Five Children Episode 26 Brief Recap

We’ve passed the half-way mark! Let’s hope more secrets (that we’ve already know) will be revealed because it’s no longer amusing seeing the characters are still in the dark, going around in circles like Soon Young. If only she knows the person she’s been trusting her secret to like her own mother is… in fact Ho Tae’s mom – she wouldn’t spend her early pregnancy worrying sick.

Episode 26 Brief Recap

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Ho Tae didn’t expect the bombshell Soon Young’s just dropped! He is going to be a father! His sarcastic answers tears her heart apart, she immediately kicks him out without giving him a chance to digest this life-changing news nor offers his explanation. He’s looking lost outside while Soon Young notices a ripped invoice on the package that Ho Tae brought earlier – it’s his home address. On his way home on the bus, a baby sitting with his mom in front of Ho Tae turns back & grabs his finger. He always loves kids but this time, it gives him indescribable butterflies on his tummy.

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In the midst of discussing cafe business they plan to purchase, So Young is distracted because Mi Jung can’t stop calling (just text her, Mi Jung ah!). She finally texts her friend asking her home address as they take drunk In Chul home. Worried So Young immediately rushes home, to be welcomed by half-death In Chul slurring that he regrets meeting her! He frankly admits want to go back (to the past) but don’t worry, he won’t get back with Mi Jung. To Sang Tae, he speaks highly of his ex-wife – advising him not to take this good woman for granted and be good to her. Have you finished talking In Chul ah??? He tears Sang Tae’s suit when he’s helping him to get home and Mi Jung has enough! She hit In Chul with her bag in front of everyone.

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Mi Jung is very upset that Sang Tae witnessed this whole mess, she can’t avoid In Chul because they have kids together. Sang Tae cheers her up that he’s here not as her team leader but her boyfriend as he looks at her wishlist and picks her wish to see the stars.

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After hiding her shoes, Sang Min piggybacks Sweet Pumpkin to shoes store where he picks several shoes for his new friend. Then he asks her to pay for it (1000 won only) because according to Korean beliefs, giving shoes will cause the recipient to run away unless s/he pays back for the shoes gift. Yeon Tae gives him 1000 won so now it’s hers who bought the shoes. He then asks her to wear the new shoes while riding bikes together tomorrow. Yeon Tae is wondering why they’ll meet again tomorrow. Sang Min replies: because close friends often meet. 😀

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Sang Tae has witnessed a lot of craziness and Mi Jung’s nonsense jealousy but he remains cool-headed because he’s gone through the pain of suddenly losing a loved ones hence he knows there’s no such thing as forever. That’s the reason he wants to do anything that’ll make Mi Jung happy, everything on her wish lists and even more. He understands she would’ve cursed him when he wanted her to stay away from him, which is spot on. Mi Jung also wants to curse him now… Really? Whaaaat? She then yells out why Lee Sang Tae is so cool, why he makes people go crazy for him! Why!? Why?! 🙂

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Sang Min has swept Yeon Tae off her feet, she quietly put on the shoes he bought her & she cutely walks around the yard grinning from ear to ear until her brother comes out of the storage room looking gloomy. He’s thinking about marriage but he feels too irresponsible, moreover, he barely has anything to feed his family. Clueless Yeon Tae points out his strong determination to finish movie project he started, he tries his best so he’s not an irresponsible man he thought he is. And she’d marry a man like him because if a man loves her, understands her and gives all he has; money doesn’t really matter (for her). As long as she and her boyfriend can protect her each other’s heart then she’d marry that man. But she just tells oppa to sleep because he doesn’t have any girlfriend hence doesn’t need to stress out over this marriage talk.

