Five Children Episode 36 Brief Recap

More secrets are being revealed, throwing the characters into a state of panic especially for Kim brothers who’re entangled in a twisted fate. This episode we get a glimpse of their close relationship with their parents and Sang Min’s amusing quirks to win the ‘race’ he created himself. The boys’ reaction to the remarriage plan shows their maturity but Woo Young now has to face the shocking reality that his parents tried so hard to hide. Sang Tae’s & Mi Jung’s battle continues…

Episode 36 Brief Recap

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Woo Young pities his father because he doesn’t have anyone while Mom now has Sang Tae, Woo Joo, Woo Ri, Soo, Bin – that’s why he opts to live with Dad while still supporting Mom’s pursuing her happiness. Mi Jung points out she can only be happy if all her kids are with her, begging him to change her mind. His sisters also beg him to reconsider so he promises to talk to his dad first.

As two classmates, Woo Young & Soo feel embarrassed to be a family. Soo is happy for Dad to remarry but he is against living together so he’ll continue living with his grandparents. Sang Tae voices that his kids and his marriage are a done deal, cannot be separated so he asks Soo to rethink his decision.

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As expected, So Young blames herself for forcing Mom hiding her illness & surgery because she’s too stressed out trying to get pregnant. She’s the only child so she also wants to give a grandchild for her Mom. In Chul looks shocked but can’t bear to tell her the truth (about his vasectomy).

In front of bowling club, Jin Joo gets an angry call from her employer so they have to cancel the double date >.< Sang Min is relieved they can’t come but Yeon Tae invites them to say hello because they’re nearby. Her boyfriend quickly hides before Yeon Tae gets off the phone!

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He peeks at them, surprised to see Jin Joo there. He then realizes what’s going on – she is… his brother’s girlfriend! What a coincidence, hey? 😀 After they leave, Yeon Tae reveals that she and Jin Joo are best friends since school and they’re in-laws! Sang Min quickly figures out that team leader Sang Tae is her brother. 😀

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Jin Joo’s boss complains there’s a missing box of fishcakes that she received, accusing Jin Joo for stealing it. But according to the delivery note, she didn’t! Then the boss nags that Jin Joo gave extra serving because it’s not her store, Tae Min tries to intervene but Jin Joo is fed up with the slave treatment she got from her that she resigns. She’ll have to look for another part time job to pay for her nail art academy, prompting Tae Min to suggest…

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them to get married so they can plan their future more orderly and calmly. He’ll propose to her formally after her parents give their green light.

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At home, Sang Min is having a hilarious imaginary conversation with Yeon Tae, Jin Joo and Tae Min to assure him that his relationship with Yeon Tae is safe because Yeon Tae’s 7 years crush is already dating his blind date. And he’s worried that Yeon Tae won’t like it if she knows he’s Tae Min’s brother so he decides to keep this a secret until their relationship is very stable. However, his biggest worry is that the girls are in-laws! What is this tangled fate?

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The boys get a postcard from their parents from Greece. Mom wrote a lovely greeting for her two beloved sons, teasing them to go there for their honeymoon 🙂 Anyway, their parents are coming home soon so the boys are excited to introduce their girlfriends and Sang Min wants to introduce and get married first because he’s the hyung. He’s shocked that his brother has proposed to Jin Joo (beating his hyung who is aware of the future complication because there’s no way their parents will allow them to marry two girls who’re in-laws). So Sang Min will make sure he’ll win this twisted race.

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He begins by introducing his girlfriend on his letter to his parents, as well as updating them about Tae Min’s teaching job which makes him the proudest brother. But he omit the part about Tae Min’s girlfriend. Then he dictates Tae Min to write a promise note that he won’t

  1. Won’t get married before his hyungW
  2. Won’t go against his hyung’s marriage
  3. Won’t make any issue about his sister-in-law

Tae Min is wondering if there’s something wrong with Sweet Pumpkin but hyung points out there problem is only between them the brothers. What’s going on, hyung?

