Five Children Episode 28 Brief Recap

Innocent Woo Ri who treasures her friendship and Mi Sook’s motherly love lead them to the journey of forgiveness. It takes a very strong person to forgive others who deeply hurt them – at the end of the day, forgiveness is needed for themselves to move forward from the pain. Unfortunately Ok Soon is too busy hating Sang Tae, allowing the uncontrollable rage taking over her life.

Episode 28 Brief Recap

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Sang Tae can’t help but praise Woo Ri’s tenacity in defending herself when she was right, he also believes her words. He explains his daughter panicked because she lost one of her precious toy – clouding her judgement so she wasn’t on her friend’s side (which hurt Woo Ri the most). But Sang Tae promises to talk to his daughter, assuring her friend didn’t steal her snowball. Although he covered her ears, Woo Ri still heard few bits of Ok Soon’s rage, she’s wondering why Grandma Ok Soon hates her mom although they’ve never met. It’s hard to explain the real reason so Sang Tae replies it’s complicated but it has with her but him – Ok Soon was very angry at him that she took it out to her. When he drops her off, he apologizes on behalf of his daughter who didn’t believe her friend and his mother who doubted her. Woo Ri amazingly holds on to Mom’s words to be strong if she didn’t do anything wrong and should apologize if she did. She then asks Sang Tae to pass on her apologize to both Bin & Ok Soon – Mi Jung raises up her children well!

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She’s worried that Woo Ri isn’t home yet but Grandma Jang points out it’s norm for best friends to hang out a lot. Woo Ri comes home but her expression doesn’t look good, Grandma Jang obviously asks her what happened. Angry her granddaughter was accused as a thief and was kicked out, she calls Ok Soon straight away! Cursing her and threatening to hire a lawyer if Ok Soon doesn’t apologize for her false accusation. Yelling out that she should act like an elder! And she won’t let her grandchildren to visit their house again because there’s nothing they can learn in that household.

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Jin Joo collected discount coupons so she can start treating Tae Min who’s impressed yet curious why she’s spending less money, she also hasn’t driven her car lately. Not wanting to raise any alarm, she replies she got scolded so she’s trying to limit her spending. Fortunately, he finds it cute!

It’s hard to walk the talk, few days ago Mi Sook was very sympathetic towards Soon Young but now she hates her. Soon Young also notices Mi Sook’s change of heart but Ho Tae quickly defends Mom who might be too shocked to think clearly. After witnessing her cold treatment, Soon Young disagrees pointing out children don’t know everything about their parents and vice-versa.

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Mi Sook spots Sang Min’s picture in the cover of a golf magazine (on Yeon Tae’s desk) which put a big smile on her face, pushing her daughter to date this wealthy golf famous star. She insists they’re not dating, moreover, her family might not like an average woman like her. Mi Sook replies that parents usually lower their standard for a daughter-in-law but what about yourself, Mom???

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Sang Tae brings dinner for hardworking Mi Jung who can’t stop discussing about work until he holds her hand to tell her what happened earlier. Even though Woo Ri is strong, but she’s still a child so Mi Jung is determined not to let her kids visit his house again. Sang Tae is aware his MIL’s anger was caused by their relationship, what’ll happen if they plan to remarry? There’ll be many more obstacles they’ll have to go through, can they endure these rocky roads?

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Bin can’t sleep feeling guilty, but more than that, she’s worried her best friend won’t play with her again. She doesn’t think Woo Ri stole her toy, she was just upset it went missing. Sang Tae calms her down, believing Woo Ri will forgive her if she sincerely apologizes. His father-in-law tucks Soo to bed (this young boy was having a bad day too) and is wondering why despite all the expensive tutoring they gave him, he keeps losing against Woo Young. Otw to his room, he sees Sang Tae comforting his daughter who was upset her grandmother accusing her best friend. He tells his wife to tone down her anger, afraid Sang Tae will pack up & leave with his children or break up but frustratingly she points her finger at her son-in-law. Will Ok Soon like it if Sang Tae chooses to break up with a woman who put a smile back on his face? Don’t be too selfish Ok Soon ah.