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Using excuse he’s her friend, Sang Min calls reminding about their bike date tomorrow. She’s wondering if he really likes it because based on her observation earlier, this guy (who said he likes book) doesn’t seem to like reading. For her, a friendship isn’t just doing what one friend likes to do so they should do what he likes tomorrow. He looks happy! 😀 But he lies that he likes the things she likes, as if it’s fate. Well it’s not. He likes shopping while Yeon Tae hates it… Tae Min advises hyung to just be honest because he can’t always match whatever she likes but nooo… he doesn’t want to ruin this great momentum. So he asks little bro’s opinion because he once liked a girl like Sweet Pumpkin too.

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Sang Tae is looking for the blue striped shirt Mi Jung gave him to wear for today’s business trip. His MIL pretends it’s still in the dry-cleaner and she’ll pick it up for him soon. He then asks her to fix his torn suit, explaining what caused it (omitting details that it’s his girlfriend’s ex-husband). Thankfully the housekeeper ahjumma still keeps the torn blue shirt so Ok Sook asks her to buy the same one today and get the suit fixed. Min Ho is wondering if it happened because Sang Tae had a fight with Mi Jung’s ex-husband which their housekeeper points out it’s a reasonable doubt. She also finds his wallet and Mi Jung’s wishlist in Sang Tae’s suit pocket, explaining it might be the things she wants to do during their date. Sang Tae’s face when his in-laws hand him the wishlist and wallet is pure distressed. Of course Ok Soon lies that they didn’t read anything, though they did.

To Woo Young, Mi Jung reveals dad is moving so he can’t go to his place anymore and she’ll give him a phone number he can call anytime. Woo Young looks really upset, wanting to know where he’s moving to but Mom isn’t telling him.

Soon Young has made up her mind to speak to Ho Tae’s parents about the pregnancy to find their reaction. She refuses Mi Sook’s offer to accompany her, opting to go alone. Mi Sook believes the parents will like a nice & hard-working woman like her. *I can’t wait to see Mi Sook & Shi Wook’s reactions too, this has been dragged way too long*

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Acting as his daughter’s matchmaker, Min Ho takes Jin Joo to practice golf with Sang Min – advising her to play sloppily to attract his attention but of course Jin Joo points out Dad’s secret plan after Min Ho abruptly leaves. She hasn’t told her family she isn’t attracted to Sang Min because they’re still opposing her relationship thanks to her boyfriend being too normal for them. Frustrated with her golf skill, he ends up teaching her which put a smile on Min Ho’s face.

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His wife is on the way to see Soo’s homeroom aka her daughter’s boyfriend (if only she knows!). He cautiously asks if Soo learnt about bad words from his grandparents, in which Ok Soon denies – as she starts blaming Jin Joo, she spontaneously curses (you can’t lie, Ok Soon ah!). She burst into tears explaining despite their best effort raising them up, they’re not Soo’s mother. Tae Min sympathizes with her, pointing out Soo has grown up into a smart, musically talented & well-loved boy but they can’t ignore this hence he proposes to try speaking formally at home. After leaving the room, Ok Soon praises this young man.

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Inside cake box Ok Soon gave him, there’s an envelope of money which he isn’t comfortable to accept so he returns it back to her (thankfully she’s still at the school yard). He sees a ball coming so he sprints towards her, grabs her hand, protects her from falling down – Ok Soon can hear their hearts beating so fast as her head is buried in his chest. Tae Min promises he’ll keep this incident a secret from anyone and he will not treat Soo differently because of his grandmother’s failed bribe. Yeon Tae meanwhile is wondering if she should at least tell Jin Joo that Tae Min is her nephew’s homeroom teacher.

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After working so hard during their business trip, it’s now dating time! Let’s fulfill Mi Jung’s 13th wish – laying down looking at the gorgeous blue sky. Mi Jung is amazed her handsome boyfriend who’ve been making her days more beautiful lately memorizes her wishlist. Well because he’s been reading her wishlists so many times, he knows all of them by heart. Their date is cut short when they’re scolded they can’t lay there 😀

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Sang Tae’s hard work of searching for a nice restaurant paid off. But they kept interrupted by Ok Soon’s and Woo Young’s phone calls which make the two ladies sitting beside them murmuring they’re having an affair! The couple shut them up, pointing out they shouldn’t mindlessly mind other people’s business! Mi Jung coolly says: ‘let’s go, honey!’

