Five Children Episode 35 Brief Recap

A camping trip gives a clear image of how chaotic yet fun their future lives will be, it also gives our OTP extra boost of confidence to finally let the kids know. Their battle has just began, will their kids support or oppose their relationship (and marriage plan)? Sang Tae’s persistence melts Mom’s heart albeit it doesn’t completely ease her worries, she only wants her son to be happy and doesn’t go through more pain in the future. Brothers Sang Min and Tae Min hide the fact they’re brothers because of an incident in the past.

Episode 35 Brief Recap

Unlike In Chul who selfishly left his family to be with So Young, forcing him to give up the custody & left his assets to Mi Jung (and the kids), Sang Tae is aware there’re people depending on him hence he didn’t make his decision (to remarry) lightly. For him, children aren’t objects! They should be spared from another trauma of finding out their mother’s friend is now their dad’s wife! But In Chul doesn’t want his children to grow up with children from different father (different surname) hence he argues he should raise them up. Sang Tae makes it clear that he will not stay still if In Chul hurt Mi Jung and the kids!

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Their argument is cut short when the kids arrive back to the camp. While Soo & Bin are loving the tent Dad put up, In Chul still hasn’t finished with the tent (too busy arguing). So Woo Young tells Dad to make ramen instead and to leave the tent to the capable Sang Tae. But… when In Chul opens the portable stove carry bag, he finds tools and stuffs instead of a portable stove! Aigoo In Chul ah… So Sang Tae comes to the rescue again.

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They had a hard time accepting Sang Tae’s remarriage plan but they’ve made up their mind to let their son-in-law go pursuing his own happiness. Mi Sook is startled but her husband gratefully thanks them for always treating Sang Tae like their own son. Ok Soon adds they can’t stop Sang Tae after he told them he’ll move out, right? She’s still upset but Sang Tae’s heartfelt promise assuring she’ll always be part of his life touched her heart.

Shi Wook tries to change his wife’s mind as well, pointing out Mi Jung’s ex-husband will always be on her life because of their kids.

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Couples from the bowling club gather for an ice breaker where they reveal how they met. Before their turn, Sang Min tells nervous Yeon Tae to just tell the truth that it’s love at the first sight & she begged him to date her (ehm wasn’t it the total opposite, Sang Min ah?). With confidence, Yeon Tae repeats what he told her to everyone! Wow… Sang Min tries to tell the truth but she continues with her story that she likes him more, forcing Sang Min to argue that he likes her more.

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Knowing she can’t live just from her part time salary, Jin Joo finally knows what she’s gonna do now. Because she failed her college exams three times, she didn’t have any choice but to enter social welfare! Well you’ve just got caught, girl. Didn’t you tell Tae Min you hasn’t graduated because you traveled overseas? 😀 She promises she won’t keep any secret from him anymore 🙂 Her real interest is about make up and stuffs so she plans to start from learning about nail art to pursue her dream.

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Sang Min needs to learn from Jin Joo, please stop lying about the ‘training camp’! He’s Yeon Tae’s first boyfriend after crushing for Tae Min for 7 years so it’s so obvious how much she loves him. Talking about her crush makes agitated Sang Min asking what she likes about her crush. She replies they share similar interests but unfortunately he didn’t like her. So Sang Min asks what if that guy liked her too? She looks offended because it feels like Sang Min doesn’t trust her (because of her crush) – they didn’t date unlike him and his ex who dated (though he got dumped). Okay guys, please stop talking about the past. Yeon Tae blurts out that crush is totally different from love! She suddenly gets embarrassed when Sang Min caught her saying ‘love’ awww…

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Because there’s been a complication during the surgery, So Young’s aunt unable to keep the secret anymore. She calls So Young who then calls In Chul in tears so he tells her to go to hospital first and he’ll be there soon. It’s emergency, can’t blame In Chul to be with his wife and leave his disappointed kids. Of course he doesn’t tell them the truth. So Woo Young asks Mom to join them! Oh yeah!

At the hospital, aunt scolds the couple for not realizing how sick Mom is although the live together.

Sang Min still doesn’t want Yeon Tae to know Tae Min is his brother so he asks his dongsaeng to hide the fact they’re brothers. Why? Because hyung orders him! Well, Tae Min doesn’t talk about his awesome brother outside their house anyway, remember what happened during his high school days?

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Tae Min accidentally left his artwork so he asked Sang Min to bring it. The cool hyung arrived at his school like a supermodel. While everyone was starstruck, Tae Min looked utterly embarassed especially when Sang Min pulled out & praised his artwork – a cute simple little bear. From that day onwards, Tae Min never speak about his brother outside their house.

Mi Jung arrives at the camping site to see Sang Tae taking care all five kids well. Bin is surprised Mi Jung knows she really likes corn, cutie Woo Ri points out maybe her mom & Bin’s late mom communicated telepathically. awww… They roast corn & potato, lights up sparkler to make their wishes before the fire is out.

