Five Children Episode 16 Brief Recap

Despite their past bitter history, In Chul & Mi Jung try to establish a healthy co-parenting to focus on their kids’ happiness & well-being. He prepared as best as he could but nothing could prepare him for meeting his kids again after 3 long years. Sang Tae’s sincere confession turns confusion into assurance that their feelings wasn’t just a fleeting feeling. He bravely took the first step, trying to act as natural but he can’t hide his happiness that he’s now living a life full of love again. Jin Joo on the other hand is crazily in love that she overacts (and feels insecure at times) but thankfully Tae Min balances her with his cool, calm personality so they easily avoid silly misunderstanding.

Episode 16 Brief Recap

Sang Tae’s sudden kiss stirs up mixed emotions for Mi Jung – a man finally kissed her again and he’s the man she likes… but he doesn’t like her so what’s going on? Maybe he’s too drunk?

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He calmly yet confidently confesses he likes her. They went through different situations together but only recently he discovered his real feeling. He apologizes for hurting her (he kept a distance because he thought about his late wife). And the reason he likes her is still a bit vague now – perhaps because she’s been hurt like him or because he’s attracted to her very different personalities, but one thing he’s sure of: he sincerely likes her. He assures the kiss was to show his affection, not because he’s drunk (he doesn’t look drunk at all though). When the substitute driver arrives, he holds her hand & escorts her to her car, asking the driver to drive her home safely. Sang Tae’s Dad is curious to find out if his love advice helped his son to make up his mind (he can’t brazenly call Sang Tae asking for update) but he believes whatever happened was a good start. Seems like he knows his son would confess tonight ^^

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Min Ho admires Sang Min so much that he wants to set Jin Joo up with this well-mannered & handsome man. She doesn’t have a bright future anyway so let’s just marry her off with a great man! His wife agrees, believes Jin Joo isn’t seeing anyone at the moment as she’s been studying hard to graduate. Well… you’re wrong! This girl purposely ignores Tae Min’s calls twice as her payback. She picks up his third call, plays a very loud music and pretends she’s in the club with another man. Then she abruptly hangs up! He calls back but she doesn’t answer so he sends a text – he wants her to enjoy her time (in the club). Jin Joo’s revenge isn’t making him jealous, he’s as calm as cucumber revealing he’s currently waiting for her outside her home.

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She tries to send him home (lying she’ll be home very late) but he vows to wait for her as a punishment for not picking up her calls earlier. Jin Joo feels bad so she comes outside to nag at him. She reveals her disappointment that he couldn’t have lunch together with her and he ignored her texts – that’s why she lied. He then helps her with her college study. But Jin Joo is too busy admiring his handsome face instead of studying 😀

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He tells her to stop looking at his face and to check his pocket as it contains his feeling. She finds a jewelry box on his pocket, so happy to see a gorgeous necklace inside. He put his sincere gift on her neck. Jin Joo appreciates his sincerity as she knows he doesn’t earn much.

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Mi Jung still can’t believe what just happened. She’s over the moon knowing he likes her though she regrets drinking too much that she smelled alcohol when he kissed her. Her happiness turns anger (to In Chul) when she counts how many years she hasn’t been kissed by any man – it’s been 6 long years. Meanwhile… Sang Tae belatedly doubting his boldness – what if she doesn’t like him? Was he too brazen for forcefully kissing her? He should confess first before kissing her, it’s the proper way. It’s been years since he falls in love so he forgets all the proper steps.

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On the other hand, Mi Jung think he knows her feeling so he kissed first before confessing. Both of them can’t bear to call / send text first but in the end, Mi Jung is bold enough sending a text – confirming her feeling for him. A huge smile breaks on his face. Yaaay.

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In another room, his parents-in-laws are discussing about Mi Jung. While Ok Soon wants to stop Sang Tae from dating Mi Jung, Min Ho raises a very good point: will she let him living the way he lives now if he’s her son? He’s young, he deserves to date and they shouldn’t intervene (as it’ll make him uncomfortable). He prefer them to focus on Jin Joo so she won’t meet & date unqualified man because it’ll be hard to intervene if it happens. Min Ho wants to have equally admirable second son-in-law so nobody will make fun of their loan sharks history.

