Five Children Episode 14 Brief Recap

Starting a new relationship brings a lot of excitement but the OTP relationship is currently in the grey area. Sang Tae chooses to close the door making Mi Jung upset with his sudden change of heart. It drives them away, creates unnecessary anxiety. Without realizing, they are hurting each other. Although hard to watch, this awful time forces them to realize their true feelings. It’ll be up to them to follow or ignore what their heart tell them.

Episode 14 Brief Recap

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Mi Jung swallows her sadness hearing Sang Tae’s blunt confession that he prefer them to be work colleagues only – nothing more, nothing less. He knows a lot about her private life by fate accident, making him uncomfortable & annoyed. She put on a brave smile in front of him but tears start falling down when she’s alone. Mi Jung is wondering, “why am I crying?”

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While Dad doesn’t think any woman can melt Sang Tae’s heart (he’s far from ready to open his heart again), his wife believes the right woman can moves his heart. Anyway, Mom diverts her focus on marrying Yeon Tae now (currently there’s no hope for her two sons). But she’s not dating anyone! Dad reminds that she’s still heartbroken so let’s don’t mention anything about dating to her. If it’s their fate, they will meet again no matter what happened but challenges will still happen. There’ll be good days and bad days, there’ll be good things which can become bad or bad things that can become good in the future. All these are temporarily. They were really happy when Jin Young became their daughter-in-law but they didn’t know they’d face her death that soon – breaking their son’s happiness. But this is life. Dad advises it’s best to watch over their children silently – trusting them dealing with their personal lives themselves. Just like what’s currently happening with Ho Tae – he’s by Soon Young’s side at the hospital.

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What about Yeon Tae? She still hasn’t woken up while Sang Min sympathizes with her for crying, laughing, suffering alone for more than 2000 days – she must’ve had a really hard time. He can’t leave her alone so he piggybacks her home albeit complaining all the way! He passes Yeon Tae’s parents who criticize this ‘girl’ but they soon realize it’s their daughter!

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Sang Min corrects them that it’s Yeon Do and carries her all the way to her bedroom. Mom wants to pour cold water on her to wake her up but Sang Min points out it’ll be useless 😀 He then politely introducing himself as her friend, still insisting she’s Yeon Do. While the parents are making honey water for Sang Min, Mom expresses that parents can’t just watch over their kids silently – look what happened with Yeon Tae! Well she’s not the only ones who passed out, Sang Min also passed out in the living room!

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Because of over-stressed and extreme dehydration, Soon Young had stomach pain. In tears she apologizes for lying to Ho Tae who apologizes for pretending for not knowing. He assures her it’s okay, she shouldn’t blame herself.

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In the middle of the night, Mi Jung calls Sang Tae to meet up in the park in the middle of their homes. She’s calling him crazy because she did nothing wrong (according to her) – he was the one who told her to lean on him, followed her to Han River and helped her! It doesn’t make sense! Well Sang Tae also think it doesn’t make any sense and apologizes, making Mi Jung yells out in frustration. After ripping her heart, he can only say sorry? She calls him a lunatic who needs to get himself checked at the mental hospital! OMG. Both of them can’t sleep tonight. Mi Jung then sends a text to him, assuring she understands him & thankful for everything he’s done (so far).

Although Mom doesn’t know Sang Min’s relationship with her daughter but she admires his look 😀 Dad think he’s a good guy as he piggybacked drunken Yeon Tae home. Sang Min is still sleeping peacefully in the living room and Yeon Tae hasn’t woken up as well. Ho Tae finally comes home after taking care Soon Young at the hospital but Mom accuses him of sleeping out somewhere.

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Ho Tae mistakenly think Sang Min is the guy who broke his sister’s heart so he kicks him to wake him up then hit him with his head! He almost kills poor Sang Min if Yeon Tae doesn’t come to his rescue. Sang Min feels betrayed that Yeon Tae lied to him (about her name) although he showed his sincerity and even carried her home last night! He wants to know who’s her unrequited love is that her whole family knows about this guy. Well, it’s your own brother, Sang Min ah! The one who’s confused why you’re not home.

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Sang Min eats his hangover soup as the whole family is staring at him before giving all sort of signals to Yeon Tae wanting to know who this guy is. She doesn’t even remember his name so he introduces himself but Yeon Tae spares him from answering Dad’s blunt question about their relationship. He sweetly says that he’s owing her a lot of things so he repaid it by carrying her home. But when his brother calls, he bluntly reveals he slept at the phone thief’s home (in front of the family!). Sang Min is such a sweet talker, he assures the worried family that it was a misunderstanding (and he’s in fault) before telling them about his retired parents who live in the countryside. Mom is so impressed that she packs side dishes for him and his brother.

