Five Children Episode 18 Brief Recap

Most of our couples have realized their feelings to each other and are enjoying their blossoming romance. But not for Sang Min who is torn between his feeling and his pride. His utter confusion jogs his brother’s memory about his past when he’s forced to choose between his friendship & his romantic feeling. Will Sang Min follow his brother’s path or will he swallow his pride confessing to a woman who no longer wants to see him?

Episode 18 Brief Recap

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Ok Soon’s plan to purchase five levels building for Sang Tae is crumbled after her husband dissuades her. She trusts their ‘son’ who dedicates his life to his late wife, never looked at other woman after she passed away so a building to thank for his loyalty is well deserved, right? Back then, Min Ho also wanted to put their own house under Sang Tae’s name. Well, there’s no way it’ll happen now. Min Ho who can’t tell her the truth, orders his wife to start treating him (the head of household) and their daughter Jin Joo like the way she treats ‘God’ Sang Tae.

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Sang Tae still remembers Mi Jung’s vow to let go her resentment and be happy so she can raise her kids in pure happiness – so he asks what he can do to make her happy & he’ll do it for her. Mi Jung is well prepared, she’s already written down her wishes last night. She takes a picture of her wishes, rips the bottom of the page (so he won’t see the last wish written there) before giving the list to him. He skim through her 32 wishes to find they have time to fulfill her 5th wish – listening to music she likes. He sweetly holds her hand as they listen to their favorite songs. She’s listening to Sechs Kies’ Couple, which fit perfectly with their blossoming romance but what about Sang Tae? It’s the song which he keeps humming along recently… Girls Generation’s I Got a Boy! 😀 He cutely dances & sings “you’re crazy”, teasing Mi Jung 😀

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Meanwhile, Sang Min is going crazy as he cannot stop thinking about Yeon Tae. When he comes home, he silently watches his brother practicing his teaching using pillows as his ‘students’ until he’s fed up, announcing it’s break time before crashing into bro’s bed, wanting to sleep with him tonight. Then he starts whinging about ungrateful Yeon Tae and his aching heart, nodding that he’s a dating fool, dating idiot and dating defective. They’re both wondering why that girl doesn’t realize he likes her after everything he did to her. Seems like she’s the dating fool – which reminds Tae Min of a girl she knows! Well it’s the same girl, guys.

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Few years ago… A group of girls (including Yeon Tae) was cheering for Tae Min and his basketball team. The team won, surprisingly, she’s the only girl he hugged. He bragged that he only heard Yeon Tae’s voice which gave him a lot of strength. But she didn’t ‘catch’ his feeling! He approached her so many times after that yet she’s still clueless. Sang Min points out it’s his brother’s mistake for not confessing in the first place however Tae Min didn’t want to sacrifice their friendship (because it looked like she didn’t reciprocate his feeling) hence he didn’t confess.

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He’s happy that they’re now a really good friend and work together at the same school. Sang Min think his brother still has a chance now but Tae Min reminds that he has a girlfriend. In the nick of time, his girlfriend calls so he kicks his brother out of his room. Jin Joo made bread at the cooking class with her nephew & niece, and wants him to try it. Well it’s clear she’s not a good cook but he swallows the bread anyway to make her happy before saying that he’ll be in charge of cooking after they get married.

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Marriage? o_o She looks shocked, not ready to hear this word. It reminds her of last night when her dad ‘showed’ her potential husband. Tae Min meanwhile wants to get married early & hopefully have a lot of kids.

Sang Tae comes home with a glowing face so does Mi Jung who’s bombarded by questions about her date by her curious grandma. Mi Jung admits her heart fluttered when she realized he’s been looking at her (when they were watching indie band). She feels so happy that a nice warm-hearted man like him – is dating her. But… she noticed he’s still wearing his wedding ring. Grandma Jang advises that it’s easier to get a girl  marrying a divorced man but not a man who lost his wife because of death. Like Grandma Jang who still remembers all the good memories she had with her husband after he passed away, the remaining affection that stays. But it’s their first date so he should take off his wedding ring.

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At home, Sang Tae ticks off the things they did today, questions things they might not be able to do and wonders about the last wish she ripped off earlier. Her last wish is actually to live happily ever after but she doesn’t believe it’ll happen so she tells him it’s nothing. While they’re talking about doing one of her wish tomorrow morning, Jin Joo knocks on his door wanting to know about dad’s potential husband and his impression about him. Sang Tae knows she has a boyfriend so she shouldn’t worried about this but she is afraid her parents won’t accept her boyfriend (as they’re too materialistic and she can’t live without money).

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Sang Min keeps tossing on his brother’s bed so he’s challenged to see Yeon Tae. He musters up his courage writing her a text but he stops and deletes it as it hurts his pride. Well, let’s just go to sleep man so you can dream about her 🙂

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True to his words, Sang Tae wakes up very early to do a morning call – Mi Jung’s 27th wish. Both are very happy to hear each other’s voice first thing in the morning and it makes Mi Jung squeals with joy. Thanks to the early wake up, she sees her eldest son washing his blanket. She promises to keep it a secret from her girls so they won’t know oppa peed on his blanket. Mi Jung tells him that he doesn’t have to play a big brother too hard. He can cry, get angry, yell, show his frustration. His Mom cries too! She basically repeats what Sang Tae told her about suppressing her feeling. She knows Woo Jung feels sorry for her but he doesn’t need to. He’s free to show his feeling to his dad, his mom won’t get jealous.