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It has always been Yeon Tae’s dream to give her first paycheck to her parents. Today, she finally makes her dream comes true. She’s such a filial daughter. As they receive the money, Dad gives her a word-of-wisdom to be a wise & warm teacher. They quickly cover the money with their hands when Ho Tae burst in asking for breakfast. 😀

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In another house, Sang Min receives a surprise too – a gift Tae Min bought from his first paycheck as his gratitude for his hyung’s supports. He adorably brags to his life-size cut-out before scaring thanking his brother. He finally tells Tae Min about Yeon Tae, a bit annoyed that nobody else know about his kindness. Tae Min is wondering if hyung likes her because of his behavior. Well he admits she’s cute albeit a bit awkward, her elders are nice but that’s about it. He always calculates love as no woman gives him a certainty that’s why he doesn’t have a proper romantic relationship. But this woman, strangely keeps getting entangled with him – like a revolving door which keep circling. Tae Min concludes it’s love… Hyung getting annoyed, insists it’s not. Yeon Tae meanwhile, is advised to meet the nice man who carried her on her back but she insists they don’t have special relationship (her family thought of) and he’s too rude to her so it’s clear he doesn’t like her.

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Mi Jung wears her best outfit to work today and she practices hard so she can greet Sang Tae naturally. She walks confidently to the basement lift but… she quickly hides behind the pillar when she spots his car approaching. She also avoid him at the break room, hurriedly escaping before he sees her. Unlike her, Sang Tae acts very naturally – asks her about the progress of the event before calmly put a glass of coffee (he just made) on her desk. He then sends a text asking if she slept well last night, sending her to the moon! 🙂 He smiles reading her reply & the love signal she sends him but he quickly changes his expression to poker face, embarrassing her 🙂 Meanwhile, Min Ho asks President Kang to send his minions to check on Mi Jung.

So Young’s Mom gets a text from her credit card company that someone’s using her CC at a children clothing store. Well it’s her daughter buying presents for In Chul’s kids. She’s getting overboard, buying lots of clothes for them.

Mi Sook treats Soon Young like her own daughter so she asks her to think of her as her mom instead of her employer. She draws a map of her place so Mi Sook can easily find it next time.

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The curious Shin Wook decides to call his son, wanting to know his update. He can feel Sang Tae’s smiling and is so happy for him. But he will pretend not knowing anything (as his wife doesn’t know yet), ordering his son to continue smiling and go on a date. Little did he know that Ho Tae heard everything! Dad is more than happy Sang Tae finally opened his heart again so he’s not going to nit-pick his woman. Ho Tae is upset that none of his family care about his love life at all – perhaps because they want him to be successful on his own merit first before thinking about dating anyone.

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Only Mi Jung and Sang Tae left at the office, she kinda gives a signal waiting him to ask her for a date as today is Friday but… he think she prefer to spend time with her family since it’s the weekend! See, that’s why you need to communicate, guys! Disappointed he leaves first, she’s surprised to see him waiting at the basement. He stutters a bit, explaining he’s aware she’ll be with her kids but he’d like to watch a movie with her tomorrow afternoon and he’ll send her home before dinner. Excitedly she yells out yes yes yes. Embarrassed with her reaction, she pouts but he laughs 🙂 She goes home with a very happy mood.

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Eldest son Woo Young agrees to meet Dad for his sisters’ sake. Mi Jung has raised up a really great son. He asks Mom to keep the divorce a secret from the girls as they’re way too young to know it. Mi Jung agrees with his wise idea.

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Mom seriously can’t believe she gave birth to Soon Young who’s really kind to her husband and his kids. She pulls her ear but thankfully In Chul arrives right on time to save her. He’s very lucky to have understanding wife like her. Anyway, Mi Jung passes on Woo Young’s message and tells him to come to her house tomorrow so they can go to the amusement park together with the kids. So Young is unhappy Mi Jung will come along but she’s the kids’ mom so In Chul can’t complain.

