Five Children Episode 27 Brief Recap

Keeping a secret might hurt other people and it would hurt them more when they’ve known about it without realizing the secret is related to them. Shi Wook & Mi Sook’s true colors will be revealed as their son boldly vows to take responsibility, his true fight begins now. Can they walk the talk?

Episode 27 Brief Recap

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In disbelief his immature ‘lil brother who can’t even take care of himself is gonna be a father, Sang Tae also can’t fathom how his jobless dongsaeng will carry this huge responsibility. Ho Tae reminds that his brother lived with their parents after he got married because he barely got money and that’s exactly what he’ll do now.

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Super nervous Soon Young stares at the bell’s push button and put her finger on it… but… chickens out… she can’t press it >.< Mi Sook is utterly frustrated, planning to head out to oppa’s parents’ house now but her husband advises people might not be happy to get first visit (from someone they’ve never met) this late at night. Soon Young is wondering if they welcome and accept someone like her as their daughter-in-law, Mi Sook admits that they wouldn’t be happy but they won’t oppose if she’s carrying their grandchild. Shi Wook takes over the phone and advises that a relationship is a gift from God hence if she’s pregnant with their son’s child then they’re meant to be together. Mi Sook also encourages her to be strong for her baby’s sake which put the spirit back on Soon Young so she finally does it, she presses the bell!

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Shi Wook and Mi Sook are wondering why their maknae is ringing the bell, did she get drunk again? Shi Wook goes to open the gate, doesn’t hear Soon Young asking quietly if this is Ho Tae’s house… shocked to see Soon Young standing there. As soon as he realizes what’s going on, he asks if her oppa’s name is Lee Sang Tae… eh he means Lee Ho Tae. She can only replies by apologizing and his heart drops. Mi Sook is equally shocked to see Soon Young – after all the encouragements she gave this woman whom she treats like her own daughter, Mi Sook’s heart feels so heavy… she can’t breath… suddenly she passes out.

Sang Tae meanwhile is wondering if Ho Tae’s girlfriend can endure the hardship while Ho Tae is trying to make the ends meet. His brother reveals their love story when he ran away because he wasn’t capable taking care of her but he’s not gonna run away again now. He won’t disappoint her again especially because she’s pregnant with his child. He wants hyung to cheer him up, to be on his side in front of their parents. Sang Tae apologizes for not congratulating his dongsaeng straight away, it’s because of his greed wanting to see him become more successful than him and his parents. Both of them then get a call about Mom and rush straight to hospital.

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Yoon Woo Joo has been practicing hard for her class play with her sister and they’re dying to show Mom. The play’s theme is Family, the star of the show is acting as a puppy! Mi Jung is upset, out of so many different family members they could choose of, why did they choose a puppy??? Woo Ri reminds Mom’s advice that she should do her best in any situation, she taught Woo Joo really well that the maknae acts convincingly good. Grandma Jang points out a puppy can be part of a family too. In the end, cutie Woo Joo’s acting melts Mom’s heart, her hard work pays off. The oldest is studying hard for the equivalent of TV quiz show Golden Bell which is held at their school every month, his rival: Lee Soo. In another house, Lee Soo is confident he’ll beat Woo Young who got the first place last month. His family is trying to help him studying but he’s ended up teaching his smartass grandmother instead.

So Young is wondering if now is the right time to tell In Chul’s children about her because they’ve known about the divorce anyway so she can start to treat them nicely as their step-mother and they can visit whenever they want but her mom dissuades her, hoping she’ll become a mom of her own child soon.

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On her way home, Yeon Tae hears breaking news about a thief roaming around her neighborhood. Sang Min assures his panicked friend that she has him who’ll drive her home safely. He then unbuckles her seatbelt – making her heart beats so fast. As he walks her home, he raises up the fact that they like similar things (which Yeon Tae admits as well) so what should they do next? Ehm… dating? 😀 Their convo move to their first impression about each other. Her first impression was he’s a lunatic while Sang Min confesses he thought she’s a psychopath so Sang Min concludes that they shouldn’t judge anyone based on first impression, which Yeon Tae agrees.

She jolts in panic after Sang Min suddenly picks up a small leaf from her hair, he accuses her of not letting anyone puncture her iron wall that put up for herself. He threatens to maintain a gap between them when she quickly leaps to protect him from a motorcycle. That’s what friends do, right? But cheeky Sang Min uses this opportunity to tease his friend for being too assertive 😀

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Yeon Tae comes home to see the door is open & nobody’s home. She screams in panic when suddenly the door slams shut (because of the wind) – Sang Min hugs her to calm her down – assuring he’s here by her side. He then checks the house to see if there’s someone inside until he’s sure it’s safe. She gets a call that oppas are otw to hospital so worried Sang Min stays in the living room and won’t leave until her family come home. After Yeon Tae leaves to her room, he cheekily smiles realizing the two of them are alone (here) tonight 😀

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In panic, Shi Wook explains his wife fainted because of a shocking pregnancy news – making the doctor scratching his head that she’s pregnant only to be told that Soon Young is the one who’s pregnant.

