Five Children Episode 22 Brief Recap

A relationship with an overly-suspicious overly-jealous moody girlfriend is extremely tough especially when she had some trust issues with her former husband in the past. Fortunately, Sang Tae quickly figures it out and uses his secret weapon to encourage her expressing her emotions and disappointment better to avoid similar misunderstanding in the future. While the OTP’s relationship goes from strength to strength, Jin Joo and Soon Young are having their own doubts.

Episode 22 Brief Recap

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Even after Mi Sook found out about Sang Tae’s relationship & ring from blabbermouth Sung Hee, Shi Wok (who is aware that neither Sang Tae nor his girlfriend will remarry) keeps quiet, telling his wife that it’s merely a misunderstanding. He wants to protect this couple from rumors especially because they work in the same company. Shi Wok is thankful Sung Hee is fond of his son, lying that Sang Tae said he likes a woman because he’s not ready to (fall in love) with another woman now. He is saying the truth though both women don’t realize the true meaning behind his twisted words. Mi Sook encourages Sung Hee to draw herself closer to their son but of course Shi Wook disagrees.

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Feeling guilty about last night, Mi Jung is worried because Sang Tae hasn’t replied to her apology texts. After getting sticky-note from her, he tells her to follow him to another room but takes her to emergency stairs instead where he asks if she’s always been this moody – mad without reason one day then okay the next day. What’s going on? Sheepishly she mentions Assistant Manager Chun. Ahaaa… He teases that he might tell Sung Hee that he has a change of heart & doesn’t like anyone now … if she refuses to kiss his cheek 😀 Everytime she is doing something wrong, she’ll have to kiss him 🙂 Mi Jung is shocked, he’s asking her to kiss him here – at their workplace? Yes! He keeps pointing his finger to his cheek so she leans closer but he cheekily turns his face towards her so their lips meet. He wants her to start sharing things that make her mad from now on.

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Sung Hee believes she still has a chance after what Sang Tae’s parents told her. Moreover, based on their expressions, it looks like they are fond of her too so she will change her strategy slightly – to ‘attack’ him slowly. Mi Jung tries to dissuade her but Sung Hee is stubbornly crazily in love. Frustrated Mi Jung wants to divulge the truth but she says nothing.

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Mi Jung can’t stop staring at her Team Leader, cheekily sends him a text that she’s currently admiring her handsome boyfriend. He replies back that he’s doing the same! Cheesy couple 😀 Her smile turns to irk when he teases he can’t go to dinner with her because a prettier woman is waiting for him. Hahaha. Mi Jung goes insane thinking about another woman she has to deal with.

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That woman is… his sister. Awww… He asks her to pose for him so he can send these pictures to his overly-jealous girlfriend. He’s so cheeky. As expected, Mi Jung erupts in anger. She can’t focus on her work, keep thinking about this pretty young woman who looks very close to Sang Tae. To put her out of her misery, he sends another text introducing his youngest sister!

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Yeon Tae asserts Tae Min is a great guy who lacks nothing, he’s even better than Jin Joo so she doesn’t understand why Jin Joo’s parents dislike him. Sang Tae explains his in-laws prefer a financially stable guy and has already a potential husband on their mind. Both Jin Joo & Yeon Tae are at the right age to get married. Big brother wants to see his youngest to date too. She notices her brother’s bright expression. Any good news, bro? He can only laughs. 🙂 Your brother is happily taken & very much in love, Yeon Tae yaa.

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While her family is having dinner, Jin Joo sneaks in to her parents’ room to get her bag & cellphone back. But she’s caught by the ahjumma housekeeper! Upset she can’t even leave home to go to school, she’s annoyed nobody is on her side. Just then, her savior arrives home. She quickly hides behind her angel brother-in-law while her niece & nephew witness this whole argument in horror.

Anyway, they still confiscate her car key, wallet and cellphone – giving her $20 allowance a day. They originally set $10 allowance but Sang Tae convinces it’s not enough. Sang Tae also put in good words about Tae Min.

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Jin Joo actually doesn’t have any confidence to marry Tae Min because of her extravagant lifestyle. That’s what her parents are afraid of. Sang Tae advises her to start thinking about the future – try to adapt to teacher’s salary if she wants to marry Tae Min or think about a career for herself if she doesn’t. Sang Tae can’t help her forever, she needs to have a goal, a dream. For now, she must try living frugally with the small allowance and follows her parents’ orders.

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Standing by the stairs near her home where she had many memories with Sang Min, Yeon Tae is wondering how he’s doing, is he okay? No he’s not. He continues driving to her neighborhood, calling himself crazy when he think the woman climbing up the stairs is Yeon Do. Well it’s indeed her! In the back of his mind, every women look like Yeon Do.

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Yeon Tae didn’t see big bro’s finger today so she can’t answer Mom’s curiosity. Mom sees parents day’s gift the kids bought in her daughter’s room so she happily takes the perfume set & red ginseng earlier. She is thankful to have three kids who pooled their money together to give them expensive gifts. Ehm Mom, you whinged earlier about your two sons who feel like strangers for you.

