Five Children Episode 20 Brief Recap

Sang Tae’s bold decision to move on to his next chapter of life has its own repercussion. His work colleague over-analyzes it as a good sign while his mother-in-law’s world comes crushing down. Despite having a hard time, Ok Soon chooses to honor promises she made to her late daughter. Holding onto hope that Yeon Tae will give him the answer he’s dying to hear, will she make or break Sang Min’s heart this episode?

Episode 20 Brief Recap

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After Mi Sook caught Soon Young with an oppa, she lectures this young woman (who she treats like her own daughter) that she should never let her guard down no matter how lonely she is – she’s already at the right age to get married and if things go wrong, she’s the one who’ll suffer. Shyly Soon Young reveals she likes this oppa. Because today is her birthday, Mi Sook saves her scolding for another day, to let her enjoy her special day. Before leaving, she can only take a deep sigh as she already knows what kind of man that oppa is even though she hasn’t seen his face. That oppa aka her own son is relieved he didn’t get caught and praises Soon Young’s employer for taking care her employee’s birthday.

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Ok Sook meanwhile is in deep shock her precious ‘son’ took off his wedding ring, upset he’s already forgotten his late wife. After her family fills in everything they found out about Assistant Manager Ahn, she calms down – relieved that a woman still likes Sang Tae so they can’t forcefully separate this couple. But she is worried her grandchildren might be raised up by their step-mom if Sang Tae decides to remarry. Jin Joo promises she will never let it happen, especially because (according to her) Mi Jung is rude unlike her late eonni so she think they’ll break up soon. Devastated Ok Soon refuses to eat & leave the house because things her family proposes to do with her remind her so much of Sang Tae who always kept her company whenever she’s lonely. Her husband recalls in the past rain made them really sad because it brought back that painful rainy day – the day Jin Young passed away. They cried during rainy days until time slowly heals their pain. The pain is still there, their hearts still ache whenever it rains but at least they don’t cry anymore. Jin Joo also cried whenever she saw things that recollected the memory of her sister but she is stronger now. So time will definitely heal their pain like it did in the past. Sang Tae is still young so it’s not fair for him to continue living alone like this. If Sang Tae is their son, Ok Soon would’ve already pushed him to remarry by now. She understands but because she never expected it to happen, she needs time to accept this reality.

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It’s an exciting day at work. Sang Tae & Sales Team Leader Park made a bet that the team who win merchandise code competition will win a dinner at his parents’ meat restaurant and the winner will also win musical tickets. There’s someone at work who’s been watching over Sang Tae, she’s overjoyed he finally took off his wedding ring which symbolizes he’s made the decision to forget his late wife. It’s Assistant Manager Cheon who bashfully admits to Mi Jung that she likes their team leader, proudly bragging she’s his type and the way he gazes at her gives her hope that he might like her too. Hence she’s determined to win this competition to get those musical tickets (for their date) and to introduce herself to his parents during the team’s dinner. Perfect! She begs her to purposely lose during the competition but Mi Jung breaks her bubble it won’t be as easy as she thought it’d be.

Cheon Sung Hee gives Sang Tae a bowl of almonds, he thanks her kindly with his sweet gaze. It annoys Mi Jung, she even ignores Sang Tae’s message who asks if he upset her. As the team leader, he calls her to his desk about work but the truth is, they exchange post-it notes. Mi Jung asks him to stop being kind to other people because women might misunderstand his kind gesture. He replies that he knows a woman who mistook it that way – and she’s called Ahn Mi Jung. Lol. He then sweetly apologizes through text message which melts Mi Jung’s heart.

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Instead of going to an expensive restaurant for her birthday, Soon Young prefer to shop for groceries together at traditional market. One store lady mistakenly think they’re married couple because they do act like one 🙂 Back at home, Soon Young raises up this marriage talk – wanting to know if he has marriage plan on his mind. Sadly, he doesn’t because his main priority is to get his life sorted out first. That’s admirable, he needs to establish his career first before getting married.