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Their wishes:

  • Soo: world’s most capable doctor so he can heal granddad’s blood pressure and heal his family when they’re sick
  • Woo Young: a better doctor than Soo 😀
  • Woo Ri & Bin: famous actresses (together) and to remain friends after they get famous
  • Woo Joo: about the bracelet her rock is talking about lol
  • Mi Jung: to be happy like now and the kids grow up well & happy
  • Sang Tae: the kids, him and Mi Jung can do everything they want and to be happy… forever…

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They split the sleeping arrangement to the girls & the boys where Bin is so happy to sleep with her best friend who asks Mom to tell a horror story. Mi Jung is a great storyteller because everyone looks frightened. Three cheeky boys almost make their hearts drop to the floor, shocking them when they’re screaming out of their lungs.

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Ho Tae promises to be successful to be a proud husband and dad so Soon Young won’t regret. She believes in him, as she’s always been. Suddenly he gets a phone call (about work) and receives a great news that the movie script he wrote was sold to be made into a drama. He only needs the money so he accepted the sale but refused to be the drama director to maintain his pride as a movie art director. Soon Young wants him to take it though.

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Sang Tae brags the cute picture Woo Joo drew to Mi Jung. Hehehe. Does it look like him? Well, Sang Tae has decided to tell his kids about their marriage tomorrow while Mi Jung is still afraid the kids will have a hard time accepting this so they need to be extra cautious and not tell them bluntly as so not to shock them. The next morning, they gather around for a hearty breakfast – already looking like a happy big family. They also help Sang Tae & Mi Jung washing up while Soo patiently teaches Woo Joo. Before they leave, they take a cute family picture together.

Sang Tae arrives home to another surprise – a permission from his in-laws to move out & remarry. Min Ho even expresses his gratefulness that Sang Tae sought their permission first, treating them like his own parents. Ok Soon still has tears on her eyes T_T

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Now it’s time for the kids to know. Sang Tae and Mi Jung tell their kids (separately), very simply yet honestly that they’ve found their soulmate whom the kids already know well and they’ll getting married. Cutie Woo Joo is happy Mom will wear a pretty dress while her older siblings and Soo & Bin are digesting the happy news differently. Last night, Mi Jung proposed to give the kids one week to think it thorough because they respect the kids’ opinion so in one week, the kids will have to tell Mom / Dad their honest opinion – either they support or oppose (the marriage).

Mi Sook meanwhile still hasn’t given her permission, yet she’s curious about the latest development. Her pride doesn’t allow her to call him so she’ll wait until he comes to welcome Soon Young & Ho Tae back from their honeymoon tonight.

Yeon Tae calls her sister-in-law, asking her to wear her wedding dress before announcing to the family that the newlyweds will arrive soon.

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The newlyweds come home to a gorgeous wedding altar decorated with rose petals & candles. Soo and Bin welcome them with a flower bouquet and lead them walking down the aisle. Congratulations the happy couple! This is truly a simple magical wedding that touches everyone’s heart. Soon Young never thought of having a wedding like this, she’s very happy.

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But it prompts Bin to tell the family that Dad is getting married too! Yeon Tae takes the kids outside so they won’t hear the argument between their grandma who continues opposing the marriage and their dad. Sang Tae insists he’ll do it even without Mom’s permission and he won’t take Mi Jung to see his mom either (because Mom hasn’t treated her well). He points out it wasn’t her fault for giving birth to three kids, even he has two kids too. He promises to raise the kids well with Mi Jung who’s wife & warm. Ho Tae takes hyung’s side because he understands how painful it’s to be in his hyung’s position right now. Sang Tae vows to get a new place for his family after the marriage so please don’t worry too much, Mom.

But Mi Sook can’t sleep at all tonight, she calls Sang Tae who chooses to ignore Mom’s & Dad’s calls so Mi Sook goes to nearby public phone because he doesn’t know who’s calling him, right?

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He picks it up! Mom is annoyed he picks up a phone call from unknown number and flatly ignores his Mom who is worried he’ll have a hard life raising up five kids after he gets married with Mi Jung. Shi Wook texts Sang Tae to calm his Mom down, telling him where Mom is at the moment. Sang Tae comes, apologizes and begging her to stop being angry. Mi Sook feels defeated by her own son, but inside her heart, she only wishes for her son’s happiness so she can no longer oppose his marriage.

The kids still haven’t made up their minds. The girls are happy to live together but the boys are totally against the marriage.

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Yeon Tae invites Tae Min to join couple bowling club with Jin Joo. He wants to meet her boyfriend so he’s in! Because Sang Min keeps calling Tae Min as her seven years crush, Yeon Tae introduces his name because they’re going to see him today. Oh no, Sang Min looks nervous – will the secret finally be revealed today? Both Jin Joo and Tae Min are looking forward to meet Yeon Tae’s boyfriend.

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One week has passed, now it’s time for the kids to tell their Mom & Dad their decision. Bin consents because she can already imagine how fun it’ll be living with her best friend who also approves Mom’s marriage. Grandma Jang opts to vote too, of course she put her hands up – so does cutie Woo Joo. The girls support the marriage, what about the boys?

Soo opposes it. Diplomatically, Woo Young points out Sang Tae is a nice guy and he wishes Mom to be happy so he approves the marriage but he will live with Dad instead!


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