Five Children Episode 23 Brief Recap

Sang Tae & Mi Jung have come to a realization this episode that they think alike – their kids’ happiness are always their number one priority. Ironically, So Young is aware of this important fact too hence she doesn’t mind taking the backseat as long as the kids can have quality time with their father, knowing it matters most for her husband. This episode reminds us once again the power, strength and bond of family that nobody can break apart.

Episode 23 Brief Recap

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Time is ticking… So Young and her mother are in imminent danger of bumping into In Chul and his children. As they rush out carrying a bag of shoes, this heavy plastic bag slips out of So Young’s hands. They shove all the shoes back but one… because they see In Chul and the kids walking towards them. But they still can’t escape because Woo Young calls them after spotting them dropping the shoe, he picks it up and gives it to them. Hiding her face behind the shoes, So Young’s mom grabs it – hoping they can leave soon but noooo… Woo Young recognizes mom’s friend Auntie So Young so In Chul and So Young have this awkward conversation pretending it’s the first time they meet. His two sisters don’t remember So Young though the maknae still remembers meeting her at the supermarket with grandma the other day. So Young lies that she lives in the same apartment building with her mom to avoid suspicion. None of the kids are suspicious though, they’re very happy to sleep overnight at daddy’s house.

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Woo Joo runs around the house, tries to open So Young’s mom’s room. Fortunately that room (that So Young & her Mom shoved all their stuffs into) is unlock. In Chul tells her that it’s his friend’s room as he distracts her by discussing about tonight’s snack. Pizza night it is! Woo Young has warmed up to Daddy.

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Much to Sang Tae’s relief, Mi Jung has similar idea about remarriage. She doesn’t want her three children (who’re currently still adjusting living separately with their father) to go through another hardship. He vows to be her good boyfriend until their five children grows up to their twenties and if their feelings still unchanged, then they’ll reconsider this – Mi Jung vows they’ll live together then. The children will be adults, they’ll hopefully understand their parents’ feelings.

Their conversation moves to introducing their kids. Sang Tae has 11 yo Lee Soo & 9 yo daughter Lee Bin, Mi Jung points out her eldest two are the same age while the maknae is 6 years old. He laughs, realizing they’ll have to wait 14 years before Woo Joo turns 20 yo. They’ll be in their 50s then. Mi Jung mentions there’s a store in Japan that sells eggs which can make people younger by 7 years. So they can get younger by 14 years if they eat 2 eggs 😀 He teases they’ll eat that egg when Woo Joo is 20 yo. 😀

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His mother-in-law is currently going berserk after realizing that all her earnest efforts doing laundry for him is in vain because he’s been wearing those shirts to meet Mi Jung. Holding his shirts, as if it’s Sang Tae, she slaps them, throws them to bed until her eyes spot the blue striped shirt. In anger, she rips it until her husband stops her. Clutching her chest, she feels her heart beats so fast. Her husband’s going crazy too – because of his wife’s action. Daughter Jin Joo also clutches her right chest until their smart ahjumma housekeeper points out that they all hold their ‘beating heart’ on the wrong side! Their hearts are on the left side not right side! Anyway, the blue shirt is thrown away. Jin Joo notices Mom acts exactly the same today and back then when she found out about her husband’s affair, Sang Tae isn’t her husband so why she went overboard? In her defense, Ok Soon reveals she saw Mi Jung’s ex-husband (who looks nice) holding his kids’ hand in front of Mi Jung’s house today. She wants to investigate further in case Mi Jung lied that she’s single when she’s still a married man. Sang Tae’s actions look like he’s totally enchanted to this woman! Min Ho trusts Sang Tae, he aint a fool. But Ok Soon believes their frequent meeting will bring them closer together, make their affection grow and nothing they can do to stop it. Jin Joo silently nods.

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Sang Tae lends his cell phone to Jin Joo who uses this rare chance to call Tae Min. She lies that she lost her phone (when Tae Min asks if her dad confiscated her phone) and she’s taking her time telling her parents about their relationship hence she couldn’t introduce him as her boyfriend. Tae Min is wondering if it’s because she’s embarrassed dating him but she assures it’s not the case. Both of them miss each other like crazy but Tae Min is already pre-occupied taking care of …

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heartbroken Sang Min who has tournament coming up and locks himself in his room practicing mind control (self-visualization technique that Tiger Wood has used since he’s 6 years old). Tae Min is used to it because hyung has been doing this before his tournament though this time it’s quite worrying because Sang Min is currently in pain over unrequited love. Sang Min is unable to finish this sentence… “I can achieve everything I wish…” so he stops the audio. His only wish is the Sweet Pumpkin yet he can’t have her.