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Yeon Tae is too embarrassed so her parents shove her outside & locks the door from inside! 😀 They think she can’t date because she’s too slow. Even though he tells her to go back inside but she keeps following him to his car to see him off. Her face blushes when he points out she’s cute… when she’s sober like this 🙂

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Woo Ri shows her family what she learnt on her first day body training, then gives a gift (she got from Lee Bin) to her younger sister. She admires her friend’s big house but after knowing Lee Bin’s mother has passed away, she’s not jealous anymore because she still has her parents & grandmother. Then she gives her mom a big hug. Awww…

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While Lee Bin wants to be an actress, her brother has a dream to be a great man like Admiral Yi Soon Shin. He took his teacher’s advice by heart – that a dream isn’t about a particular occupation, sometimes challenging yourself to be a certain kind of person is also a dream. What about Sang Tae? His dream is to protect his family so his whole family will always be happy. Well he now has to deal with his parents-in-law’s war right now. Min Ho blurted out another woman’s name during his sleep last night, the culprit of this war. But he doesn’t want to apologize after his wife suffocated him with pillow!

Ho Tae is searching for abalone in the fridge to make abalone fridge, his face lights up when Mom gives him delicious abalone porridge she made. Awww… He asks Mom to pack few side dishes (jealous she gave few to Yeon Tae’s friends) for his sick friend.

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Mi Jung and Sang Tae are going to the same place but from the parking lot to their new store, they go in their separate ways. She doesn’t realize that he follows her silently from across the road as she’s getting lost, dropping her phone and getting hit by a bicycle.

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The porridge is cold so Ho Tae is looking for a pot to heat it up and his heart drops to see instant ramens on her cupboard. He then reveals she’s not the only one who lied – he’s not a famous director and not wealthy but he’s working diligently. Soon Young raises up his spirit that he’ll do well (based on her gut feeling). 🙂

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Mi Jung is still uncomfortable letting her kids to spend time with their dad alone next week (she hasn’t told the girls yet), while So Young tries to be more understanding (though it’s so so hard) that her husband really misses his kids but it’s upsetting how frequent he’s in contact with his ex-wife about their kids. They totally forgot they’re cooking! So Young’s mom is furious, she’s already mad after arguing with Grandma Jang at the church earlier that she blurted out Mi Jung is dating now.

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As soon as Mi Jung comes home, Grandma Jang is interrogating her about her dating. She’s so happy as she knows it’s her Team Leader whom she has great affection of. But Mi Jung breaks her happiness that it’s not true, he has changed. He’s so cold like an ice. He totally ignored her earlier today not just once but so many times although she had a hard time finding the new store. He took different road, didn’t help her when she got lost. He isn’t cold to others, he’s only cold to her. That’s why she opted out from team’s dinner tonight. Grandma Jang wipes her granddaughter’s tears but… she never expected what Mi Jung says next…

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Sang Tae suddenly comes to Dad’s restaurant, lying that he wants to eat his noodle but Dad knows something’s troubling him. He’s not forcing his son to tell him, can only stares at him sorrowly when Sang Tae reveals his heart hurt a bit but he’ll be okay soon.

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Mi Jung: “I think I like that person!”


Since Mi Jung and Sang Tae lost their better half, they sacrificed their personal happiness for their children’s sake. To start a brand new relationship is like breaking a very thick ice with a needle – it’s not easy. Sang Tae’s Dad knows it too well so he chose to watch from the sideline but he’s there whenever his son needs a shoulder to cry on. Waiting for the time for him to open his heart is best to protect himself from getting hurt for the second time. Sang Tae really loves his late wife and kids, it’ll be incredibly hard for him to move on. Moreover, he guards his heart so tight not wanting it to get broken again. I admire his loyalty, nobody should force him to do anything he doesn’t want – that includes remarriage. Mi Jung’s presence melted his icy heart but it made him confused. What is this feeling? Is this love? Or is it just a fleeting feeling? Unlike Sang Tae, Mi Jung is aware that it’s love. She likes him! But his coldness towards her changes everything. It throws her into the anxiety spinning world and it’s going to be tiring if it continues.

Ho Tae on the other hand, is brazen enough to pursue his first love back. It’s great that these two finally came clear with their lies so they can finally turn over the new leaf. Soon Young is a cheerful giver, the way she lifted up his spirit is heartwarming to see. When everyone else discouraged him, she’s there giving a spark of light in the darkness – I love how supportive this couple is and I’ll be cheering on them to get back on their feet and be successful in their chosen paths.

Of course Sang Min got all the ticks from Yeon Tae’s Mom – he’s a true gentleman who’s so different from cocky top star Kim Sang Min that many people know of. Naturally, he’s a sweet guy who has experienced bitter life experiences too so he’ll be a great friend for Yeon Tae who lots of times feels so small whenever she’s with outgoing Jin Joo. Yeon Tae needs to wake up and tells herself that she’s attractive in her own ways too. A little bit of help from Sang Min and her parents will do wonder for her 🙂

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