Five Children Episode 31 Brief Recap

The couples begin to experience the cost they have to bear when they don’t follow their heart. After their shocking break up, both Jin Joo and Tae Min are regretting their hasty decision. Jin Joo soon realize that nothing else in this world matters if she doesn’t have the man he loves by her side. Unable to hide her feeling anymore, Yeon Tae also comes to a realization what Sang Min truly means to her. Meanwhile Sang Tae who’s experienced the pain of losing his late wife, is adamant he’ll never let anyone nor anything split him from Mi Jung again.

Episode 31 Brief Recap

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Trying to end this endless argument, Sang Tae tries to escort Mom home but Mi Sook (after being encouraged by Ok Soon) finally reveals she doesn’t like Mi Jung & won’t allow her to marry nor dating her son! Smile soon fades on Ok Soon’s face when Mi Sook continues… “I want to see my son getting married” 😀 She advises Mi Jung not to block her son’s life and to find another man who’ll be more than happy to date her without thinking about marriage. Upset her granddaughter is humiliated, Grandma Jang yanks Mi Sook’s hair again. On the way home, Mi Sook keeps whining, horrified to see a chunk of her hair pulled out. She repeats she won’t approve his remarriage especially after meeting Mi Jung’s grandmother. Sang Tae just listens to his mother quietly.

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Ok Soon almost hit a crazy young lady roaming in her neighborhood, drunk. Her husband who’s waiting outside recognizes her, it’s their own daughter who call them ahjumma and ahjussi, blaming them for breaking her up with Tae Min. She burst into tears so they drag her inside and in front of her shocked niece & nephew, she tells them she’s just got dumped thanks to her parents. Then she advises Bin for never telling her grandparents when she’s dating someone if she doesn’t want to end up like her aunt. Both kids feel bad for their upset aunt so Min Ho asks the housekeeper ahjumma to take them to bed. Jin Joo continues blaming her parents for telling Tae Min about the blind date which caused the misunderstanding and eventually her break up. As a man himself, Min Ho wouldn’t be happy if his girlfriend is meeting another man so he understands Tae Min’s POV.

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Yeon Tae is multi-talented, she created a gorgeous flower crown for her sister-in-law who’s registered her marriage earlier. Sticking to their simple wedding plan, Ho Tae is waiting excitedly for his bride. His eyes lights up when she appears in her wedding dress. The happy moment is cut short when Mi Sook arrives, follows quietly by Sang Tae. What’s going on???

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Mi Sook keeps bringing up their blood ties (when Sang Tae admits he’s disappointed in mom’s treatment to a woman he loves), that Mi Jung is merely just a stranger intertwined in Sang Tae’s life and his passion will change but their blood relationship will never be broken. In frustration, Sang Tae confesses he’s asked Mi Jung to marry him but she hasn’t given her answer – now he’s afraid she’ll turn his proposal down. Mi Sook looks angry, what does her son lack that Mi Jung will refuse him??? He replies Mi Jung is different from other women and he knows exactly how painful it’s to say goodbye to someone (after losing Jin Young). He’s not the type of person who easily changes his mind. Would Mom be happy if he lives miserably after breaking up with Mi Jung? But Mi Sook insists he’ll be able to forget about Mi Jung (just like he forgot about Jin Young) and move on. Her main frustration is to see three not-blood-related grandchildren coming into their lives.

Her husband reminds there’re two non-Lee people living here – his own wife aka herself & Soon Young but it doesn’t mean they’re not family because of their different last names, right? But Mi Sook is too stubborn to listen to his family who’re all defending Sang Tae.

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Grandma Jang points out it’s hard to go against the in-laws though she is aware the reason Mi Jung wanted to break up is because she’s considerate of Sang Tae & his family. Those moms made a commotion just because Sang Tae is dating, what’ll happen when he’s married Mi Jung? She’ll be dragged, getting hurt so let’s just cut the ties now and get another job at a different company.

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This whole thing happened just after his sincere proposal. Sigh >.< Sang Tae drives back to Mi Jung’s place but unable to say anything to her T_T

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He leaves home early this morning. Bin is still upset her grandma refuses to apologize to her best friend, threatening she won’t eat nor go to school. Although the housekeeper ahjumma is also on fault but at least she apologized directly to Grandma Jang and she didn’t treat Woo Ri badly like Ok Soon. Anyway, she promises to apologize, earning a cute love sign from her granddaughter.

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Like Min Ho predicted, his daughter isn’t crying over her break up for far too long. Jin Joo begs her parents to return her car keys & wallet as she’s doing whatever they asked her to do because she doesn’t want to keep waiting for a man who doesn’t want her. She’s happy to get her precious stuffs back, comforting herself that this is the right lifestyle for her.

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OMG Soo drew a picture of his crying aunt, sharing what made her upset last night. His homeroom teacher advises him to comfort his aunt as he hopes Jin Joo will stop crying & call him, regretting breaking up with her.

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Sang Tae plans 2 days 1 night camping trip and leaves the note inside a material document Mi Jung’s asked to review. Her answer: she returns the necklace, turning down his marriage proposal. Sang Tae is aware the obstacles keep coming, but he’s not afraid because he believes in him and he believes in her but seems like she doesn’t believe in herself nor him. Anyway, he gives the necklace back, begging her to think about it more – hoping she’ll think she won’t throw the necklace.