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The marketing team plans to get Kim Sang Min on board for their new project – a fashion show. While discussing this, Sang Tae gets a text from Dad to take Mi Jung to their home this weekend, putting a big smile on his face that his parents finally give their permission.

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Because Sang Min was a former model and worked well with them previously, Mi Jung asks him a favor but he rejects it because of someone who brightens up his life into green (Yeon Tae). He smiles when Mi Jung points out about his girlfriend but suddenly he acts like an obedient man when he spots Sang Tae walking towards him. He gets up, politely greets him and accepts whatever project they throw at him.

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It’s fortunate the boys aren’t against the marriage but Sang Tae and Mi Jung clearly can’t live apart from their kids so Sang Tae invites Woo Young to find the house together. Pointing out Woo Young will be the eldest kid, he explains their living arrangement (the boys will be in the same room as well as the girls). He encourages Woo Young to visit as often as he likes and to live with them if he’s no longer live with Dad.

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Ho Tae and Soon Young are touched seeing their baby’s ultrasound and heartbeat. After the regular check-up, they go to a baby store where Ho Tae surprises his wife with cute baby clothes.

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Before Woo Young meets his dad, his parents meet up discussing about why In Chul left early from the camping trip and the kids’ reactions about Mi Jung’s marriage plan. She brings up Woo Young will live with Dad because he has noone by his side but there’s no way she’ll send her son to him so she asks him to dissuades Woo Young. In Chul selfishly asks her to stay as a single mother, forgetting the fact she has the right to be happy too. He wouldn’t give up the custody if he knew this would happen, leading Mi Jung to bring up So Young’s efforts to get pregnant – not knowing her husband had a vasectomy.

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Not wanting to hurt Mi Jung who’s been hurting enough, Sang Tae meets with his parents asking them a huge favor before he brings her home on the weekend. He wants them to discuss things with him (if there’s any) instead of Mi Jung and indirectly forbids them to meddle into his wedding and his second marriage. His parents have already planned to help him finding the perfect house but he vows to take care it himself too. Mom is offended her son is drawing the line, as if shutting them off from his life. Dad who’s always been very supportive, reprimands Sang Tae privately that he was out of line. Mi Sook was wrong for asking Mi Jung to send her kids to her ex-husband but she has since compromised and asked them to come paying their respect so he shouldn’t treat his mom bitterly. Sang Tae points out they have much bigger issues because their marriage involve many people specifically the kids but Shin Woo reveals Mom was against it due to a very good reason.

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In Chul is facing a tough time too, what should he do about Woo Young who doesn’t know Dad married Mom’s best friend? Because So Young’s mom is still recovering, Soo Young is against Woo Young staying here. He decides to tell him he’s remarried (omitting Mom’s best friend part) because the boy will eventually know.

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Ho Tae has a wife and a baby on the way so he decides to challenge himself for directing the offered drama but he needs to know the working condition first. He’s no longer working at the food truck and needs a new job. Soon Young overhears his phone conversation.

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Because it’ll be too much hassle changing schools for the kids, Sang Tae plans to find a new place nearby which makes Ok Soon happy. Min Ho then gives him money (to help him getting a house) as a wedding present but Sang Tae refuses it knowing Mi Jung won’t like it. Ok Soon asks him to think of the money as their present for their grandchildren but albeit grateful, he still politely rejects it because finding a new home will be his and Mi Jung’s personal matter not his in-laws’. As the grandparents, they’re worried Soo & Bin won’t have the luxury they have now such as private tutoring, their own rooms, etc.

Mi Sook introspects herself. As a mother who gave birth and raised Sang Tae, her masterpiece, she lived believing in him. Ok Soon meanwhile now believes people’s words that son-in-law will never be a son after watching Sang Tae’s drawing a clear line between his life and their lives.

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Jin Joo starts looking for nail art but is shocked to find how expensive it is. She doesn’t have enough cash nor a credit card although according to Tae Min, it’s not that expensive so he hands out his card to pay for it first. He’s happy to help her and a touched Jin Joo promises to pay it back ASAP.

