Five Children Episode 29 Brief Recap

Many revelations are laid out on the tables this episode (that viewers have known for a while) which put another strain on our couples’ relationship. Sang Tae and Mi Jung face a new opposition, this time from Sang Tae’s Mom who forces her son to make a very difficult choice. Choosing between the woman he loves and mom he loves is incredibly difficult, what will Sang Tae do? The brothers and best friends are entangled in blind dates which can be avoided if they’re honest with their own feelings.

Episode 29 Brief Recap

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When your boyfriend’s mom trusts her son so much, you can’t bear breaking her fragile heart. Mi Jung can only apologizes for disappointing her. Mi Sook doesn’t want to interfere too much but this is too hard for her to understand. Before leaving, she points out they don’t have any reason to meet again in the future – leaving Mi Jung totally vanquished that she cancels grandma Jang’s herbal appointment.

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Planning to use Jin Joo for his own advantages, Sang Min proposes to have three dates her dad wanted then he will fulfill Jin Joo’s wish to end their ‘relationship’ cleanly. She warns that he might like her but he confidently believes it won’t happen. Don’t jinx yourself, Sang Min ah… this works out well for Jin Joo too so she’s on board! Yeon Tae is currently at the bookstore with Tae Min who helps finding great materials for her class. When Sang Min finds out she’s currently with her crush, he looks annoyed she can be friends with that guy. He plans to go there to meets that guy (who’s supposed to spend his weekend with his girlfriend instead of his friend) but is stopped by Jin Joo (who is struggling carrying her golf equipment) begging him to drive her to the nearest bus stop. Of course he refuses, time is precious! Yeon Tae quickly fixes her makeup after knowing her crush will come to the bookstore so Tae Min teases her 🙂

Sang Tae is going to his parents’ place today (thinking it’s because of his brother’s marriage) but his overly-obsessive MIL looks annoyed – probably suspecting him going on a date with Mi Jung. She keeps treating him coldly, refuses to talk because of her own high expectation to see him break up after realizing his in-laws knew about his relationship.

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Suddenly a phone is ringing, it’s Jin Joo’s so Min Ho picks it up, suppressing his anger when Tae Min politely greets his ‘father-in-law’. He then invites them to meet tomorrow, without letting Jin Joo knows. Innocently, Tae Min senses it as a good news!

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He was outside picking up his phone when Sang Min arrives & runs straight to the bookstore. Yeon Tae reminds she no longer has a feeling for that guy. Anyway, Sang Min coolly points out his older fan who set up a blind date with his daughter and he accepts it because well, he doesn’t have a girlfriend, right? He even invites her to his blind date to give her POV about that woman – Yeon Tae looks jealous!

Sang Tae arrives when his brother is busy moving Soon Young’s stuffs to their room. Mom summons her eldest son straight away, expressing her disappointment after meeting Mi Jung who has no fantasy about remarriage after her failed marriage & she has three kids. Sang Tae points out it’s hard realistically, upset his Mom hurt Mi Jung’s feeling.

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While Mi Sook wants Sang Tae to get married when his kids are still young so he won’t introduce his new woman everytime he has one to Bin & Soo, Sang Tae & Shi Wook disagree. Mi Sook believes it’s dirty seeing him holding hand with a woman if they’re not married, because people around him might accuse him of affair or something bad so she orders him to break up with Mi Jung! Dad advises him to live his own life and don’t worry about people’s assumption! He’s mad at his wife who goes with this silly assumption instead of protecting their own son.

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Sang Tae then asks Mom… “what will she do if he decides to marry Mi Jung? Will she allow it?” It’s not Mi Jung’s fault that she got divorced. Mi Sook shakes her head… realistically it’s hard… raising other people’s kids will also be hard. So Sang Tae asks again… “will she allow it if they can handle the hardship together? Mom still won’t allow it; pointing out how she carried him for 10 months, gave birth to him, raised him up so he shall be a filial son because he wouldn’t be here without his parents. Mom continues asking him to end his relationship. She’s frustrated when he leaves without telling Mom the answer she really wanted to hear.

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Mi Jung lost her concentration – in the end, she let Grandma Jang know that she will break up. Yes she could’ve lied but she couldn’t after seeing Mi Sook’s disappointed expression. She is aware her prospect of getting remarriage (with three kids) is almost nil despite she’s willing to work hard to be the nicest daughter-in-law. Of course she doesn’t regret having kids and getting a divorced but she’s feeling sorry for herself T_T Grandma Jang believes they won’t force them to break up… if only you know, Grandma.