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Because her daughter is already stressed out trying to get pregnant, her mom hasn’t told her about her surgery although she’s needed to be her guardian. InSo couple excitedly planning for a camping trip after the store grand opening, but Mom scolds them for keep thinking about holiday when they should be focusing their attention on their new business.

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After getting her cc back, Jin Joo isn’t wasting anytime to buy new clothes, shoes and spoiling herself with expensive high tea missed when she’s dating Tae Min. When Sang Min calls reminding about tomorrow’s date and offers to explain the blind date misunderstanding, she reveals she broke up with her boyfriend. He is shocked! But don’t worry, she will be there tomorrow because she’s promised and she will wear new clothes she just bought today. He’s like oh no please don’t overdo it because his crush is prettier than her so don’t need to look extra beautiful tomorrow 😀

Jin Joo stares at the cookies in front of her, missing Tae Min who likes these cookies. Awww girl, you can’t lie to your own heart. Sang Min also reminds Jin Joo about his blind date tomorrow. In jealous mode, she asks the place & time to see his standard in woman.

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Jin Joo is waiting outside the school, worried Tae Min didn’t come to work because of her. But when she sees him, she pretends she’s gotten over her broken heart and has gone back to her lavish life. She takes confused Yeon Tae for crazy drive girls’ day out, leaving Tae Min looking lost there. Thinking she’s crushes Tae Min’s heart, Jin Joo curses in anger when her friend reveals Tae Min has left, didn’t bother to look at Jin Joo anymore 😀

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He bumps into Ok Soon who applauds his decision to break up with Jin Joo who’s doing well now, believing he’ll meet a better woman. Ok Soon kinda regrets losing this fine man. In front of her two grandchildren and their two best friends, she has no choice but to apologize to Woo Ri who accepts her apology without holding on any grudge. Bin is happy her best friend can visit her house again (with her mom’s permission of course).

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Jin Joo complains all men are the same, including Tae Min and she’ll follow her parents’ advice to date rich man from now. Their relationship is over, there’s no turning back now! Then she asks for her nails to be painted red to look sexy but suddenly she burst in tears because she doesn’t know how to live without Tae Min. She’s crazily in love with him. Tae Min is trying so hard to forget her by scrubbing the floor making himself busy but he ends up bursting in tears as well. Now he knows how his brother felt, losing someone so dear to his heart.

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Sang Tae’s team is working overtime tonight. Because they’re hungry, they decide to play late night snack ladder game to decide who’ll buy snack for the whole team. Sang Tae and the rest of the team except Mi Jung & Park Hye Sung are safe – in the end… Hye Sung loses and Sang Tae claps his hands in joy! The loser is confused with his team leader’s reaction, why does he look so happy Mi Jung won? Then he recalls how Sang Tae always taking care Mi Jung, they also had private meetings & lunches together. Something’s strange here… are they?…. dating?

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While Mi Jung says no, Sang Tae confidently reveals he likes her! His sincere confession shocks everyone, including Sung Hee who almost collapses. Still in shocks, the team asks the couple to buy snack for them instead. It gives the couple a chance to talk about their relationship.

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Sang Tae vows to convince his family one by one, starting from his children; hoping she’ll support him and not giving him a hard time. He’s not forcing her to accept his necklace for now, but at least she can allow him to hold her hand and smile like she’s used to – to give him the energy he needs. Awww… He then tells her to give up about breaking up with him because they’re not and won’t break up!

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Today is the second blind date. Yeon Tae has a hard time picking up her outfit, in the end she chooses a simple one piece dress. Her goal: not falling short in comparison with another person. Jin Joo meanwhile is still in bed, feeling lost because her only reason to live now is Tae Min. She gets up hearing her phone’s vibrating but unfortunately it’s Sang Min. Her parents are oblivious until their ahjumma housekeeper points out she’s looking very strange – worse than her past break ups. Jin Joo then comes outside, gives her parents all the stuffs she bought yesterday, admitting in tears she can live without these expensive stuffs but she can’t live without Tae Min.

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Mi Jung skips her son’s taekwondo competition to show Sang Min the winning jacket her company designed especially for him. Unfortunately Woo Young’s dad is busy with his new cafe’s grand opening and doesn’t hear Mi Jung’s calling him. Sang Tae meanwhile… comes to cheer up his son. He gives both boys drink, offering to call In Chul but Woo Young is totally fine his parents aren’t here because he’s used to do things alone. Sang Tae then drives Woo Young home after telling Mi Jung her ex-husband couldn’t make it.

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Thinking she’s missed Sang Min again, Yeon Tae almost cries in front of the waitress who maintains a poker face after Sang Min (who’s just back from the restroom) gives her a signal to pretend he’s not here. He listens to Yeon Tae’s desperation then he sweetly calls her name, asking is she crying?

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Mi Sook summons Mi Jung wanting to know if her son indeed proposed and is waiting for her answer – bringing up their last convo that she has no intention to remarry. Mi Jung boldly admits she wants to marry him and live with their children if she gives her approval & accept her.

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