Five Children Episode 19 Brief Recap

Sang Tae & Mi Jung understand the simplicity of love, they dive straight into the beauty of true love and make their love blossoming beautifully. On the contrary, Sang Min complicates it with his long-winded drama which scares the hell out of Yeon Tae. This episode he learns that no matter what he does, he can’t force his feeling. Jin Joo also gets a wake-up call that nobody (not even her parents) can dictate her brother-in-law’s life.

Episode 19 Brief Recap

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‘Tacky lipstick -v- rude little brat I’m talking to myself’ argument ends with Mi Jung’s two strikes win against the speechless Jin Joo who’s advised not to talk to herself loudly if she doesn’t want others to humiliate her. Mi Jung then slaps her with this closing sarcasm: “my lipstick isn’t tacky, it’s your face that’s tacky!”

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After Sang Min’s hysterically amusing confession, Yeon Tae doesn’t need time to think it through as she innocently replies she’s not interested in him – bluntly, she doesn’t like him! Sang Min tries to convince that he’ll be okay if her rejection is sincere but please think it through until tomorrow because he’s giving her this only chance before she’ll regret losing a man like him. This whole thing gives her a shiver, what kind of love confession was that?

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The two couples on movie date are in totally different mood. While Jin Joo keeps thinking about Mi Jung & regretting she’s not watching the same movie, Mi Jung totally enjoying the couple seats and quietly put her hand around his arm – Sang Tae can’t help but teases her for being too assertive & he likes it.

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Heartbroken Sang Min wants his brother to be with him now. Don’t worry Tae Min ah, Jin Joo doesn’t mind this date comes to an abrupt end as her eyes are now fixed on Sang Tae & Mi Jung. She follows them to a restaurant but her ‘stalking’ almost gets ruined when she insists ordering a set menu for two people despite the attentive waitress dissuades her in sign language (thinking Jin Joo is deaf & mute because she keeps pointing things out without saying anything). After sorting this order confusion, she overhears Sang Tae calling her Assistant Manager Ahn and recalls it’s the same name he blurted out during family dinner last time. She confounds that Mi Jung has more than one children, thinking of the worst case scenario that her BIL might be dating a married woman. What will her parents’ reaction if they find out?

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Her mom plans a surprise for her ‘son’ – wanting to write a touching letter that she’ll put inside almond box she’ll give him tomorrow. But… she doesn’t know how to write it so she asks the housekeeper ahjumma who proposes Ok Soon to finish peeling garlic for her as she writes that letter for their family’s pillar & treasure. Surprisingly, Ok Soon agrees. Min Ho is forced to do it as well to show how much he really loves his wife. When Jin Joo arrives home, she almost blurts out about Sang Tae’s date – annoyed at her parents’ ignorance! Dad yells at her before the whole truth is revealed, pretending to scold her as he drags her to his room. Anyway, this daddy-daughter match up their stalking findings to confirm Sang Tae is dating – his girlfriend is divorced though, not a married woman like Jin Joo initially suspected. But she think Mi Jung’s hidden charm made Sang Tae to fall for her. They plan to keep this a secret from Ok Soon.

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It does hurt confessing to a woman who doesn’t reciprocate his feeling but for Tae Min, it’s still much better than giving up without even confessing. And there’s still a possibility her mind might change tomorrow – she probably was in shock after his sudden confession earlier. Like the quote love is on motion, it becomes larger the more it moves. Nervous Sang Min asks Tae Min to hold his cold hands to settle his nerve, the caring brother tucks his brother to bed.

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While on the hair salon, So Young’s mom quietly listens to people praising her bakery. She proudly wants to reveal she’s the owner but their gossip move to the rumor about the owners’ who became a couple because of an affair. Who spread this gossip? It’s a grandma who works part-time washing customers’ hair at this salon. Grandma Jang? 😀 So Young’s mom is humiliated, she leaves as fast as she can. She bumps into So Young who just bought a pregnancy stick at the pharmacy. She missed her period, is excited yet nervous that she might be pregnant. But after 10 minutes, she can’t bear to see whether there’re two or one line there so she gives the stick to Mom who breaks the sad news that she’s not pregnant 🙁

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Woo Joo’s kindergarten plans to have rice rolls making activity with the dads, she’s wondering if Dad can come along. Woo Ri then asks Mom to take their picture wearing clothes Dad bought. In Chul is so happy seeing these pictures, totally has no idea his wife is crying in the bathroom. So Young’s mom consoles that she’ll get pregnant when she’s more relaxed and she’s still young too so don’t worry too much. But it’s hard when In Chul is too pre-occupied with his kids right now. He gleefully promises to come to Woo Joo’s kindergarten, making the two girls jumping in joy. Woo Ri is happy for her sister too – her dad never came to father’s activity at her kindergarten.