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Lying they both have appointments (to avoid team lunch), Sang Tae and Mi Jung enjoy a nice lunch date under cherry blossom tree. He once again praises her assertiveness as she opens the rice lunch box decorated with heart shaped peas. She vows to win the competition so she can go to the musical with her boyfriend but Sang Tae teases her boyfriend might not want to go, making her wondering if he doesn’t like musical. Well, of course he does – he was joking 😀 She begs him to leak the questions, threatens to go with someone else instead. It’s now her turn to tease him, he looks jealous! But no, he won’t tell her the questions!

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As the family tries to cheer Ok Soon up, she goes to see her daughter at the charnel house instead – reporting that Sang Tae has another woman. Jin Joo coolly tells her eonni that all living people should be able to date so mom’s plan to make Jin Young jealous is childlish. And Jin Joo promises (to mom) she’ll bring a better son-in-law. In tears Ok Soon recites her promise (to Jin Young) that they’ll raise her children so she could be proud of Lee Soo & Lee Bin and to treat Sang Tae & his parents well. She cries even louder when she asks Jin Young why she had to leave first T_T

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Staring into the flowers from Sang Min, Yeon Tae feels anxious going home as she knows he’ll be waiting for her. Tae Min kindly offers to walk her home, proposes to introduce himself as her boyfriend but Yeon Tae prefer him to just stay by her side as her friend. But in the end, she tells him to go home as she can handle it herself because she knows how painful one-sided love is and there’s nothing wrong liking someone. To Sang Min, she honestly reveals after thinking it through, she knows her feeling hasn’t changed – she’s not interested in him. Why? First of all, she despises his look, his character, everything about him from head to toe. Moreover, they barely know each other so it’s too quick for him to confess like this. He’s crushed, starts composing a poem as he stares at her back slowly disappearing from his sight.

It’s amazing how look alike So Young and In Chul are, they can’t even make a simple kimbap roll! So Young complains mom never let her to be in the kitchen so she can’t cook so Mom joins this couple making kimbap for the kids.

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Sang Tae is such a caring son-in-law. When he finds his MIL sitting alone in the dark unable to sleep, he brings a warm bowl of water to wash her feet, knowing she’ll be able to sleep after a relaxing foot massage. They then reminisce the day he first came to this house with Jin Young. Since that day, he used to come with Jin Joo whenever she ran away to Yeon Tae’s place and Ok Soon wished he could be her son-in-law. Her dream came true when Jin Young surprised the family one day that he’d be her husband. Ok Soon is very thankful he’s her son-in-law and grateful he raises up his children to be great kids. He reaches out to her hand, holding it tightly.

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Yeon Tae is wondering if she should offer to accompany Sang Min doing balloon ceremony at the Mapo bridge bu she think he’s too cool to accept her offer and there won’t be another fool like her anyway. Cue to… Sang Min standing at the Mapo bridge holding a gold heart balloon. Unlike Yeon Tae who wished Tae Min for happiness, Sang Min curses at Yeon Tae to suffer, cry for her unrequited love, regret her decision (for not accepting Sang Min) and become an old maid. He then let the balloon go.

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Although he bluffs that everything ended well (because that woman doesn’t have any good traits for him), Tae Min straight away knows his brother just got dumped. As usual, he pretends to be okay, be the cool dude most people know him of but Tae Min is anxious he’ll turn into a very crazy man. In the morning, he prepares full Korean style breakfast to cheer him up but bro only wants rice & water. Sigh. He texts Sang Min’s manager to treat him well but too bad he forgot Sang Min’s gloves!

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Today is the merchandise memorization competition where the two competing teams have to write down the merchandise numbers of the items that the two team leaders presented to them. In the end, Ahn Mi Jung & Cheon Sung Hee make it to the final round. Sung Hee then boldly yells out she’ll go with Sang Tae if she wins the musical ticket because she doesn’t have anyone else to go with. Everyone’s shocked. Kind Sang Tae almost agrees if he didn’t see Mi Jung’s deathly glare so he points out she hasn’t won the ticket yet. Team Leader Park pulls up the last item but Sung Hee stutters giving the right answer. Taking advantage of this situation, Mi Jung screams out the correct brand code plus the season it’s released and the other code I have no idea about. Sang Tae looks relieved, excited, overjoyed; celebrating Mi Jung’s win gleefully. Sun Hee looks upset, thinking her Team Leader doesn’t want her to win & go to musical with her.

