Five Children Episode 40 Brief Recap

When a relationship isn’t built with trust & honesty, it crumbles down very quickly. Sang Min’s and Yeon Tae’s relationship is facing a crisis as he’s fighting to secure his Mom’s hard-to-get approval. The future looks bleak, for this couple and the blended family who has to deal with a meddling in-laws.

Episode 40 Brief Recap

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Nobody told Mi Jung that Jin Joo is Soo’s and Bin’s aunt so fortunately Jin Joo is safe for now because Mi Jung can only recalls about their first meeting bickering in the movie theater’s restroom and that she’s this building’s owner’s daughter. Sang Tae and his family arrive, Jin Joo quickly retreats home (after hearing his voice) – shocked and relieved she didn’t run into the in-laws.

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Grandma Jang notices one family member is missing from this housewarming party. The family fills in that their maknae received a wedding proposal. Ho Tae adds his hyung and Mi Jung know him – he’s pro golfer Kim Sang Min who brazenly mentioned Yeon Tae during his winning press conference. The OTP looks surprised, unable to break their parents’ happiness watching Yeon Tae dating a fine man. Mi Jung gives a sign to Sang Tae to tell the truth but he think this rude Sang Min might show a different side of him when dating someone. Ho Tae keeps blurting out he doesn’t like Sang Min, catching Mi Jung nodding – agreeing with his POV 😀

Curious Mi Sook asks Bin if Mi Jung treats her well, this sweet girl praises her step-mom to the moon and back. Because she never calls anyone mom (doesn’t even remember her own mother), she’s more comfortable calling Mi Jung ‘ahjumma’ so Mi Sook calmly tells her to start calling her step-mom ‘Mom’ to avoid gossip although it’s awkward at first.

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Yeon Tae doesn’t know what she should do now after finding out her boyfriend knew all along that her 7 years crush was his own brother. And… Tae Min definitely knows too by now. Tears flowing. Sang Min’s mom is annoyed her son’s girlfriend is running late, already making her own assumption that this girl is only playing with him. Her husband has the bigger heart, persuades her to wait in case she runs into incident or something bad.

When Sang Min calls to check where she is, Yeon Tae reveals she can’t go without giving any explanation then she turns off her phone. So he sends his parents to his house (although they initially insist staying at a hotel) before dashing off to see Yeon Tae. He presses the bell but she’s not answering so he bangs on the door, going insane.

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This building’s soundproofing isn’t great because Min Ho’s family can hear their upstairs neighbors’ movement from their unit. On the third floor, Shi Wook calls the kids to gather around them, sweetly point out they’re all their grandkids and they should get along with each other because after their parents, they should be closest to their siblings who’ll always be by their side. Mi Sook then asks Mi Jung to write down her kids’ birthdays while Shi Wook asks Grandma Jang to give the kids lots of love and scold them if needed.

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Mom is worried Sang Min’s got caught by a strange woman because albeit he looks strong on the outside, he’s very innocent inside. For her, Sang Min’s girlfriend is out and she’s expecting so much from her favorite’s son’s girlfriend – excitedly wanting to see her. Dad points Sang Min would get hurt if he knows Mom’s been talking behind his back like this. Well Tae Min wants his parents to meet with his hyung’s girlfriend first before his. In tears, Yeon Tae checks voice msgs from Sang Min who’s waiting in his car near her place.

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Jin Joo ordered food but mistakenly asked it to be delivered to Mi Jung’s place. At least they give her dumplings for free due to late delivery but the delivery guy forgot tangsuyuk so she chases him just right in time when the blended family is going downstairs to say goodbye to their paternal grandparents. Yupe, she bumps into them! Bin & Soo are excited to see their aunt while Shi Wook and Mi Sook look pissed. Mi Jung finally finds out their landlords is Sang Tae’s in-laws.

