Five Children Episode 39 Brief Recap

Big blended family has its own joys and challenges, Sang Tae & Mi Jung show their strong cohesiveness by setting things straight to ensure everyone feels involved, loved and treated equally. Sang Tae’s in-laws face a reality shock so Min Ho brazenly executes his plan to get closer to his grandkids. Still agonizing over Yeon Tae’s rejection, Sang Min is eager for his parents to meet his girlfriend before Mom’s favorite son introduce his.

Episode 39 Brief Recap

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Sang Tae and Mi Jung are back from their overnight honeymoon, to the warm hugs of their five kids. They encourage the kids & Grandma Jang to express their ideal way of living as a big family, hoping to have a healthy discussion whenever they have any concerns.

The oldest kid Woo Young wishes the family to be harmonious while Soo hopes to understand each other & maintain the peace when they can discuss things as a family. Bin isn’t comfortable calling Mi Jung ‘mom’ so she tells her to keep calling her ‘ahjumma’ if she wishes and calls her mom whenever she feels comfortable. Woo Ri has similar concern as her best friend, relieved she can also continue calling him ‘ahjussi’. Maknae Woo Joo’s wish is so pure – she wants this family to love each other while Grandma Jang can’t ask for anything else except that they’ll love each other and always be healthy. They grab their hammer, breaking the snacks in front of them to cast away bad spirit!

Sang Tae and Mi Jung take Woo Joo shopping groceries. He is annoyed she keeps calling him timjang nim (team leader), Woo Joo also questions Mom’s nickname for her ‘new’ daddy. She cutely wonders if it’s similar to doenjang (bean paste), gochujang (hot paste) or ssamjang (wrap paste) because these four words have the same ending 장 (jang) :d 

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Grandma Jang bumps into Min Ho after he finished inspecting the unit on the second floor. Fortunately she never met him so she believes the real estate agent who introduces him as her landlord. She’s pleased to have very nice landlord who promises to fix things Grandma Jang asked him to fix. In return, she vows to take a good care of the apartment they leased. Min Ho signs the contract to purchase this building today.

Outside the building, Min Ho quickly hides after he spotted Sang Tae coming home from his grocery shopping with Mi Jung and cutie Woo Joo. He’s upset seeing his son-in-law is now holding someone else’s daughter. What about his grandkids?

Meanwhile, Grandma Jang believes their landlord is a saint who won’t give them any problem.

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On the way to the broadcasting channel, Ho Tae finds a surprise letter penned by his wife last night. Soon Young has such a big heart, she doesn’t want her husband suffering alone because they’re family. She supports his dream yet she also thankful for him to sacrifice his dream for their family’s sake. Whatever decision he chooses, she and their ‘pebble’ will always cheer him up.

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They have five kids so Mi Jung has to be super organized. She put remainders of everyone’s schedules. It’s now time to pick up Woo Ri & Bin, but her husband is not replying to her – too busy reading a story for Woo Joo. Did he hear what she told him? Well, yes but he purposely didn’t answer her because she keeps calling him ‘team leader’. Woo Joo emphasizes her new daddy’s frustration! LOL. So she asks him what should she call him then? He replies… call me “honey” or “dear”.

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Mi Sook is missing her grandkids, she waits for Bin outside her school but quickly hides when she hears Mi Jung’s voice. Sweet Woo Ri tells Mom about the praise Bin received during music class. Then they go home together with the older boys who finished early. Soo is so happy Mi Jung is gonna make his favorite ddeokbokki. Their new place is near their school so they walk home. Mi Sook can’t help but touched that her grandkids are living well.

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They are so used of having Sang Tae & his family that Jin Joo bought a box of mangoes. But reality soon hit that there’re only four people living here. T_T

Sang Tae asks the kids to write down the academy they want to attend or any academy they wish to continue attending – they have the whole week to think about this. Bin wants to study acting more seriously because Ho Tae isn’t a good teacher. Unfortunately, Bin and Soo might have to stop their private lessons (Sang Tae doesn’t want to keep receiving help from his in-laws’ family). Upset Bin calls Aunt who’s excited for their upcoming cooking class this weekend – that she can no longer do cooking class with her. She then let her know about the upcoming housewarming party (Ok Soon is overjoyed they’re invited) but of course Sang Tae isn’t inviting them.

Mi Sook wants to know how her grandkids living now so Min Ho throws the contract he just signed, revealing they’ll soon move out to the same building as their grandkids! Jin Joo scolds her dad for making this decision without discussing with Sang Tae first!

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From Grandma Jang, So Young’s mom finds out the secret In Chul’s been hiding so she confronts him straight away. When they’re talking about his vasectomy, So Young arrives & overhears everything!

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Yeon Tae really loves Sang Min, from head to toe and believes every words he said. However, she still has ambition to fulfill before getting married & having children – she still wants to work after studying so hard to become a teacher. Most importantly, she wants them to date more – doing more things they haven’t done yet. Promising she’ll stay by his side, she asks him to only think about marriage when she’s ready. In the meantime, they can keep dating & having fun together. This marriage proposal is way too early for her. He finally agrees with her, asking her to accept the ring purely as a present from him.

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Yeon Tae can’t stop admiring the ring as she read the book about dating. She is aware she’s not too expressive while Sang Min is so she imagining her being as expressive as her boyfriend. It catches Sang Min by surprise of course 😀 She praises him to the moon and back though it’s cringey but she’s sure he’ll like it. She screams out in joy thinking about hand cream trick hahaha… Then she flicks the book to the chapter about showing her new side to avoid boredom, aggressive action to make a strong impact on her boyfriend. Okay… let’s imagine this! She confidently shush away Sang Min’s fangirls, showing her new side. Then she aggressively leans towards him, closer and closer until their lips are about to meet. Sang Min wakes her up from her wild imaginations 😀 She then shows him the ring, revealing she rejected the proposal.