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Unable to sleep, Mi Sook looks around Sang Tae’s room that her husband plans to give to the newlyweds. She’s dreamt her director son will bring home a daughter-in-law like Tang Wei (who married Korean director) and he will honor his parents when he accepts movie award but all her high expectations are gone now. Her husband points out that children shouldn’t fulfill all their parents’ dreams & hopes, they might also backstab their parents. Children might also resent their parents for being born in a not so wealthy / powerful family. Mi Sook is aware of all these (she actually likes Soon Young & understands her situation) but she’s angry at how things turn out. It’s her greed. Shi Wook understands her heart, people always try to find something better. For him, a parent should always embrace their children warmly, give them a place (a home) where they can peacefully rest despite all the mess they caused. His wise words touches Mi Sook’s heart, she plans to invite the couple so Soon Young can greet her in-laws’ family properly. She’s now worried that the room will be too small for them.

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Woo Ri makes Mom really proud, she remembers Mom’s words and believes in Sang Tae’s words. She also promises to forgive Bin if she apologizes to her. What a sweet girl she is. The next day, she straight away tells Bin that she won’t talk to her anymore if she doesn’t apologize and the best friends soon make up when Bin sincerely apologizes and gives Woo Ri an apple they’ll share later 🙂

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Even though they didn’t make any plan to meet Sang Min together, Sang Tae & Mi Jung bump into each other at the golf club with coffee for this famous star to ensure their project will be successful. Mi Jung still remembers his favorite kopi luwak. He’s pleased with their perfect arrangements, praising the Team Leader & his Assistant Manager for working well together.

Jin Joo confesses she had an arranged date and she still couldn’t tell her parents about Tae Min because they’re already in a bad mood lately. She initially didn’t want to share what happened but in the end she informs Yeon Tae that her big oppa is dating. 0_0

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So Young has doctor appointment today but doesn’t want In Chul to know so after lying around, she and her mom leave In Chul alone at home. When she’s having an ultrasound check-up, Mom sneaks around to see a doctor who reveals she’s suffering from a hyperplasia, her biopsy result wasn’t good so the doctor recommends her to have a surgery (fingers crossed it’s not cancer). So Young meanwhile is diagnosed with PCOS – a hormonal imbalance that might contributed to her difficulty of getting pregnant.

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Tonight, Ho Tae formally introduces his future wife to his family, adorably asking dad to take a good care of her. Mi Sook is still having cold expression when her husband welcomes her warmly into the family, she’s still having a hard time. She finally opens her mouth, asking how’s she feeling and if she can accept the gloomy future with Ho Tae (as she remembers So Young mentioned her parents didn’t approve her relationship with him in the past). So Young believes he’s trustworthy and be successful, well if not, they’ll still live well 🙂 Yeon Tae promises to clean up their room as the wedding present. Awwww <3

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Grandma Jang isn’t well lately but she refuses Mi Jung’s herbal medicine offer because it’s expensive. After Mi Jung told Sang Tae about this, Sang Tae asks Dad about oriental clinic they’ve frequently bought from – because he wants to recommend it to his co-worker. Mi Sook is annoyed Sang Tae will buy expensive herbal for his in-laws again and doesn’t cross her mind it’s for his girlfriend’s family even after Yeon Tae informs Mom that big bro is currently dating his co-worker Assistant Manager Ahn. Mi Sook remembers her, is overjoyed finally finding out the reason why Sang Tae took off his wedding ring. Yeon Tae fills in that oppa’s in-laws pretend not knowing although they do and Sang Tae is aware of this fact too. Anyway, Dad advises his son to move out even though he doesn’t have any plan to remarry.

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To her curious parents, Jin Joo lies that she really likes Sang Min but unfortunately he doesn’t. People have their own ideal types! Her parents force her to make him like her, wanting her to meet him five times but she negotiates to three times and her car key back. They agree with three times but they won’t return her key until then.

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Yeon Tae will be busy cleaning up her brother’s room tomorrow so she can’t meet Sang Min who hilariously points out cleaning is his hobby so he’ll be there tomorrow to help her! Then he rushes to his brother, asking him how to clean the house! Tae Min warns they’ll really be just friends if he keeps this up, skinship between lovers & friends are totally different but Sang Min believes they’re progressing well and there’s no difference between friends’ & lovers’ skinship. Tae Min reveals that’s exactly what happened between him and his friend – because they’re too comfortable, their skinship ended up just skinship between friends so he has to ignite jealousy. Hyung believes he did it at the bowling center the other day but his brother asks if it’s just his own delusional thinking. Hmmm… maybe. So let’s change the tactic now and pursue for the victory!