Ok Soon’s coming out to look for Jin Joo as her daughter is standing frozen there so she quickly returns inside but the kids keep calling for their grandparents so Jin Joo asks her parents to come out as they’ve got caught. Ok Soon and Min Ho awkwardly greet their in-laws & Sang Tae.

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Bin & Soo report to Grandma Jang that their grandparents move downstairs! On the second floor, everyone is silent until Mi Sook asks why her in-laws did this such childish move. Are they trying to ruin Sang Tae’s marriage? They’re giving Mi Jung a hard time! Min Ho defends his wife that she only wanted to see their grandkids, she’s been crying all night looking at their empty rooms. He’s worried the kids will naturally grow apart then forget about their grandparents that’s why he made this bold move. Shi Wook understands but at least they should’ve discussed it with Sang Tae first. Sang Tae agrees with his dad but Jin Joo speaks up that Sang Tae wouldn’t allow them to move here.

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Mi Sook keeps defending her new daughter-in-law which finally makes Ok Soon breaks down. Her late daughter was Mi Sook’s daughter-in-law who gave birth to their grandkids who’re now the precious remains of her daughter so she only wanted to move closer to them and see them everyday. Is she doing something wrong here? She’s not planning to torture Mi Jung T_T Mi Sook insists they shouldn’t do this, begging them to move back to their big house as they haven’t sold it yet. But Ok Soon won’t move, this is now their house now! Sigh… So Mi Sook tells her son to move out. There’s no other way – one of them has to move!

After they leave, Ok Soon whines that she / her family raised the kids when Sang Tae was drowning himself at work. His parents didn’t offer any help because they were too busy working too. She’s upset her daughter passed away too early that someone else’s now raising her kids. T_T

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Yeon Tae finally has the strength to meet Sang Min. She confronts him about the secret she’s just found out – wanting to know since when he knew and why didn’t he tell her after he found out about her 7 years feeling for his own brother? He replies because it’d make her uncomfortable, she wouldn’t like the fact they’re brothers. But it doesn’t matter to him! Yes she liked Tae Min but it’s all in the past and now she likes Sang Min. He emphasizes the present is important, not the past! Yeon Tae is now wondering if Tae Min knows she liked him. Looking at Sang Min who’s lost for words, she realizes he does know T_T She wanted to keep the memory of liking Tae Min inside her heart, she didn’t even tell her friends because she wanted to keep this secret alone until she dies but she mistakenly trusted Sang Min who’s betrayed her trust. She and Tae Min Min have been great friends so she doesn’t know how to face him now. Most importantly, she can no longer see Sang Min again. Then she hands back the ring he gave her. Nooooooooo. Yeon Tae: ‘let’s break up now!’

Sang Min chases her, doesn’t want to break up – not like this. He gives the ring back to her, pointing out he understands how she feels and what he did wrong, begging her to think through this because he can’t live without her. But she shoves the ring back.

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Bin expresses her happiness her maternal grandparents & aunt are living downstairs, wanting to sleep there. Mi Jung says they’ll talk about it again once they settle in. Showing her badass side, Mi Jung will fight with Sang Tae’s in-laws if they try to meddle into their lives. Well, Sang Tae brings up Dad’s advice to move out but they need to think about the kids (especially Soo & Bin), it won’t be easy to move after they found this perfect place so they plan to think about this for a week before making their decision.

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Soo and Bin want to continue taking their private lessons at their grandparents’ place downstairs but Sang Tae sternly put a stop on their whining. Ok Soon is one step ahead though, calling the teacher to keep giving the kids music lessons.

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Of course Jin Joo had no time to talk about marriage to her parents who don’t even notice her engagement ring; she feels her parents don’t care about her, hoping her in-laws will like her. He assures they will, surprises her to have dinner with his parents later tonight. What?!? As they wait for his parents, Jin Joo looks very anxious – because she came here unprepared. He keeps telling her that she’s pretty, giving her a hint to treat his parents like she treats her own parents. Does he know how she treats her parents? His parents will get a heart attack lol.