Ho Tae took 3 long weeks contemplating his decision that this drama opportunity has already been given to another director. He didn’t seem that interested. So what should he do now then? His friend offers him to work with B-team in their weekdays morning drama that’s started not too long ago. Hmm… he stares at the poster then analyzing this drama which is full of makjang & adultery.

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Soon Young spots the ring on Yeon Tae’s finger. Mom is clearly excited her youngest will soon follow her brothers’ footsteps to get married but Yeon Tae explains she’d prefer a longer courtship before getting married – so she rejected the proposal.

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Ho Tae is now the true head of his household, he scarified his dream as a movie director for a makjang drama. He shows Dad the letter he received from Soon Young, touched that someone really believes in him – striving him to be a better person. Dad looks at his son proudly, pointing out that Ho Tae will be able carry the heavy responsibility as the head of his family because he has Soon Young who loves and believes in him. For Shi Wook, his wife and his siblings are his source of strength and now his son has his wife & his baby who’ll always cheer him up. Like Soon Young, he also believes his son has a talent for movie directing – not because he’s his son but because he knows his son does have a talent. But Ho Tae can see his father is lying hehehe.. It’s ok, he only wants to make you happy, Ho Tae ya..

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Now So Young feels ashamed telling Mi Jung about her effort to get pregnant. She’s upset In Chul hid this very important truth from her, turning her into a fool in front of his ex-wife. Yes, it’s all your fault In Chul!

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It might be hard in the beginning, but Sang Tae wants to stop being entangled with his ex-in-laws so unfortunately his kids might need to adjust themselves after being spoiled rotten by their maternal grandparents. This is now their house. He’s grateful for his in-laws but he never wanted to take advantages of their love for his two kids. Moreover, he wants all their five kids to get educated equally. As their parents, they must raise them equally – always thinking what’s best for them. Mi Jung looks a bit worried but he is confident they’ll do well.

She then calls him ‘honey’ in a nagging voice much to his surprise hahaha. She gives the signals to do things newlyweds do 😀 which he quickly catches. He carries her to bed, tells her to lower down her voice so they won’t wake the kids up. He turns off the light, she covers her head with her hand – so excited of what’s coming next 😀

The next morning, Mi Jung divides the chores amongst the four elder kids. Where is Sang Tae though?

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He’s meeting with Min Ho who beats around the bush telling his intention to move closer to his place so the kids can continue with their private lessons and they can meet their grandkids. As expected, Sang Tae politely refuses his offer, mocking his father-in-law for raising the kids with money. Min Ho raises up his voice, annoyed at Sang Tae’s resentment after he enjoyed the financial support they gave him & his family. If he disagreed, he shouldn’t received their money at all!

Sang Tae’s words fires him up – Min Ho decides to move no matter what! He bought the building with his own money so why do they care if they’re caught?

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Tae Min is looking incredibly happy nowadays, much to his brother’s annoyance. He gets the upper hands too as he’s close with Yeon Tae who told him about the proposal. The brothers receive a text from Mom, excitedly hoping her two sons will pick them up at the airport tomorrow.

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Both brothers ask their girlfriends if they have plan tomorrow (to meet their parents). Yeon Tae has her brother’s housewarming party but she is willing to spare her time after Sang Min reveals he wanted to introduce her to his parents. She believes her family will understand her excuse. Jin Joo is moving tomorrow so Tae Min offers to help her moving. Unlike his brother, he doesn’t tell her that his parents are coming to Korea tomorrow.

Yeon Tae is reading firedrill guidebook Tae Min wrote when he’s called to the Vice Principal’s office. When his phone rings, she initially ignores it but it keeps ringing so he picks his phone up and is surprised to see… his family’s picture. OMG… Her mind blurs.

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Sitting in the bus stop, like a fool for not recognizing they’re brothers. She ignores Sang Min’s call so he sends her a text apologizing for not escorting her to meet his parents.

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Ok Soon is worried someone might see them moving here, Jin Joo hearts pound so hard while Dad is confident they did nothing wrong until he hurriedly pushes his family to hide after spotting Grandma Jang. LOL.

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Kim brothers are very excited to see their parents again, so do their parents. Sang Min stretches out his arms to hug Mom (Park Hae Mi) but she hugs her favorite son first. While Mom is too busy favoring her youngest, Dad (Ko Im Beom) praises their oldest son for winning the tournament. Dad is elated to see their daughter-in-laws, believes Sang Min has finally found the right woman now as he tells them they’ll meet with her today. What about Tae Min? Mom wants to see both her future daughter-in-laws together but Tae Min excuses himself that he’s busy.

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Mi Jung asks Sang Tae to drive his parents & family to their new place although it’s a walkable distance. Soon Young reveals Yeon Tae is meeting her future in-laws. But… she can’t go T_T How could she meet Sang Min’s parents now?

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Mom is annoyed she’d rush to the restaurant after a long flight just because her oldest son arranged his girlfriend to meet with them. What’s all this rush, Sang Min ah? He laughs away Mom’s anger, trying to change the conversation by praising Mom’s beauty – that she still looks beautiful although she hasn’t changed her outfit. Dad teases his wife will crush Sang Min’s girlfriend’s spirit if she arrives in her usual self. Dad is excited to see her, teasing his son who can’t stop smiling. Mom is calling him a fool though >.<

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Mi Jung is on her way back from the grocery store as Jin Joo is coming down carrying flatten boxes. Of course they bump into each other on the stairs, it’s bound to happen! Who had this crazy idea of moving on the day of Sang Tae’s & Mi Jung’s housewarming party?

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