Jin Joo wants to go on a date so Tae Min suggests pocketballs. Well she proposes the pocketballs place where she went to with Sang Min. It reminds them of a painful memory (blind date leading to break up) but Tae Min coolly wants to cover the painful past with a beautiful memory now. So let’s go there! The other couple is currently enjoying their date at the same place after Yeon Tae asked Sang Min to pick the activity he likes.

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Like a pro, Sang Min teaches his girlfriend how to play pocket balls perfectly (and fixes her body position). She’s a great student, surprising her teacher who almost loses on the first game. If she keeps this up, he’ll lose. But Yeon Tae who’s aware he purposely didn’t show off his real skill, challenges him to play properly. But Yeon Tae then cheekily touches his arm, slightly bending whilst asking about the right body position to hit the ball which totally ruins his concentration! 😀 So he asks her to teach him just like what she just did 😀

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Tae Min spots his hyung there. Then he also sees Yeon Tae. This teacher soon figures out that Sweet Pumpkin is Yeon Tae so a smile breaks on his face. But soon afterwards he realizes that her seven years crush is… yupe, him!

Although Mi Jung promises to set up a meeting between Woo Young and his dad, Woo Young went to see In Chul after happily chatting with him on the phone. Grandma Jang couldn’t help but let him go. In Chul actually planned to tell his son the truth.

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In Chul starts by revealing that he’s living with someone, his new wife, not his friend. Because the kids found out about the divorce recently, he didn’t want to burden them with the news about his remarriage. Smart Woo Young figures out that it started from the day he moved out (to the USA) and lied so they wouldn’t meet him. Calling him a liar, this boy is very upset & angry.

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He hastily leaves and bump into Mom outside the restaurant, gets angrier when he realizes Mom also hides Dad’s remarriage from him!


Woo Young is mature for his age but he’s still a boy who suffers from his parents’ divorce. This young boy looks up to his Dad, yet In Chul wounded his heart so deep that it’ll be hard to gain his trust back. So far, we haven’t seen him portraying his father role seriously. His lack of preparation for their camping trip clearly shows how inept he is. He’s still the selfish In Chul who destroyed his family’s happiness to pursue his own happiness. Can’t help but comparing him with Sang Tae who involves his kids on his remarriage plan, values their opinions. This great father put his kids’ happiness above him! Can In Chul please learn from this amazing man instead of picking a fight everytime they meet?

Woo Young and Soo are rivals in mostly everything so the prospects of having their own rivals they compete with on daily basis as brothers make them feeling embarrassed. Will they have to compete at home too? Will Soo be upset that he’s no longer the oldest? On the other hand, Bin & Woo Ri are best friends hence they love the idea of living together because they’ll be able to spend more time together. Seriously though, the kids are more mature than In Chul! They might oppose / give their consent but all the kids wished nothing but happiness for their parents. A lot of times, adults need to take time to learn from the innocence of the kids.

Mi Sook might sound selfish but it’s a mother’s pure heart that protects her child from getting hurt again. Even when her sons disappointed her, she tried to compromise because at the end of the day, their happiness is what matters most for her. She crossed the line when asking Mi Jung to send her kids away, so I’m glad Sang Tae stood up for her but it was the wrong timing Sang Tae yaaa… Please understand your mother’s heart too!

It’s awesome Jin Joo finally knows what she wants to pursue in life and is working towards her goal. She has her supportive boyfriend by her side too!

Kim brothers – finally they almost finished the puzzle we’ve known for a while. We only need Jin Joo to complete the puzzle. 😀 I’m intrigued to know more about their parents who’re enjoying their luxurious holiday overseas. They (especially Mom) sound like warm parents. The way Sang Min writes to his Mom is adorable, like a cute boy reporting everything to Mom (omitting ‘lil bro’s love story because he doesn’t want to lose). I have no idea how it works in Korea about brothers marrying in-laws, we’ll find out soon I guess.


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