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No longer could contain his curiosity, Dad asks about the woman Sang Tae is dating. He’s surprised that Sang Tae has no plan to remarry for his kids & in-laws’ sake. Mi Jung think alike, she doesn’t want to put her kids through another heartache & she is afraid of another divorce. Grandma Jang is annoyed with Sang Tae who asked her out without taking any responsibility. Interestingly, Sang Tae’s dad asks him to be more responsible and at least ask for Mi Jung’s opinion before one-sidedly concluding she doesn’t want to remarry either. People usually date with an intention of marriage, go through life together and become family. What about Sang Tae though? Didn’t he think about this before he started dating? Ho Tae supports his brother to protect his nephew and niece from a possible step-mom & step-siblings so it’s okay to lightly date but don’t pursue it further. Dad tries to shut him up though. He wasn’t even invited here, he bumped into dad earlier and invited himself. Ho Tae spots hyung still wearing his wedding ring, confused why his woman hasn’t said anything about it.

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Once you’re suspicious, it’s hard not to be especially when you have the evidence. Despite Sang Tae explained he was drinking with his dad & brother, Min Ho doesn’t believe him. He even nags Sang Tae met his family again though they already met last week. His family’s words shake Sang Tae’s heart. After contemplating for a while, he takes off his wedding ring. He goes to work with delicious almonds Ok Soon packed for him & his work colleagues, much to Jin Joo’s annoyance. She also loves almond, mom!

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Today is Soon Young’s birthday. Mi Sook kindly gives her a day off and surprises her with a birthday breakfast. But Ho Tae beats her, he comes with a birthday cake, delicious seaweed soup and side dishes he took from his house’s fridge. She’s touched he still remembers her birthday. Earlier in the day, she was upset nobody said anything to her and she was wondering why she’s even born. Attentive Ho Tae makes Soon Young happy, it’s probably one of the best birthday she’s ever had. They soon scramble into panic hearing Mi Sook’s voice from outside! She hides Ho Tae in the bathroom and rushes out – trying to get Mi Sook to leave. Mi Sook wants to look at the man’s face who stayed with a single woman overnight but she begs her not to.

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It’s not over yet for Sang Min who’s in the flower market to buy the most gorgeous flower bouquet that’ll impress Yeon Tae. He picks Lisianthus, unchanging love flowers and tulip which means love confession. But he pulls the white tulip because it means the lost love 😀 Before giving the bouquet, he practices hard to present it to her. It’s so Sang Min – his pride doesn’t let him to honestly say that he bought it. Instead, he wants to lie that he found it on the way here. Anyway, he finally makes up his mind and put the bouquet on his car’s trunk.

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As expected, he blames Yeon Tae for rejecting his confession – humiliating him and making him unable to sleep, eat nor think straight. Not wanting to hear another rejection, he extends the deadline and gives her until tonight. Meanwhile, there’s a surprise waiting inside his car. Yeon Tae face turns pale, thinking there’s dead body inside! 😀 Trembling, she opens the trunk only to find a flower. Just flowers? Yes! Frustrated Sang Min shoves it to her, assuring it’s not a bribe.

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Sang Min is wondering why he’s going crazier now. He follows her to work, pleased she carried the flowers with her. Because he’s wearing sunglasses, he think she won’t realize he’s stalking her but his smart brother reminds that he’s driving his own car which she knows. Yes she is aware of his stalker-ish act, staring sharply to him. So he sends a text that man wearing sunglasses in that car is not him. lol. Tae Min hops into the bus, happily accepts Yeon Tae’s offer to share some flowers for his classroom. When there’s an empty seat, he thoughtfully offers it to her but as usual she gives it to him until he orders her to sit, advising her to accept people’s thoughtfulness with ease and stop thinking about other people. From Yeon Tae’s reaction, seems like she’s touched with Sang Min’s flowers although she’s still not interested in him. Tae Min notices that for the last 7 years he knows her, he never sees her dating.

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Ok Soon would never guessed that Sang Tae’s work colleagues read her letter 😀 Mi Jung finds it when she wants to snack on almond in the break-out room and begins reading it with Young Jae. Both of them are mesmerized with this well-written letter from a MIL expressing her motherly love to her ‘son’. He looks flustered but Mi Jung breaks off the ice reminding him of the things that are outside their control like her fight with her ex’s wife’s mom for example. Soon afterwards, she realizes he’s no longer wearing his wedding ring. He explains it’s disrespectful to keep wearing it. His action touches her heart, thinking that he made this bold decision because of her.

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At home, Ok Soon is tidying up Sang Tae’s desk and… finds his wedding ring on his drawer! She brings it to her husband’s attention who tries to make excuses but Ok Soon isn’t convinced. Sang Tae never took it off, not even once! Min Ho knows his wife must be told. He asks her to be strong but even though he hasn’t said anything, she faints!

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