Five Children Episode 2 Brief Recap

The joy of grandparenthood is endless, watching grandkids growing up is one of life’s greatest rewards. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Sang Tae’s parents who feel excluded from their grandkids’ lives. This family also took their eldest son away from them. If they can put their jealousy aside, they should be proud raising a wonderful son who’s loved by his in-laws, right? And his son is doing a great job raising up his kids. But after walking on eggshells and receiving countless insults that tear their hearts deeper, Mi Sook is enraged. Her patience has its limit. Likewise, Mi Jung has enough too. But before she fights back, her grandma is already stepping into the war zone… it’s gonna get ugly.

Episode 2 Brief Recap

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Park Ok Soon spoils her ‘son’ with medicinal tonic and healthy drink (that she insists making herself), making him overflowing with energy that (Min Ho points out) he can’t even use. Sang Tae builds his arm muscle strength with heavy dumbbell, lifts his daughter only with one arm and rounds up his morning exercise by running carrying his daughter. Min Ho tries the dumbbell but it’s way too heavy for him.

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Mi Jung asks her curious Grandma what’ll she do if In Chul cheated on her because she’s been nagging Mi Jung’s too cold on her husband. Tenacious Grandma Jang who’s been widowed for over 40 years vows to eat him, scary. Mi Jung who’s heard grandma’s live story so many times before knows her fighting spirit incredibly well. No, you should never make this woman angry because she’s scarier & tougher than a viper. When she drops off her kids, Woo Young slips a letter – asking Mom to send it to Dad hoping he’ll send him an email instead of just sending gifts. If only he knows. Sigh.

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Both Mi Jung & Sang Tae arrive at work at the same time (well they’ve just dropped their kids at the same school), somehow their morning conversation is quite awkward especially after he sees her back. When more people come into the lift, he pulls her closer to him (to protect her). Mi Jung mistakenly accuses him a pervert as he keeps staring into her butt and threatens him straight away without giving him any chance to explain that her top is stuck on her skirt. She even spreads rumor that he’s a pervert to her co-worker who bluntly points it out. 😀 She turns back and dies in embarrassment.

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She stands still like a stone when Sang Tae comes to make a coffee. She follows & stares at him all day long apologizing even though he assures her it’s okay until he explodes! I know she feels bad but people’s patience has its limit! Stop apologizing please, Mi Jung.

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Oh Mi Sook picks up her grandchildren from school as it’s been a while she last saw them but Lee Soo and Lee Bin go home with their maternal grandmother because they’ve already planned for a family photo session at home. Mi Sook is upset they coolly drive away so she stops the car wanting to tag along. But she’s totally ignored as her two grandkids are enjoying her family photo session with their maternal grandparents. I feel bad for her T_T

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After a fun dance session with Kim Tae Min (An Woo Yeon), Yeon Tae’s heart flutters when he cutely teases her. But her mood turns bad when Jin Joo (Enemy Miss In Laws :D) calls, to have lunch together – sarcastically points out Yeon Tae doesn’t have anyone to have lunch with. Yeon Tae abruptly hangs up. Jin Joo is upset because she’s already in front of dance school but as she tries to leave, her high heels is stuck. As she tries to pull it out, it’s flying. Trying to regaining her balance, she almost falls down flat to the ground but thankfully there’s an angel coming to her rescue… cue My Destiny song playing in the background. It’s Tae Min, the man whom Yeon Tae likes! He’s been watching her from afar and praises her for being perfect from head to toe! Butterflies in Jin Joo’s stomach… is this love at first sight? Both Yeon Tae and Jin Joo are now enchanted by the same man.

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Mi Sook goes to her son’s room, feeling sad that her son is alone every night in that room. Ok Soon comes, brags that she’s taking a good care of her ‘son’ urgh I like this actress but her character annoys me. Back at home, Mi Sook complains and complains to her husband – upset that her eldest son and grandkids are taken away from them.

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Ok Soon believe her son-in-law is different than many other SIL and her grandkids love them more so even though she’s only their maternal side, her assets will be passed on to her grandkids. But she soon explodes when her friend teases that she won’t be playing wife role for much longer as Sang Tae is not even in his 40s and there’s a chance he’ll remarry. Min Ho also defends his beloved SIL and on their way home, he reveals there’s no way he’ll allowed their grandkids to be raised by a step-mom. Mi Sook meanwhile is upset hearing the rumor spreading that they’ve exchanged their eldest son for the restaurant. Even though they explain Sang Tae sold his apartment to buy the restaurant, but Jin Young’s parents gave the apartment to Sang Tae when they got married. Back then Ok Soon didn’t know Jin Young would pass away so early T_T She accepted it *the apartment* feeling guilty that the newlyweds had to live in their cramped house but who knows what future holds?

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Mo Soo Young passes on brochure about remarriage consulting company to Mi Sook and Shin Wook. Mi Sook pulls out her hidden savings – she’s ready to get their eldest to remarry. What about her other son? This man is currently analyzing a movie for his reference. When Yeon Tae gives a sign for him to eat in her room, his real personality appears. Annoyingly he asks about envelope of money & money he saw in her room that’s now missing. He opens her wardrobe as he knows she hid her money there and orders her to hand it over. He is upset his sister treats him as thief, well it’s true though! He promises he won’t steal from her again. Yeon Tae reveals their parents are already suspicious now because someone’s been eating their food and there’s no way Yeon Tae is going to cover her immature brother.