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After getting a tip from Shi Wook about Sang Tae’s singing voice, like a child she nags until he gives in… He starts singing the song she listened to at the music store last time – Sechskies’ Couple. He remembers her favorite song! And his voice is pretty good too. Sometimes I forget that Ahn Jae Wook is a musical actor 🙂

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Ok Soon who can’t sleep hears a sweet lullaby and catches Sang Tae singing in the front yard! Her husband quickly drags her inside before she screams out, begging her not to poke into his private life. She is frustrated seeing her ‘son’ being so sweet to his woman so her husband reminds her that people do sweetest things when they fall in love – they were like this too in the past! But Ok Soon doesn’t care, she’s very upset Sang Tae sang for the woman she really dislikes at her front yard! She never thought Sang Tae, her favorite son-in-law would fall in love with another woman after losing Jin Young so the pain of witnessing him crazily in love like this breaks her perfect illusion about him. Crying uncontrollably in her room, she understands now why she should never trust anyone.

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A young girl accidentally runs into Ho Tae, almost hitting him. He gets down to her level, like a father advising his own child to be careful next time. Witnessing his fatherly affection, pregnant Soon Young raises up the topic about children and if he ever think of having one himself. Sadly he’s not even though he really adores his nephew & niece. Soon Young is wondering how will she raise up her children, she doesn’t have enough money. To make things worst, Ho Tae doesn’t want to get married nor have a children. But she vows to give birth to her unborn child and tries her best. The next morning, she goes to hospital & confirms she’s pregnant. She then grabs a flyer about financial aid for a single mother at the hospital’s counter.

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Woo Joo looks upset that Daddy isn’t here yet but a smile soon breaks on her face when In Chul finally comes. Cutie girl is happy to make kimbap with her daddy today.

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Ok Soon is still confident Sang Tae won’t betray her, she doesn’t want to find out the reason Mi Jung separated from her former husband. She feels an ease because she trusts her son-in-law. For her, Jin Joo is the real troublemaker now. President Kang’s wife instigates when they drive past Mi Jung’s apartment complex and she agrees to stop by. That’s when In Chul walks Woo Joo home! They find out that Mi Jung has another person to feed – her grandmother. Grandma Jang can’t hide her annoyed face but she put on a poker face for Woo Joo’s sake. She also reluctantly accepts In Chul’s offer to change the light bulb after Woo Joo begs daddy for help. This creates misunderstanding, President Kang’s wife think Mi Jung is fooling Sang Tae that she’s a divorcee when she’s actually still married to her husband! But Ok Soon believes her son-in-law isn’t that dumb.

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Stepping inside the house he once shared with his family, In Chul’s eyes are teary seeing the family portrait still hanging in the living room. After changing the light bulbs, he ends up spending time with his three children who are surprised to see Dad at home. They all are curious about his new place, wanting to come to his house. He stutters before telling them they can all visit his place now.

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On the way to the musical, Sang Tae stop at his kids’ favorite toy store so Mi Jung can pick toys for her kids for Children’s Day. Of course he pays for them. After the musical, Mi Jung asks to see the park where he pours out his feeling alone, his secret hideout. He takes her there, shows her the bench where he used to sit alone in solitude. The place where he watched seasons changed, how he wished he’d die sooner as he wasn’t living happily. Mi Jung sit beside him, holds his hand and admit she felt like him too when she sit at Han River. But after meeting each other, they didn’t go to their secret hideout anymore. They promise they won’t go there alone again.

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They don’t have Mi Jung’s permission because she’s watching musical with Sang Tae. Grandma Jang who tries to dissuades them is speechless. So Young and her mom are in chaos hiding their stuffs and their pictures, shoving everything to one room so In Chul’s kids won’t know about the divorce. So Young and her mom hurriedly pack their shoes, rushing out so they won’t bump into In Chul and the kids. But… Woo Young sees their back and yells out “ahjumma!

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Recalling his conversation with his Dad about remarriage, Sang Tae boldly asks about the last wish that Mi Jung tore, is it about marriage? She insists she just wrote it and didn’t have any intention to show it to him, believing dating doesn’t necessarily needs to lead to marriage. Their feelings have gone deeper now so Sang Tae asks if they’re dating without any intention to marry, will it make him a bad guy?


The uncertainty of this relationship is clearly on Mi Jung’s mind too especially after her grandmother keeps taunting her wanting to know where this relationship is going. After witnessing Woo Young’s breakdown over her divorce, her protective barrier is up and she can’t put him & her girls through another pain. Both Sang Tae & Mi Jung are protective parents who don’t hesitate to put their children first, sacrificing their happiness for their kids’ sake but now it’s the time for them to pursue their own happiness too. Yes, remarriage will be very challenging because of their five children who’ll experience drastic emotional & physiological shifts so this topic needs to be handled very carefully. They might just started dating but it’s still okay to discuss about their relationship goal. If they have different goal, then it’s best to part ways before they inflict more pain on each other but if their goal aligns, then they can figure out of their next step (meeting each other’s kids for example).

Their children will always be unique barriers, especially Mi Jung’s two girls who want daddy to live with them again. Can’t blame them, they don’t know anything and are very happy to have Daddy back in their lives. In Chul looks touched to see his complete family picture in the house he once shared with his family, hopefully he doesn’t have any plan getting back together with Mi Jung even if it’s for their daughters’ sake. I sound cruel but this man ruined it himself so no, he doesn’t deserve a second chance. So annoyed when he ordered his wife & MIL around to clean their place and make it looks like he’s living with his friend. Urgh this guy is hopeless, selfish, too spoiled >.<

I feel bad for Jin Joo, she’s in a huge dilemma because she loves Tae Min but she isn’t confident he can give her lavish lifestyle she’s used to. Sang Tae’s advice is on point. Hopefully by living frugally, she learns to respect money & grows into a responsible woman who can stand up for herself and works hard to pursue her dream so she can afford the luxurious lifestyle without depending herself on her future husband.

Yeon Tae… she’s started to fall for Sang Min, isn’t she?


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