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Mi Jung belatedly realizes she has a lunch & movie date tomorrow. Fortunately, Sang Tae can’t make it either as his Mom invites his family & in-laws to have lunch tomorrow thanks to Yeon Tae’s paycheck. Both of them try to think of a good reason to cancel the date. In the end, Mi Jung calls explaining she has something come up so she can’t make it. He points out he was going to call her with exactly the same reason so it works out well. It’s hilarious that Jin Joo isn’t jealous at all at Yeon Tae’s accomplishment, she believes she’s making great contribution (to the society) by not getting a job and continue paying for tuition at her college.

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Mi Jung plans to tell the girls that Dad has to go back and forth to the USA so he can’t live with them. It’s hard but they’re still too young to know the truth. In Chul is incredibly nervous, his heart beats so fast as he waits for the kids. His eyes swelled with tears as soon as the kids appear. The girls look uncertain at first, they keep holding on to Mom’s arms until Mi Jung tells them that it’s their Dad. They soon run to him, followed by Woo Young. In Chul hugs the girls, finally he can meet them again.

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It’s another family reunion at Lee’s house. Everyone’s enjoying the meat party and Mi Soon keeps her son close by her side. Min Ho gets a phone call from President Kang that they’ve tailed Mi Jung & found her home address. They also saw In Chul’s reunion with the kids this morning. Min Ho almost gets a heart attack finding out she’s a divorcee with three kids.

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Sang Tae sends texts to Mi Jung who’s watching over her kids reuniting with their dad. While their girls are happy, Woo Young looks upset as he knows what’s going on.

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Back at Sang Tae’s house, he cheerfully accepts MIL’s wrapped meat and thanks… Assistant Manager Ahn! She’s constantly on his mind so he accidentally blurts out her name. 😀


We need more parents like Shin Wook who’s wise enough to give love advice for his children but only watch from the sideline trusting them to find their own way. The living needs to continue living & seek his own happiness, for sure Jin Young wanted her husband to live his life to the fullest. Thanks to Dad’s advice, Sang Tae realized the feeling he tried to ignore. The kiss was abrupt, (for me personally) it wasn’t as heart fluttering as when he stretched out his hand to hold her hand after his sincere confession. It doesn’t matter when or how he started falling for her, the most important thing is… he’ll hold her hand, protect and love her from now on. The short walk to her car was full of love, it’s like watching two people leaving behind their painful memory & turn over a new leaf together. Officially… they are dating now! Yaaay. One advice: stop trying to read each other’s mind because it’s proven they’re not psychics – they need to start talking to each other! Communication is essential in any relationship especially a new romantic relationship. Misunderstanding bounds to happen just like what happened with our OTP. It’s clear they don’t want to hurt each other but it won’t hurt to be honest, right?

Like Tae Min… What you see is what you get from this endearing young man. Moreover, he’s emotionally secure that he doesn’t let any doubt creeping in. Jin Joo on the other hand, seems insecure so she freaks out when she can’t take total control of this relationship. Thankfully both of them communicate honestly with each other so they can smoothly resolve their conflict. I wish her parents will stop putting her down though because I’m getting sick of them praising Sang Tae to the moon while cursing their own daughter’s future. She’s lazy yes but hey, people can change, right? Her father is sooo annoying to be honest. He only care about elevating his loan shark reputation that he meddle into Sang Tae’s and Jin Joo’s love lives. He needs to go on a trip together with Shin Wook to realize that as parents, he should let them finding their own happiness.

In Chul’s reunion with his three children is bittersweet, it’s natural his girls’ reaction was cold at first because they haven’t seen him for 3 years. But he handled himself well, so did Mi Jung who came along & made it a nice family outing – the girls would’ve put their radar up if Mom didn’t join them. I wanna give Woo Young a big bear hug, this boy is badly hurt but he suppresses his pain to make his sisters happy.

So Yeon Tae gave her first paycheck to her parents, she’s such a filial daughter. She has a heart of gold and it’s so cute to see her parents trying to set her up with Sang Min who finally told his brother about her. 🙂 Can’t wait to see love blossoming between them ^^ And to see more bromance between the two brothers.


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