Don’t worry Mi Jung ah, Sang Tae has already planned to lie he has appendicitis surgery on the day of the musical if Sung Hee wins. Hahaha. Feeling anxious she’ll meet his parents tonight, Sang Tae encourages her to act normally because it’ll be like any other company dinner. His father on the other hand, is enthusiastically waiting to see her but will keep this from his wife until the right time comes.

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Marketing & sales team arrive at the restaurant and are warmly greeted by his parents. Dad looks happy to see Mi Jung from a far while Mom is busy with Sung Hee who tries to make a great first impression. Mi Jung brings a glass of water for Dad who’s busy lighting a BBQ near the restroom, he’s thankful for the refreshing water & tells her to sit beside him. He asks her impression about his son at work, she praises him as a kind caring boss. Dad adds that Sang is the capable dependable son & brother but he shares a secret: the men in this family can’t express their affection well so there might be frustrating times 😀 Dad then brags about Sang Tae’s singing voice, trying to get her to listen to his voice 🙂 Mi Jung compliments Sang Tae as a lucky son who has such a nice father but Dad replies that he didn’t do anything special, he’s so happy when Sang Tae was born and he continues to bring happiness to this family. Mi Jung think her parents might feel the same too, sadly they passed away when she was little and she was raised up by her grandmother. It touches his heart as he praises her grandmother for raising her up.

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Had made up her mind to be good to Sang Tae’s family, Ok Soon wants to give yellow corvina President Kang gave to them. Not today please! They drive down to the restaurant, cheerfully greet their in-laws but smiles soon disappear from their face when they see Sang Tae and Assistant Manager Ahn!


Ok Soon is a fragile woman with so much pain after losing her eldest daughter and witnessing her husband’s infidelity. Even after Jin Young passed away, Sang Tae continues filling her emptiness with warmth, love and tender care so it’s inevitable her world crushes down when she saw Sang Tae’s wedding ring on the drawer. For her, this ring is the only thing that would tie Sang Tae down with his late wife, with this family. This week’s episode we’ve seen her maturing from obsessive MIL to a sympathetic MIL who vows to fulfill the promises she made to Jin Young. I don’t expect her to accept Sang Tae’s new relationship right away so it’s foreseeable she gets angry whenever she sees him with Mi Jung. Let give her time to accept this reality.

A sprinkle of jealousy coupled with good communication can be a good thing in a relationship, sometimes our heart put up an immune defense to strengthen the relationship like what happens with Sang Tae & Mi Jung. What I love the most about them is they try to resolve their problem as soon as it surfaces, not making any assumption so there’s no bitterness hiding in the deepest corner of their heart. Sang Tae is a nice boss so it’s expected that someone falls for his charm. I applaud Sung Hee’s confidence but Sang Tae needs to set things straight before she falls into one-sided love’s next victim. She was humiliated when she lost, bitterly watching Sang Tae celebrating Mi Jung’s victory. But she still hasn’t given up! Sang Tae ya, Mi Jung was right. Please stop being too kind to women because they might misunderstand your kindness.

Sang Tae’s Dad is so sweet and blunt 😀 His warm conversation with Mi Jung is one of my favorite scene this episode. Without saying it out loud, it’s clear that he welcomes her into the family warmly and accepts this relationship with no strings attached.

I wanna give a big bear hug to Sang Min. He’s so honest that it’s aching seeing him in pain like this. On the other hand, I’m glad Yeon Tae was direct to him in expressing her feeling. I’d hate to see her accepting his confession out of pity, not a great foundation for a relationship. Very intrigued to see how their relationship will unfold.

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