Jin Joo believes the problem lies to her. If she can proof to her parents that she can live modestly then they won’t oppose her relationship with Tae Min. So she vows to follow Sang Tae’s advice, trying to live with the small allowance they give her.

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Grandma Jang takes down the family portrait just as Mi Jung comes home carrying ice cream and children’s day presents Sang Tae bought. She looks annoyed her grandma let her children to go to their father’s house. Well she was unreachable, she didn’t answer her phone. Now it’s In Chul’s turn who doesn’t pick up his phone, he’s having pizza with the kids. So when her phone rings, Mi Jung screams on top of her lung – cursing the caller, wanting to know where he’s taking their kids. But… it’s not In Chul, it’s Sang Tae! After realizing her biggest blunder, phone slips out of her hand and she asks her grandma if she heard her cursing the caller. Of course she did and for sure Sang Tae also heard everything! Sang Tae sends a text that he’ll hope to hear her explanation tomorrow.

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Chasing out of their own house, So Young and her mother are in the dry sauna. While Mom is annoyed, So Young believes it’s the best arrangement for the kids. Mi Jung calls, yelling out but she calmly points out that the kids won’t be suspicious because they hid everything before the kids came. Mi Jung once again asks Grandma Jang not to let the kids to visit their father’s house. Grandma is apologetic but she trusts In Chul, he’s still their father. Mi Jung is worried Woo Young recognizes So Young if they meet. So Young is equally worried too, what will happen if Woo Young tells his mother about meeting her? But her mom calms her down they tried their best avoiding them so thankfully they didn’t run into each other at home.

Grandma Jang took down the family portrait while the kids aren’t here to put it away, plans to distract the kids if they ask about it. Then she notices the kids present (that Sang Tae bought). She believes Sang Tae has already thinking about remarriage, if not, he wouldn’t care about her children at all. Mi Jung points out it won’t happen but Grandma Jang convinces her nothing is impossible. Five children? No worries, people have more than five kids in the past & live fine. Anyway, Mi Jung reveals they’ve chosen eternal love for now so please stop talking about remarriage.

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After tucking his two girls to bed, In Chul lays beside his son who then hugs him. Suppressing his tears, he apologizes he couldn’t meet him & committed a lot of mistakes when Woo Young asks why dad never made saw them.

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Soon Young doesn’t have any appetite although she hasn’t had dinner, Ho Tae’s suggestion makes her nauseous. She’s hungry though… Suddenly she craves for omurice from the snack bar behind their school, she really loved it but that store has been closed for a while. So Ho Tae offers to make one for her, with a cute H ♡ S on top. Unfortunately, Soon Young feels nauseous again smelling the egg and wants to eat fresh strawberries. When he buys it for her, he is wondering why she’s acting like a pregnant woman. Is she pregnant? He is worried but he believes they protected themselves well so he brushes it off.

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On the way to work, Sang Tae teases he never heard anyone cursing him like she did last night 😀 She only does it to her ex-husband so don’t worry because she’s usually a gentle woman. Though he tries to understand her temperaments but he advises her to control herself & not talk roughly in front of the kids. After spotting Seung Hee walking towards the elevator (and their car), Mi Jung quickly tells Sang Tae to duck his head. Why? To avoid gossip in the early morning. She looks petrified so after Seung Hee left, he teases her – where did the woman who cursed so roughly went to? 😀

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Woo Ri comes to Lee Bin’s place to admire her spinning cup toy, she likes it even more after riding this ride at the amusement park with her Dad. She also brags that she slept at Daddy’s house last night, making both Lee Bin and Ok Soon wondering why her parents live separately because only divorced people live separately, right? Ok Soon is suspicious that Woo Ri’s parents lie about their divorce. Woo Ri points out that Daddy has just came back from America and is very busy, hence these different living arrangements. Well let’s move on. Woo Ri tells them where she lives because Lee Bin wants to sleep over at her place. Ok Soon’s radar is up hearing name of the same apartment complex as the one Mi Jung lives, annoyed her grandson is going there.

