Five Children Episode 25 Brief Recap

Spilling half-truth leaves In Chul in limbo – he can’t choose between his children nor his wife. It’s proven to be a really tough (if not almost impossible) mission to reconnect & establish a healthy co-parenting because it’s no longer just him and the children; he needs to be mindful of his new family like Sang Tae is sensible enough to think about his possessive in-laws to protect Mi Jung and the kids from getting hurt. Sang Min swallowing his pride to pursue his love is the total opposite of Ho Tae who finally drives frustrated Soon Young to exhaustion. Will she tell him the truth?

Episode 25 Brief Recap

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After finding out his son’s girlfriend also has children, Shi Wook foresees this couple will have a difficult road ahead but he advises that things bound to be difficult if Sang Tae believes so and will be easy if he think it’ll be easy. Rather than dating a single woman, a woman who have children may show more compassion to his kids (and might think of them as her own). Just like Shi Wook who tend to care for other people’s kids as his (like Soon Young). He encourages his son to take his time but Sang Tae reveals he still won’t remarry because he can’t selfishly just think about himself and his children.

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In Chul looks surprised when Woo Joo asks if it’s true Mom & Dad are divorced but he soon regains his composure when his daughter divulges Mom’s words that nothing has changed and they can see Dad whenever they want. While he’s taking his sweet time spending parents day with the kids, So Young is busting wanting to go to the bathroom. Her mom sends In Chul a text to send home his kids ASAP but they’re still eating their cake (they can’t bring the cake home so Mom wouldn’t find out they secretly visited their Dad). After what seems to be an eternity (for poor So Young), In Chul let his MIL know that he’s taking the kids home.

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Without beating around the bush, Ok Soon interrogates Mi Jung: “you’re dating my son-in-law, right!” and “do you have any plan to remarry?” Revealing she knows about their relationship already, she accuses Mi Jung for sending her daughter to their house as part of her plan to make their children naturally get along to smoothen their way to get married. Mi Jung explains no, we (they) didn’t even know their children are friends! Ok Sook looks betrayed when Mi Jung casually said ‘we’ because for her, Sang Tae is always be ‘we’ with her family as he’s vowed to love his late wife (their daughter) forever! Mi Jung coolly lectures her to stop yelling, she should’ve tell her to meet at the school playground if she wanted to yell like this! Thanks to Ok Soon’s squawk, people around them are murmuring that she’s having an affair with a married man so Mi Jung fights back it’s not true.

Anyway, Ok Soon advises her to think about her children and get back together with her ex-husband. Now it’s Mi Jung’s time who gets annoyed that this lady here has been stalking & digging into her private life, which is illegal! Mi Jung straightens things out that no, they have no intention to remarry and she won’t tell Sang Tae they’ve met.

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The family has the same expression when Ok Soon arrives home, staring at her from head to toe (that leather jacket!) but she doesn’t tell them what happened because Sang Tae is there with his kids. Min Hoo, Jin Joo, Ok Soon think alike – accusing Mi Jung as the daring mastermind of getting her children to get closer to Sang Tae’s children. And she’s as greedy as her daughter. Jin Joo mentions her defeated argument at the cinema the other day, admitting she’s not an average woman because she’s been through a lot raising up her three children alone. Anyway, Ok Soon got the answers she wanted to hear so she asks her family to leave Sang Tae alone, only to get lectured back (from her family) that she’s the one who needs to leave him alone!

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Woo Young confesses he hated Dad after finding out about the divorce but after dad held his hand, he realizes it’s Dad who he knows for a long time and he still loves his children. He then reveals they bump into Auntie So Young the other day. In Chul meanwhile, is scolded by his MIL because he put all his attention to his kids – treating his wife & MIL like outsiders. So Young’s mom then lashes out to Mi Jung who nags at her friend for not telling her they bumped into her kids. Anyway, the angry MIL lectures him to just go back if he misses his kids that much, if not, he should cut the ties then because he has new family to look after now.

Mi Sook persuades Soon Young to scrap her plan of raising her baby alone & tell her oppa after he achieves her dream because what’s gonna happen if he dates another woman & won’t acknowledge her and the baby? Please think about her baby who does nothing wrong! Mi Sook is wondering why she can’t be honest with her oppa, why they can’t share their current hardship and why she continues not wanting to be a baggage for him. After her initial consultation with single mother agency, So Young looks with envy at the young couple who’re enjoying their walk in the park with their cute baby.