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Suddenly he hears dad is coming so he quickly hides in the bathroom! Dad calls him, asking if he needs more money. Last time dad abruptly hung up because his wife was next to her and Ho Tae usually calls asking for money. He assures dad it’s not the case. You’re such a big liar, Ho Tae ya.

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Mi Jung sends a picture of her son’s letter to In Chul who’s busy promoting his pastry shop in front of a convenience store. Grandma Jang passes by and gets a brochure from one of the employee but fortunately she only glances on it and walks straight in to the store. So Young who’s shopping there as well is shocked to see Grandma Jang, trying to escape but luck is not on her side as she grabs Grandma’s shopping cart! Grandma Jang chit-chat with her as it’s been a while since they’ve met, happy they now live in the same neighborhood and notices her wedding ring. In Chul arrives but So Young gives a signal for him to run! She then gives Grandma Jang $50.

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Mi Jung put on her poker face hearing Grandma praises So Young lavishly but in the end she almost blurts out cursing words. Just then, Grandma finally sees the pastry shop’s brochure. Mi Jung hides in her wardrobe and angrily lashes out to So Young for looking down on her after ruining her family. So Young clearly regrets giving grandma money, it’s like she’s bribing her. Grandma Jang keeps bragging about the allowance So Young gave her, praising her kind heart. And she believes So Young’s Mom is relieved now that her pretty daughter is happily married.

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Mi Sook goes to the remarriage consulting company, hoping they can find good woman for her naive son. It’s hilarious whenever she lists her ideal daughter-in-law expectation, the screen switches to Mi Jung who’s the total opposite. Ie. A divorced woman is okay as long as she doesn’t have three kids – cue to… Mi Jung disciplining her three kids. Preferably not a working woman, Mi Jung is a savvy career woman. A woman who’s not loud then we’re reminded how loud Mi Jung’s scream is. ^^  We all know Sang Tae will end up with Mi Jung so Mi Sook needs to tone down her expectations a lot.

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Even though he doesn’t have any money, he treats hyung for a meal in an expensive Japanese restaurant. He tells a story of a genius painter who was successful not because of his talent but because of the mentoring and trust he received from his brother. Ho Tae begs Sang Tae to be his mentor as he explains his next movie about youngsters living in a rooftop (Rooftop Prince? :D) He presents the script to his hyung (hoping for an investment) before his eyes turn to hyung’s nice coat & shoes. Pretending he forgot his wallet, Sang Tae ends up paying their meals. Not only he gets free meal, Ho Tae also gets free coat & shoes.

Mi Jung sees In Chul’s Blooming Love pastry shop brochure that Grandma Jang put on the fridge so she panicky calls So Young but her mom picks up the phone, ordering her to stop calling! No No No, she only wants to warn them. She quickly runs to the store (ehm please take the bus, dear) as Grandma is already on the way there during her night walk.

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She think So Young marries a guy who run a bakery but… she soon notices the man looks like In Chul! Well it’s him but why is he here lovey-doveying with So Young? Her legs give up. She remembers the time In Chul said he’s moving to the USA (didn’t Grandma see how gloomy his expression was?) She wanted the whole family to leave together but they insisted In Chul would be the only one going. She even thought Mi Jung couldn’t go with her husband because of her, hence she assured them she’d be okay here alone. Little did she know it’s the sign of their divorce. She then pieces all the clues together then figures out what’s going on here. Oh no.

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Mi Jung runs as fast as she can until she’s out of breath, she crosses the road hastily but stops when a car almost hits her. It’s Sang Tae who’s on the way home late after having dinner with his brother. But she doesn’t care, her mind is preoccupied with her grandma. Sang Tae spots her sandal lying there so he follows her.

She begs grandma not to do anything but Grandma Jang is too furious to listen to her granddaughter who’s still trying to catch her breath. She shocks In Chul So Young couple by breaking a pot then throws breads to them. Hilarity ensues as they’re running around in the store – all the customers are too scared to stay so they abruptly flee. So Young’s mom orders her staff to close the store’s gate so nobody can get out before throwing a pot of flour to every single one of them. Craziness overload.

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Mi Jung belatedly notices her team leader is here. But why? Sang Tae (points out to her slipper): “to give you this”!


Things escalated very quickly in this family drama. In Chul is either too naive or too dumb or both, Mi Jung’s family would definitely catch him sooner or later when he chose to accept his mother-in-law’s generous gift & moved there. So Young’s mom might’ve locked them inside the store but the truth is, he’s been captured by the tiger & is now trapped inside the tiger’s cage. There’s no way out for him except perhaps apologizing profusely? But excessive might not be best. One thing for sure – Mi Jung’s excessive apology didn’t end up well. It feels like she’s not genuinely apologizing.

I often wonder why lots of KDramas paint single mothers as overreacted emotional woman because many single mothers around me are the total opposite despite going through more painful divorce. On the other hand, I understand Mi Jung’s lack of trust in men which leads her to build up her own insecurity in fear of getting hurt again. Her mind would feed her with negativity first hence she couldn’t help but made her own assumption when Sang Tae only wanted to help her… twice… And there’ll surely be more coincidence in the future.

Ho Tae, can’t comment much except he needs to grow up! Based on the character’s description, he’s only 1 year younger than Sang Tae making him 9 years older than his sister. It’s great to have a goal but when things aren’t working as well, he should know when to stop (or even pause his dream) so he’s not leeching off anyone anymore. Find a job, earn money to fulfill his dream. Seems like he has a talent to be a salesman.

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