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Not wanting to make any hasty decision, Sang Tae is still contemplating remarriage. One thing he’s sure of – his feeling to her is getting deeper and both of them need each other by their sides. However… he can’t bear seeing her cry, she will cry a lot if he’s not doing anything. Dad promises to respect and approve his son’s decision because he trusts him. In return, Sang Tae asks Dad to support him no matter what he chooses to do. Shi Wook asks him to think about it for a long time because it involves a lot of people, it’s okay – it doesn’t make him indecisive. He then repeats words of advice he got from his own dad – that he will be with his wife (Sang Tae’s mom) so he should live with the woman he loves. It makes Sang Tae smiles. 🙂

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In Chul and So Young’s Falling in Love with Coffee Shop is opening soon but he’s too pre-occupied with his kids that he made a fatal mistake on the brochure and is not contactable. Mom advises her to check his favorite snack bar, thankfully he’s there but Soon Young is anxiously waiting outside because he’s still not picking up his phone. She bumps into Mi Jung there and explains why she’s there, pointing out they’ve just opened a new cafe after thinking it through that it’s too far for the kids & grandma Jang to visit. Moreover, she also reveals she has a hard time falling pregnant. Well it’s even harder because In Chul hasn’t told her that he had a vasectomy after Mi Jung gave birth to maknae Woo Joo.

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Her two sons’ decisions disappointed Mi Sook who now has nothing else worth living for – unless her daughter marries the polite handsome tall guy who she often gave side dishes to. She’d marry him if Yeon Tae doesn’t want to. She erupts in anger when Yeon Tae points out this guy is going on a date because his fan wants him as his son-in-law. Didn’t Yeon Tae tell him that her parents also want him as their son-in-law? Yeon Tae feels defeated already because his blind date comes from a rich family. It hasn’t been long since he confessed and now he’s going on a blind date! Yeon Tae wants to send a text so he won’t go but she deletes it. Meanwhile, Sang Min is waiting for her text or call to tell him that. Aigoo this couple frustrates me… >.<

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Mi Jung plans to give a tie for Sang Tae before the most important presentation but Seung Hee beats her to it. Fortunately Sang Tae is aware, he coolly asks Mi Jung to give him the tie ‘they bought together’ last time. Mi Jung is able to give a reasonable explanation to avoid Sung Hee’s suspicion why she’s holding Sang Tae’s tie.

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The tie looks perfect on Sang Tae 🙂 He then discusses about their rocky relationship, apologizing on behalf of his mother and encourages her to tell him everything (as she didn’t tell him about meeting his mom & MIL). She’s putting on a brave face as expected. In all honesty, he asks her to trust & wait for him making his decision. The presentation goes well, the team even receives a rare compliment from the President. To reward their hard work, Sang Tae let everyone to leave early today. He then waits for Mi Jung in the basement, she proposes to do her wish #20 – playing a game where the loser of the game will grant the winner’s wish.

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Through his manager, Sang Min sends a reminder text about his blind date tonight to Yeon Tae who feels restless so she asks Tae Min’s opinion if he’ll feel the same if she goes to a blind date. He coolly replies no because they’re just friends… She whinges that the guy who once said he likes her is now asking her to secretly analyze his blind date. Based on her over-jealous reaction, Tae Min realizes she likes him so she should ruin their date 😀 Anyway, he’s in a good mood that Jin Joo’s father wanted to meet up, confident there’s no reason they wouldn’t want him as their son-in-law. Yeon Tae meanwhile is worried for him.

Min Ho is ready to grill Tae Min alone while his wife has to make a quick stop to the restroom. Tae Min politely greets his father-in-law but a smile soon disappears when Min Ho starts belittling him, calling him out he’s not a suitable boyfriend for his Heiress Jin Joo. Tae Min lectures that they’re not kids, Jin Joo is trying to adapt well so Min Ho has to break the truth that Jin Joo had no other choice after they confiscated her wallet. Min Ho then reveals Jin Joo is currently on a blind date because knowing his daughter, she won’t survive a day with his salary. He also tells him to stop calling him father-in-law because no way he’ll be his FIL.

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She orders her favorite kopi luwak (does she have similar taste as Sang Min? Seems like she does). He keeps looking at the door so she teases that it’s childless if he planned this blind date to test his crush’s feeling. But he isn’t afraid to admit it 🙂 Well isn’t Jin Joo the same? She’s here because her family disapproves her choice of boyfriend. She can’t block her parents’ thoughts because thoughts are free, she keeps praising her boyfriend in front of Sang Min.

Jin Joo makes a bet that she won’t come but he believes his crush who’s already fallen for him will, staying true to his character as a golf player – he’s taught to only think about good things.

Is Yeon Tae coming? Well she is on her way home…  But she soon changes her mind and rushes to that cafe.

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Things become very awkward when Ok Soon notices teacher Tae Min and politely greet him, not knowing her husband is sitting in front of him! Tae Min curiously wants to know the guy that they approve for Jin Joo, asking where she’s having her blind date so he can grab her and leave together.

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Eagerly showing her competitive spirit, Mi Jung ends up as the winner. Sang Tae who couldn’t focus on the game as he keeps thinking about the wish, praises her and Woo Young who clearly inherits his Mom’s competitiveness.

So what’s Mi Jung’s wish?

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She points out they’ve done eight wishes (from her wish list) so far and the time she’s spent with him is like a special bonus. She’s never thought of loving someone nor being loved by someone else again so she won’t forget the time they’ve spent together as she’s very happy. Why are you suddenly saying these words, Mi Jung ah?

Then… she tells him to end this now… Let’s break up!


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