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Well In Chul can’t sleep either. He doesn’t think there’s a space for him anymore and he isn’t confident he can make up the empty gap that easily despite So Young assures him everything will work out okay. His dilemma upsets So Young who is wondering why Mom didn’t stop her from marrying him. Well she did but crazily in love So Young was too stubborn! There’s nothing else they can do now except trying to survive this rocky road. Be strong, try to overcome this as best as she can.

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Mi Jung ticks off another one of her wish: couple items. She left cute owl keyring on his desk before she went to the store and adorably reports about her work when he asks about lunch! She knows he misses her so she’s playing hard to get but she changes her mind soon afterwards as she really misses him too. It’s not their date today so they decide on kimchi stew for lunch. He mentions to his team that he has appointment with his friend but… of course they run into this couple. He sends a text to her, arranging a movie date after work in place of this ruined lunch date. Ok Soon meanwhile is worried that her ‘son’ works so hard these days, she makes abalone chicken ginseng soup for him and her family. Annoyed Min Ho takes her out for shopping, her face lights up when the housekeeper ahjumma mentions he’ll buy her a new ring. Well he is. He then takes her for a walk under gorgeous cherry blossom, which is totally out of his character. He vows to be a good husband for her, expressing his love until she catches on what’s going on. Min Ho swears he’s not having an affair, he’s being sincere.

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Poor Ho Tae can’t focus on his work because his neighbor’s doing renovation and the loud drilling sound drives him insane (i know how you feel Ho Tae ya, my neighbor is currently renovating their place too and it’s annoyingly loud. A good earphone saves my life :D). Anyway, he decides to work at Soon Young’s place, making her elated with joy. She’s so happy there’s someone waiting for her, cooked Ddeokbokki and then eat dinner with her. Cheekily, she keeps making excuses for him to stay longer until he misses all public transportation because she wants him to stay overnight! He agrees!

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The oh-so-innocent Tae Min invites Yeon Tae to join him & Jin Joo watching a movie because they’re used to do it back then. But it was when he’s still single! Yeon Tae politely declines, doesn’t want to be the third-wheel. Anyway, Sang Min is waiting for Yeon Tae because he’s going to confess to Yeon Tae but she isn’t picking up his call so he whines to Tae Min who advises him to be honest with his feeling. It’s hilarious he’s talking (to his brother) about the woman who’s currently standing beside him. 😀 Sang Min waits until Yeon Tae comes home, annoyed she ignored his call (well she did say she would never pick up his call again!).

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He jogs her memory about their five fateful meetings, wants to know if she wanted trying to ‘charm’ him. Looking confused, she replies no. Sang Min continues… she didn’t do anything to attract him yet he’s charmed by her! And after everything he did to her, why didn’t she fall for him? Why is he the one doing this? His confession is so direct, it’s so Sang Min. He put so much effort to get Yeon Tae understand about his feeling but she looks bothered. So he sums it up: “I like you but you don’t like me back. I feel so wronged that I couldn’t sleep!” WHAT?

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Nooo… Sang Tae & Mi Jung and Tae Min & Jin Joo are in the same cinema tonight! Jin Joo spots them at the candy bar and decides to confront Mi Jung at the restroom by borrowing her lipstick and sarcastically mentions the lipstick color is tacky. Mi Jung fights back with “what a stupid little brat“! WOW o_o


Woman’s own enemy is usually another woman. If Jin Joo is upset her bro-in-law is currently dating again, she should’ve confront him instead of foolishly ‘attacking’ his girlfriend. Let us warn you Jin Joo ah, run away as far as you can because Mi Jung isn’t your match. To be honest, I can’t wait to see Mi Jung scolding Jin Joo so she can grow up through this.

This week’s episodes clearly reveal that Jin Joo is insecure, she isn’t sure her relationship will work due to her parents’ possible opposition and her overly high materialistic expectations. Although she’s an adult, she’s still acting like an overly-spoiled child who expects people to meet all her demands. That’s why I’m glad Tae Min set things straight on their first date, emphasizing that money isn’t the answer of a long-lasting relationship & great marriage – as he witnessed from his own parents. Their relationship is stable for now because Tae Min is putting so much effort to make her happy and she’s trying so hard adjusting to his world.

So happy there’re lots of bromance moments between the two brothers. While I got a clue that Tae Min liked Yeon Tae in the past, it’s still disappointing that both of them chose their friendship instead of being honest to their feelings. I don’t think she was clueless, I think she liked Tae Min but didn’t want a romantic feeling to ruin their platonic friendship hence she chose to ignore her feeling until she couldn’t deny it any longer. I applaud Sang Min’s boldness for confessing his feeling despite facing the prospect of getting rejection. Sadly his confession was mind-blowingly audacious hence it’s understandable that Yeon Tae was annoyed & confused. I feel sorry for him because it seems like he ruined his chance so can we hope for a well-thought confession in the future to make it up?

Mi Jung’s wishes list is a great idea, it adds more excitement to our OTP’s blossoming romance. Their date is simple and sweet. I love watching them holding hands, listening to their favorite music and enjoying each other’s company. Seems like Soon Young and Ho Tae had a great night as well 😀 Sadly it’s not the case for In Chul and So Young whose marriage is on the rocks as both of them regretting their stubbornness when they were crazily in love. So Young’s Mom is right though – rather than regretting or pointing fingers, it’s best to focus on the present & try to overcome this thorny road until they get back on the right track.


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