Five Children Episode 33 Brief Recap

Things are looking brighter this week for our couples as they acknowledge the importance of communication & reconciliation. They’re now more secured in their relationship and ready to sail through the ups & downs of their relationship. Except Sang Min who finally finds out about Yeon Tae’s ex-crush! Could he handle the bitter truth that his girlfriend is still friends with her ex-crush who’s in fact his own brother? And could In Chul be calm after finding out he’ll go camping with his ex-wife’s boyfriend and his kids???

Episode 33 Brief Recap

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Sang Tae had to put his life on the line to make Mi Jung realize where her heart truly belongs to. Despite his injured arm, he drives his worried girlfriend for a dinner date where he reveals he’s told his kids (who didn’t look that shocked perhaps because they barely have any memory about their late mom) about their relationship. For him, Mi Jung & his kids are way more important than getting permissions from their family hence he asks her to trust him & don’t make him wait too long.

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Annoyed Jn Joo tells her overly-excited parents to stop dreaming because the woman Sang Min mentioned on his victory speech wasn’t her. Who is the lucky girl?

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She’s currently smiling widely as her brother accuses this pro golfer a player but their parents quickly defend Sang Min who impressed them with his great manner. They’re overjoyed to see their daughter dating 😁

Sang Min proudly shows off his trophy before giving rare memorabilia from the tournament. He offers to give his precious trophy because the woman beside him is far more precious but Yeon Tae refuses, asking him to teach her how to play golf instead. Suddenly he cutely gives all sort of signs for Yeon Tae to kiss him (to thank him for the sweet victory speech) but she’s too clueless to read his mind!

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Truthfully, she catches it but she’s too anxious to give that present so she takes him for an ice cream date. After watching the couple next to them feeding ice cream, she offers to feed him but in a disappointed tone, he reveals he wants something else – something sexy. She doesn’t want him to leave, making excuses to spend more time together because she wants to give that present but don’t know how to. So Sang Min takes the initiative kissing her first! He sweetly guides her as he sweeps her into his embrace and they kiss passionately whilst holding hands.

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Today’s been a very tiring day for the OTP, especially Mi Jung who rarely smiles these days. After Sang Tae drops her off, her eyes welled with tears – suddenly she runs chasing his car! She knocks on his car window and yells out “let’s get married!” Confessing she’s afraid of the tough times ahead, she realizes that continually worrying over the future will ruin her and her kids lives as she knows that she can’t live without him! She wanted to say this since earlier but hesitated to say these words. Sang Tae is touched she ran just to be honest with him.

At his home, his kids tell their maternal grandparents that dad has a girlfriend. Telling his kids mean that he’s seriously planning to remarry so they’re obviously panicking but Min Ho points out there’s no use of opposing them – they’ll only make it worse. Grandma Jang praises Mi Jung’s decision, knowing Sang Tae is a great man so she doesn’t worry about Mi Jung’s future anymore.

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While cleaning up her in-laws’ room, Soon Young peek at her MIL’s note – mistakenly believe it’s the list of goods she and Ho Tae must give to Ho Tae’s family. Meanwhile Mi Sook is busy buying bedroom stuffs for the newlyweds.

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From Sang Tae, Mi Jung finds out his parents’ favorite flower / book. Mi Jung brought Mi Sook’s favorite baby breath flowers and a poetry book for Shi Wook who appreciates Mi Jung’s effort and happily gives his permission for them to remarry. He promises to convince his wife so they can focus on (telling) their kids. 😉 She briefly reveals about her ex-husband’s affair when Shi Wook asks about her divorce which shows the emotional pain she’s went through. Like his son, Shi Wook encourages her to share her burden – to think of him like her father 😍

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Before the camping trip, the fathers decide to meet up with the kids. In Chul is shocked to find… his kids’ friends’ dad is his ex-wife’s boyfriend!

Meanwhile his wife is frustrated she’s like non-existent to his kids, planning to raise them if Mi Jung gets remarried. Mom tells her to work hard to get pregnant instead which she’s already doing now.

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Greeting each other like two biggest enemies, their deathly stares are cut short when their ordered pizzas come 😄 In Chul looks bothered when Sang Tae orders take away pizza for Mi Jung after Woo Jung points out it’s Mom’s favorite. Sang Tae has compiled the list of camping places but it’s obvious In Chul hasn’t read it despite Mi Jung gave it to him. But don’t worry, everything’s organized so he can just follow along.

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Thinking Mom forces them to buy expensive dowries (when she asks Soon Young’s favorite bedding set), she reports it to her husband who nags at mom for being too greedy. Only after dad reveals Mon broke her savings to buy them expensive dowries (she didn’t want the newlyweds to use Sang Tae’s old furniture), they regret it. Mi Sook has taken care of their dowries without their knowledge because she knew and understood their financial situation.

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Mi Sook saw Mi Jung fidgeting anxiously in front of the restaurant holding the flowers so she purposely avoided her. She’s said everything she wanted to say so she doesn’t want to see Mi Jung anymore. But Mi Sook honestly pities Mi Jung who raises three great kids. Shi Wook praises Mi Jung who seems to have great qualities to be good step-mom for their grandchildren but Mi Sook worries of the different treatments she’ll give her kids and step-kids.

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After confirming their feeling, Yeon Tae happily let Sang Min to drive her to work (which is also his excuse to see her more often). He encourages her to be honest with her feeling 😊 but he soon becomes unsettled when finding out about her workplace and the uni she graduated from. Even more so when Tae Min calls asking her whereabouts because they usually catch the same bus. Picking up the hints, Sang Min finally realizes his brother was his girlfriend’s 7 years crush! Although Yeon Tae confirms they’re just friends now but he looks worried. Thankfully Yeon Tae arrives early so he doesn’t bump into his brother.

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From Soo, Sang Min is relieved (to find) Jin Joo is no longer sick. He slips a note on Soo’s diary, asking Jin Joo to meet up at the coffee shop. But he instead is waiting outside her home. He casually asks if she’s been well, in tears she reveals she’s not 😭 She apologizes for hurting him and lying about him to her parents. Her tearful apology really touches his heart as he sweetly embraces her.

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Sang Min is overwhelmed with jealousy & confusion so he seek his manager’s advice to see if he would still met up with his ex-crush. He mentions nope, he’d cut all ties! It makes Sang Tae mad so he now decides to cut contact with Yeon Tae, begging his manager to make foolish excuses so he can avoid her. Poor Yeon Tae.

Mi Jung brings Mi Sook another baby breath flowers, waits patiently until she finally gives her a chance to talk but she refuses to accept the flowers.

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Sang Tae also decides to tell his in-laws about his intention to remarry and that he (& the kids) will move out soon. Ok Soon is really upset so she goes to her room. Min Ho doesn’t want Sang Tae to keep apologizing especially because he’s been a dutiful son-in-law. His only wish is to see their grandkids grow up, of course Sang Tae will allow them to see their own grandkids. But Ok Soon is too emotional. She keeps begging him to change his mind, to think about his kids. Bin gives her a strength to keep living because she looks like Jin Young so she can’t bear to live apart from her. It’s too upsetting to her. Even though her husband assures they still can see their grandkids but she’s worried they’ll grow up with their step-mom. But if he still insists to remarry, then go but leave the kids with them (their maternal grandparents!).

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Mi Sook is also aware she can’t stop the remarriage so… if Mi Jung insists, then she must have the confidence to leave her kids (send them to her ex-husband) and come by herself to marry Sang Tae. o_0


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