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Faced with two tough choices, In Chul opts to prioritize his new family (for now) so he asks Mi Jung to tell the kids that he’s moved. He reveals what the kids did on parents’ day (despite they asked dad to keep it a secret), making Mi Jung accuses him to wash his hands off after making up with them. And it was his own fault for taking the kids to his house so of course they’d come again! He wants to meet the kids outside his house so he won’t hurt his wife & MIL but it shows how little he knows about his children who were so happy to have Daddy back in their lives. Mi Jung is too mad to listen to his explanation that she pours cold water to his face then leaves. Back at work, she’s touched Sang Tae bought lunch for her as he knew what’d happened when she met her ex-husband (though she didn’t tell him she met In Chul). He could read her face. And he leaves her alone even when he sees her crying while eating her lunch.

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A minor argument with his classmate raises an alarm that Lee Soo has been using curse words to his school friend. Teacher Tae Min is wondering where did he learn that words from, well… who else? His grandmother! As Lee Soo’s homeroom teacher, Tae Min calls Ok Soon to come to school. She would never dreamt of meeting her daughter’s boyfriend that soon, especially after she forbids her to see her friend (her boyfriend) and accuses her daughter of not having a good eye on man.

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‘Sharing’ their love of books, Sang Min calls Yeon Tae to meet him at the bookstore where he hilariously keeps bothering her. He proves to be a gentleman though, getting a book in the top shelf when she can’t reach it before smoothly asking her out for dinner. She proposes to eat sandwiches and eat it nearby (forgetting that he’s a famous golf player who doesn’t like to eat where many people walk by) but he follows her suggestion.

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What seems to be few hours later, Sang Min and Yeon Tae finally go to the nearby stream to eat their sandwiches. He stretches out his arm to put it around her shoulder but awkwardly pretends to shoo mosquitoes when she turns her head around. Then he suggests to eat across the river, hoping she will hold his hands whilst crossing it – sadly it’s another failed mission so pretends this is not a nice place as he holds her hands to cross back to the other side. They’re stopped by a young couple asking him to take a picture (of them, not them taking a picture with him :D). Yeon Tae can only laughs seeing his frustrating that this couple don’t recognize him, she offers to take a picture but slips – thankfully he’s fast enough to catch her before she falls to the shallow river.

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It’s great to see Sang Min trying hard to adapt to Yeon Tae’s liking, eating sandwiches down the stream. He cheekily hides her shoes when she asks him to buy a bottle of water so he can piggy-backs her home. He treasures this moment citing that their friendship flowing nicely like the river. Gone the guy who complained she’s too heavy all the way through, now he think she’s light. Yeon Tae remembers being jealous when Tae Min carrying Jin Joo after she hid her friends’ shoes, she ‘helped’ them to become a couple. Sang Min mentions that from watching dramas, a man & a woman would become a couple after piggyback ride.

Sang Tae isn’t pressing Mi Jung to share what’s bothering her but it still stresses him up he can’t do anything to comfort her. Lying that he leaves office first, he waits for her in the parking basement to drive her home in silence if she’s upset because of him or go for a nice dinner otw home if something else’s bothering her.

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While Sang Tae & Mi Jung are enjoying their dinner, Ok Soon keeps looking at the clock stressing out her favorite son hasn’t come home yet. Mi Jung meanwhile asks Sang Tae about his in-laws and he replies they might be rough from the outside but full of affection on the inside. He finally asks why she cried, offers a glass of wine as Mi Jung shares her drastic change from a woman who couldn’t say any harsh words despite receiving ill treatments to a tough temperamental woman who hates herself & fights with people who come wants to fight with her. Sang Tae complements it as her mysterious charm which makes her laugh, this man brings color to her dull world.

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Suddenly she gets a call from a drunk In Chul who in tears apologies for giving her a hard time after meeting a guy like him who selfishly left the kids. He thinks both Mi Jung and So Young are pitiful, he’s losing my mind. The store owner begs Mi Jung to pick In Chul up because he’s too drunk to go home alone. Can his wife pick him up? Well no… Her mom orders her not to pick up Mi Jung’s call and they’re busy inspecting a nice cafe after Mom sold the bakery.

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Because Soon Young hasn’t been eating well lately, Ho Tae bought recipe book so he can cook food she wants. After he promises to do anything for her, Soon Young put up a scenario about a pregnant woman she knows who can’t tell the truth (about her pregnancy) to her boyfriend who never thought about marriage nor having a baby. Ho Tae casually replies that the man’s freedom will be over, calling it a bad luck for having a baby outside marriage. Anything Soon Young throws to him get cold responses so out of frustration, she yells out what should she do now then? He has no plan for the future, he doesn’t want to get married! He yells back blaming her mood swings lately until finally he gets it…

Soon Young confirms: “I’m pregnant!”

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