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Though they don’t know their kids are friends, Mi Jung introduces her three children to Sang Tae who memorizes their names & faces straight away.

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After practicing golf everyday, Min Ho’s effort is paid off as he finally meets Sang Min who politely accepts his offer for a little chit-chat. Without beating around the bush, Min Ho asks him to return his daughter’s cell phone back to her plus her allowance. Then he asks straight to the point: are you seeing anyone at the moment? He’s relieved when Sang Min shakes his head, urging him to positively look his daughter as his potential girlfriend.

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Looking around making sure nobody sees her, Yeon Tae picks a golf magazine with Sang Min on the front cover. She think he’s better looking in person and is cute 🙂 But she soon closes her mouth afraid someone would hear her. After Mom told her to pick up her phone and allowance Dad left with Sang Min, Jin Joo is looking to find out more about him through the same magazine (posted online). It’s interesting to see their different POVs whilst reading his interview about charity works & dating. For social welfare major student, Jin Joo knows straight away he’s not sincere while Yeon Tae think he has a pretty heart. Sang Min’s ideal type is a woman who makes a great first impression and he doesn’t like woman with extreme fashion sense as she looks tacky the more she’s trying too hard.

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After gathering what he dislikes, Jin Joo is ready to make him loses interest with her straight away. Wearing tight leather pants, leather jacket with her extreme fashion sense, she asks for her phone; emphasizing this is her style. Although her dad wants him as his potential son-in-law, she doesn’t because she has someone who’s far more attractive than him. Not wanting to lose, Sang Min reveals he also likes another woman. That works out well then!

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The marketing team is going to their company’s official sponsorship signing ceremony with Sang Min. Seung Hee wants to use this rare opportunity to sit in the front seat beside Sang Tae but of course Mi Jung beats her. 🙂

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They made sure all the reporters are pro-Sang Min but he isn’t happy after finding out his (rookie) rival’s press conference will have more reporters. Furthermore, he’s still mixing up the CEO’s name despite Mi Jung’s tireless efforts to remind him the correct name. The already bad-mood golf star orders Mi Jung to fill every single seat, he will ot come if he sees any empty seat. The signing ceremony goes well until… he has to thank the CEO. He hesitates (as if trying to recall the CEO’s name), making the marketing team anxious. Fortunately he remembers!

Because their two grandchildren can easily get anything they want, Mi Sook prepares steamed rice cakes they like for Children’s Day. She also plans to see if it’s true Sang Tae has taken off his wedding ring that day. Her husband tells her to pretend not knowing if Sang Tae is currently dating, while Mi Sook reveals she wish for anything else if it’s true.

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Noticing Soon Young hasn’t cleaned up the table, Mi Sook is surprised to find her throwing up at the back. Adding to her suspicion she’s suffering a morning sickness as she’s been getting bouts of nausea lately, Mi Sook asks Soon Young if she’s pregnant. Although Soon Young isn’t replying, Mi Sook straight away knows. But does her oppa know? Of course not. Soon Young begs Mi Sook (who’s so ready to drag her to meet her oppa, wanting to know his plan) that she’ll take care this by herself.

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He’s currently busy helping his aspiring movie director turns into catering owner in the filming set, vowing to work hard so he can shoot his movie here one day. By pure fate, his junior from college is working as one of the staff here and he introduces his director to him. They think Ho Tae is here to film his movie but he’s not embarrassed to say that he’s here to give them food.

Tomorrow is weekend so Grandma Jang let her grandkids’ friends Lee Soo & Lee Bin to stay over as they owed their family a lot. Woo Young enjoyed his time at Dad’s place and is happy Daddy is coming again soon. But Mi Jung who feels empty without her children won’t allow them to stay over there again, she missed her – Woo Young missed her a lot too.

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Thanks to the signing contract event, Mi Jung and Sang Tae finished work earlier. After finding out Woo Young’s friend favorite food, Mi Jung goes to the cafeteria to buy it. Because their driver is busy, Sang Tae offers to drive the kids to Woo Ri’s apartment across the street. His smile disappears when he hears the apartment complex’s name. On the way there, Lee Soo asks Dad to stop at the nearby shop to buy his friend Woo Young his favorite food – an ice cream. Sang Tae remembers hearing this name before so to confirm his strong intuition, he asks Woo Ri’s name… She innocently replies, Yoon Woo Ri. His eyes widen! Oh no…

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