakers). He follows the bus to find out where she lives now but doesn’t have the confidence to confirm (to her) what he already knows.

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He reaches out to hyung as the car is run out of gas. Sang Tae yells in frustration yet he still come to dongsaeng’s rescue. Ho Tae blew 400k won in one day that he doesn’t even have 10k won to pay for the gas. Crazy. The ever-so-patient Sang Tae scolds him right then, tired that his brother has no sense of responsibility nor maturity. But he still put some money on his dongsaeng’s empty wallet. Surprisingly, he also lends his credit card if Ho Tae ever needs an emergency fund. He encourages Ho Tae to stand on his own without depending on their parents nor him. Ho Tae notices something’s going on with his hyung as he would get mad only at his brother whenever he’s troubled. Yes he is but he isn’t telling Ho Tae anything. Ho Tae invites him to eat dad’s noodles, an offer he accepts.

After thinking thoroughly overnight, Mi Jung decides to follow Sang Tae’s advice, setting aside her revenge for her kids’ sake. He praises her for being so strong hiding it from her kids but Mi Jung reveals she became too sensitive that she scolded her kids over very small mistake. But don’t worry, Sang Tae did it too and so do many other parents.

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In Chul signs agreement to settle and Sang Tae promises Mi Jung will fulfill his wish. The women are watching closely, while So Young is worried, her mom advises her to get pregnant soon and he’ll distance himself from his kids when they have kids together.

After watching the blackbox recording, In Chul is wondering if Sang Tae & Mi Jung are dating. Well, both are single so it works out well, right? But In Chul warns him about Mi Jung’s fierce personality which was the cause of their divorce in the first place. She’s a workaholic that she worked until the day she gave birth and went back to work soon afterwards. Before he leaves, he spots Mi Jung’s car in front of the bakery.

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Tae Min is up and early today – he’s having a breakfast with Jin Joo (who wears Yeon Tae’s clothes). He’s confident she likes him although she still hasn’t given him the answer. Actually, the more she pushes him, the more he acts to be pulled by her. Yeon Tae is watching them from outside, quickly leaves when Dad asks if that man is her one-sided love.

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To celebrate Mi Jung’s release, Sang Tae brought tofu as expected from kind man like him 🙂 He drives her home though she doesn’t want to trouble him anymore. Before she enters her home, she put on her biggest smile so her kids won’t notice anything. Sang Tae meanwhile sends a text so Grandma Jang knows Mi Jung will come home soon. She sends him a very thankful text which put a smile on his face.

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Mom is home from a very exhausting ‘business trip’, kids. She believes the whole household will be happy when Mom smiles 🙂 They sleep together in the living room tonight and awww Grandma Jang carefully move Woo Joo from mom’s arms so it doesn’t hurt when she wakes up in the morning.

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To repay for his kindness, Mi Jung bought a present for her Team Leader who’s currently humming SNSD’s I Got a Boy while making his morning coffee. This song stuck on his mind after watching the blackbox. Mi Jung emphasizes that he doesn’t like her and he mistakenly nods. Nooooo… He even feel really bad about it. Mi Jung didn’t realize that her car is still in front of the bakery and is looking frantically in the parking lot. Sang Tae coolly drives away as he doesn’t want to meddle into her personal life anymore but he comes back to let her know. In the end, he drives her to the bakery 🙂

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The kids find out all the letters, gifts that Mom’s supposed to send to dad – are kept in a big box in Mom’s closet – were looking for family picture for school. Woo Young tries to add clues together, he knows something’s not right here. He asks his sister to keep this a secret from their mom & grandma, makes this into a sort-of-detective play where he (as a detective) will be looking through this and his sister be his assistant detective.

In Chul lectures Mi Jung that he has the right to see his kids (according to law). He then insults no men will see her as a woman, so Mi Jung boldly brags lies that she and her Team Leader are dating… since yesterday!

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Sang Tae gets out of his car, walks confidently towards her who’s anxiously waiting for his answer.

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He stares at her, holds her hands. Sang Tae: “why are you wasting your time? I told you to just get your car & hurry up!” Wowww… He escorts her to her car, helps to buckle her car seat as Mi Jung is frozen on her seat, utterly shocked. To tell her that this is real, he cutely pinches her cheek – calling her cute!

He then tells InSo that they’re indeed dating. “We are allowed to date, right?”

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Mi Jung: “OMG!”


OMG, that was my first reaction too! So cool seeing Sang Tae playing along with Min Jung’s brave confession lie but from the way he stared at her, it’s clear he’s fallen in love with her. I can’t wait to see how their relationship will grow. It’s captivating observing Sang Tae’s and Mi Jung’s standpoints as a single father / mother. They lost their partners under very different circumstances which shapes their very different outlook on life. But they are similar in some ways – they become pillar of strength for their children, suppressing their anger & sadness after their loved ones were tragically taken away from them. They become angels for their children. In the midst of Mi Jung’s brokenness, Sang Tae came into her life as a friend – offering his time, mutual support and words-of-wisdom. In return, Mi Jung gives him a new reason to smile. No a dull moment after he met her 😀

And there’s no a dull day for Sang Min & Yeon Tae either. His over-confidence cracks me up but he needs to tone down his excessive curiosity. He doesn’t want anyone to take a peek into his private life so he shouldn’t do it to Yeon Tae either. Unless he’s curious because he likes her ^^

Honestly I haven’t felt any chemistry between Ho Tae & Soon Young so I tend to skip their scenes – hopefully this couple will grow on me soon.

Ho Tae is frustrating to watch. Grow up, man. You have to stand by your own feet instead of leeching off your brother & sister. If he doesn’t have any money to produce his movie, he should get a part-time job to earn money. I applaud his determination but he shouldn’t make his laziness an excuse for his continuous failure.


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