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The housekeeper ahjumma is having a day off so Ok Soon prepares breakfast, Sang Tae’s favorite food. Jin Joo makes Mom upset when she points it out, ruining Mom’s already upset mood. So Min Ho reveals to Sang Tae that his MIL couldn’t control her disappointment that he’s dating another woman and the prospect of losing her grandchildren and him after losing her daughter. Deep down in her heart, she also feels guilty for accusing Woo Ri so he’s going to talk to her to apologize to Woo Ri. Sang Tae understands their difficult position but neither Mi Jung nor her kids did anything wrong. It’s tough, going through this heartache because their daughter left them way too early.

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True to his word, Sang Min shows up bright & early to help his friend! He also brought cleaning stuffs and couple cleaning outfits. Did he have cleaning crash course last night? He’s really good. They have ramen afterwards, as usual, he lies that he also wants to eat ramen. Yeon Tae holds the ramen pot with her bare hands, he uses this opportunity to hold her hands worried if it’s hot. She doesn’t give a reaction he expected so he now kinda believes Tae Min’s words that skinship means nothing … he doesn’t realize Yeon Tae was shaking, trying so hard to convince herself that they’re just friends.

Yeon Tae and Sang Min’s POVs about marriage is slightly different. He believes it’s great to live together with someone he loves and their kids, and he will do household chores so his wife won’t suffer which earns praise from Yeon Tae who’s witnessed he’s a great housekeeper. He’s annoyed she isn’t getting jealous at all when they talk about his lucky ‘future wife’.

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After getting recommendation from Sang Tae, Mi Jung will meet with her grandma at the oriental clinic today but Grandma Jang is running late. She bumps into Mi Sook who’s waiting for Soon Young (she’s also running late). Mi Jung politely greets Mi Sook who warmly greets her, thanking her and inviting her to have a cup of tea with her.

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Jin Joo begs Sang Min to tell her parents that he doesn’t like her but he doesn’t want to disappoint his loyal fans so he asks her to take care this issue alone until a lightbulb appears. Let’s have three dates to… make Yeon Tae jealous of course!

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Mi Sook think she’s been single waiting for the right man to come but Mi Jung straightens it out that she’s been married once and is 35 yo. She then points out they’re not thinking about marriage because she also has kids – three kids. Confessing she started dating because he’s a nice man, she doesn’t believe there’s a guarantee marriage will lead to happiness especially after her failed marriage. Mi Sook is speechless – why is she dating him if it wouldn’t lead to marriage. It’ll be a waste of their lives. She then asks: does my son think alike?


What a straightforward question! As a parents, it’s understandable Mi Sook wants her son to find his happiness again in a happy marriage, worried he’ll waste his time in a relationship that’s going nowhere but she has to realize that their situation is different with many other couples hence let’s just support them from the sideline – they know what they’re doing, they’re committed to each other, they’re not wasting each other’s time. Many obstacles are coming their way, it’s not easy but each obstacle helps to strengthen their love to each other and that’s what matters the most.

No parents should go through the pain of losing their children, it’s not how the nature works but sometimes, it happens. Parents usually holds their anger which turns into guilt of not being able to protect their children and seems like Ok Soon experiences similar guilt. She needs to forgive herself (because it’s not her fault Jin Young left way too early), make peace with herself and move forward because life doesn’t stop when Jin Young passed away. Life moves on… and so do people. Sang Tae is just one of the victim of her uncontrollable rage which needs to be addressed ASAP.

Mi Sook is proven to be the stronger person who forgives and accepts Soon Young warmly. And Woo Ri is beyond awesome as well. I love watching the kids’ friendship & their innocence, they argue, they compete but at the end of the day, they forgive, forget and move on.

The younger couples’ relationships are going well. Sprinkles of lies are still there though. Jin Joo protects Tae Min from getting hurt, handles her relationship troubles with her evolving maturity. It’s so cute seeing her collecting coupons so she can treat her kind boyfriend. Lovely to see her appreciating small things in life that she used take for granted. Moreover, I love seeing her being so persistent and determined to fight for her love. This girl knows what she wants and she’s not giving up until she gets it.

Sang Min & Sweet Pumpkin are in the infatuation stage where nobody is honest enough to share their true feeling, afraid getting rejected after suffering from one-sided love in the past. I’m enjoying these two couples’ sweet romance, and cannot wait for the day they have double dates! 😀


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