Because they won’t get married until Woo Joo is at least 20yo, they will face this kind of nosy people again so Sang Tae proposes to stop with Team Leader / Assistant Manager when they’re dating. From now on, let’s call each other what Mi Jung said earlier ‘honey!‘ He teases her to start calling him ‘honey’ first but she refuses so he yells out ‘honey!‘ ^^ Mi Jung hasn’t got used to their nickname, continues calling him Team Leader when he drops her off but he has perfectly adapted to it – making his beautiful girlfriend blushes from happiness.

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Jin Joo can’t afford to spoil her boyfriend nowadays so he gives him three cute wishlists (with hand-drawn pictures of cheek kiss, hugs and ) that he can use only once a day so he picks the kiss. Instead of kissing him, she put cake cream on his lips twice until she finally kisses him. Awww…

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Meeting with Tae Min has left a huge impression for Ok Soon who think he has similar calmness & deep personality like Sang Tae. She blames her husband for spitting out bad words that Soo picked up but anyway, they start practicing talking formally by adding ‘yo’ after their sentences and are having a lot of fun.

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Sang Min is freaking nervous Yeon Tae doesn’t like bowling but surprisingly, not only she likes it, she’s an expert bowler! He hilariously points out how to bowl correctly, only to get beaten by her. It’s amusing seeing Sang Min’s competitiveness, he won’t accept any defeat while Yeon Tae continues with her strikes. When his fans approach asking for his autograph, he has a great idea! Let’s make her jealous. It works – she can no longer focus & ends up losing. He keeps teasing her not to get jealous because they’re just friends but it makes her angrier.

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As Soon Young is otw to Ho Tae’s parents’ place, Ho Tae shocks his hyung with his confession that… his girlfriend is pregnant with his baby. OMG! Dad will flip the table upside down very soon. Take a big breath, Soon Young ah… She’s shaking so badly, scared to death so she calls Mi Sook who offers to accompany her. Mi Sook advises her what she should do then asks her not to hang up when she presses the door bell. Mustering up her courage with Mi Sook’s support, Soon Young is going to press the bell…!


Please I beg you Soon Young, please press that bell and meet his parents! It’s dragging long enough…  I yell out to the monitor screen everytime she’s talking with Mi Sook, trying to tell her it’s Ho Tae’s Mom! Why hasn’t she seen a picture of Ho Tae’s family even though she’s known him for a long time? Ho Tae never shows her? He never has any intention to introduce her to his parents? Why though? Sorry for rambling around, this couple still hasn’t made any great impression (on me), the pregnancy is doing them no favor either.

In Chul, regret always comes too late doesn’t it? I feel sorry for So Young, the honeymoon period is over.


Let’s move on to my current favorite couple: Sang Min & Yeon Tae. How adorable is he trying to fit into Yeon Tae’s hobbies, swallowing his pride to make her happy. A relationship is not only for one person; it’s built for two people, between two people and can only be survived by these two people. It’s great they started as friends, nurturing their friendship which slowly evolves into love. Their dynamic is fun to watch because although they come from two different worlds, with two very different personalities, they balance each other well. Like Sang Tae & Mi Jung who are such a joy to watch, they aligned their relationship goal and are secure with each other.

I love watching Jin Joo’s transformation from spoiled brat to a woman who appreciates little things in life. Tae Min provides a great balance for her with his sweet calm positive demeanor. Can’t wait to see Ok Soon eating her words when she finds out Soo’s homemaker teacher she’s been lavishly praised is her daughter’s boyfriend. Trust your daughter’s judgement, Ok Soon and Min Ho.


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