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As soon as Ho Tae arrive at the hospital, Shi Wook beats his son. Meanwhile, Soon Young whispers to Mi Sook in the restroom, daringly calling her mother-in-law. Soon Young is relieved that they’re her oppa’s parents because they’ve known already but Mi Sook coldly ignores her. Mom pinches Ho Tae’s arm as soon as she sees him, cursing at him but he doesn’t care – he’s willing to take all Mom’s anger until Soon Young yells out begging her to stop hitting her oppa because he doesn’t know anything so just hit her instead, mom-in-law & dad-in-law! Everyone goes quiet. Because Mom has already been admitted to a hospital, she decides to stay overnight to get a full check-up. She’s mad Soon Young calls them parents-in-law comfortably.

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Soon Young is upset witnessing Ho Tae’s family reaction but her heart melts when Ho Tae admits he wasn’t happy hearing the truth but he doesn’t deny their baby. Due to his current situation, he can’t promise a happy future with a concrete plan but he won’t run away so please trust him. Yes he was wrong, it’s all his fault as he embraces a tearful Soon Young.

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After shower, Yeon Tae finds Sang Min sleeping uncomfortably in the living room so she put a pillow under his head and gives a blanket for him. But he’s not sleeping yet as he cheekily holds her hand (because holding hand is okay between friends, right?), wishing her a good night.

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While Lee Soo’s family is on his side, Dad advises him that instead of competing with a friend, he must compete against himself because it’s a true fight. Min Ho and Ok Soon disagree, anyway, they cheer for him to win today.

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Sang Min, the guy who never cooks breakfast is currently navigating how to use a microwave at Yeon Tae’s house! Of course he’s not doing it alone, he asks his brother to find the manual for him. Yeon Tae is wondering why he’s still here, well he aint leaves until her parents come home.

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Ho Tae plans to take Soon Young to live with him & his parents but Soon Young isn’t convinced. Thankfully, Mi Sook’s check up went well, she was too overworked and can leave hospital today. Sang Tae wants his parents to be healthy so he can be at ease but Mom twists his words around – Dad gives a signal to just ignore Mom. Anyway, Sang Tae promises to take care Ho Tae’s and his gf’s living arrangement with the money he’s saved but his parents disagree. Mi Sook doesn’t care what Ho Tae is gonna do, telling off her husband not to help them.

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Sang Min waits in his car until Yeon Tae gets on the bus, she insisted although he wanted to drive her to her school. He keeps praising her ‘cute’ before waving goodbye, she reluctantly waves goodbye to him too.

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Woo Young and Lee Soo make it through to the final stage, they’re neck and neck until Teacher Tae Min gives a very tricky question. Woo Young answers it with ease while Lee Soo is struggling… This month’s winner is… Woo Young!

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The company’s department head position is vacant so the marketing team believes Sang Tae might be the strongest candidate because the team has been doing impeccably well and the Director talked with him privately the other day. Excited Mi Jung plans to help him getting promoted but he isn’t confident because he’s just got promoted as a chief this year. Well Mi Jung is eyeing the chief position so it’ll be a wise career move for both of them. Just then, both their phones ring… it’s Sang Tae’s MIL / Grandma Jang who tell them about today’s golden bell result. Mi Jung becomes quiet realizing Sang Tae has to encourage his son, but of course she can’t hide her happiness that her son won. Using every single opportunity, network, etc, Mi Jung wants their golf tournament presentation to be successful to make marketing team shines. She also begs the director to be present at this most important presentation.

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Ok Soon is questioning Woo Ri if her brother has any private tutoring but no, they don’t have money to afford this. Soo and Bin invited their friends to sleep over. Woo Ri then tells her friends it’s true her Mom & Dad are divorced but nothing’s changed (Ok Soon overhears this and is wondering why Mi Jung suddenly told her kids about her divorce after keeping it a secret for so long). The kids plan to buy same frame tomorrow for the picture they took at the restaurant the other day.

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Mi Jung is working overtime, Sang Tae’s feet feel heavy leaving her alone and Mi Jung accompanies him to the elevator because her heart is heavy sending him off alone. She gives him a cute heart sign which he replies it back 🙂

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Soo and Woo Ri are searching for Lee Bin’s precious snowball which went missing. Ok Soon straight away points her finger to Woo Ri because she’s been eyeing this toy before, accusing her for stealing it. Ok Soon wants to search her bag but Woo Ri insists she didn’t steal it so she doesn’t want to open her bag. Insisting her innocence, she points out Mom’s words that if she didn’t do it, she should say she didn’t. But Ok Soon takes it away by force! Woo Ri spoke the truth though – it’s not on her bag. Ok Soon continues interrogating her, accusing her to steal it in the past despite Woo Ri’s insistence. Ok Soon then kicks her out, forbidding her to play with Bin again. Woo Ri tells Sang Tae (who’s just arrived) that she didn’t do it, she didn’t take her friend’s toy. Sang Tae believes her, takes her home.

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Ok Soon chases them before screaming out (Sang Tae quickly covers Woo Ri’s ears) ordering him to tell Mi Jung for not sending her kids to their place again and he shouldn’t send his kids to her house anymore. She brazenly points out she doesn’t like Mi Jung & her kids!


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