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She’s the first girlfriend Tae Min introduces to his parents so Mom is expecting a lot of course. Jin Joo’s nervousness soon gone when Tae Min’s mom gives her a warm hug, praising her beauty as she sweetly hands her a lovely flower bouquet. Mom then questions about Jin Joo’s qualification and work, assuming she’s already working as her same-age boyfriend Tae Min. Before she’s saying anything, her boyfriend cleverly explains Jin Joo entered school later than him hence will only graduate next year as she’s pursuing her goal in nail art. Jin Joo struggles to say the academy she’s attending so she blurts out she’s going to a university that probably doesn’t exist based on his parents’ confused face. Tae Min covers her again, showing his supportive side supporting Jin Joo’s dream. What a husband material, like his own father. Mom and Jin Joo then exchange their cell phone numbers.

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Their other son is currently at the couple bowling club, waiting for Yeon Tae to come. But she’s at the riverside – reminiscing Sang Min’s love confession at this romantic place. She turns off her phone after Sang Min texts her. Of course he’s not giving up! He waits for her outside her place, looking worried. Then he changes his tone, proudly bragging he bowled well. He lowers his voice, honestly confessing he missed her but he’s leaving now as he’s seen her face. T_T

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So Young feels so stupid. No matter how hard she’s trying, she won’t get pregnant thanks to her mindless husband who surprises Woo Young in front of his school to give new phone he bought so he can contact his kids anytime he likes. Woo Young rejects it, firmly telling off Dad to stop seeing him because he doesn’t want to see him anymore. Mom encourages So Young to discuss about the future plan with In Chul but she’s too annoyed to even see his face.

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While Bin goes to the academy with Woo Ri, her spoiled brother is missing. He went home taking his cello to take his private lesson at grandparents’ place. Mi Jung is fed up, she will definitely make Sang Tae’s in-laws or them move out. Mi Sook plans to be the bad guy knowing her son and Mi Jung can’t win against this powerful couple.

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When she arrives, this annoying couple is inspecting Sang Tae’s place after sending someone to clean up water pipes as Grandma Jang requested. It’s a good excuse but are they the ones cleaning the pipes? So annoying seeing them checking their grandkids’ rooms, complaining about small things. In the nick of time, Mi Jung comes home early from work. Mi Sook confronts them for inspecting without the tenants’ approval before kicking her in-laws out while Mi Jung just nodding along, unable to say anything. Physiological fight begins as Ok Soon notices Mi Jung and Mi Sook are now on the same side, Mi Sook replies of course they’re because she’s her daughter-in-law now!


On the surface, Ok Soon is a caring grandmother who keeps her two grandkids (the most precious gifts from her late daughter) close so they can continue with the luxurious lifestyle they used to. Her love to her grandkids shouldn’t be questioned, she spoiled them with love when their father and paternal grandparents were too busy making a living hence her big loss is justifiable especially because Sang Tae hasn’t sent his kids to see their grandparents after he got remarried. His action of trying to cut off his ties with them gave them a clear warning they might not be able to see the grandkids again so their move is logical. I think Sang Tae’s in fault here too – I understand he’s avoiding them for Mi Jung’s sake (to protect her from getting hurt) but he has to make a compromise to ensure her kids’ relationship with their maternal grandparents aren’t affected by his remarriage. An open honest discussion would prevent this mess. Of course I can’t help but questioning Ok Soon’s ulterior motive based on her past history and her childish plan of sending their housekeeper ahjumma to stalk Sang Tae. Seriously though, until she makes peace with herself & gives Sang Tae her blessing to move on with his life, our OTP will always have issue with Ok Soon whether they live in the same building with her or live thousands miles away. They’re trapped!

Ok Soon has already given us enough headache, can’t believe we have to deal with another one now – Tae Min’s & Sang Min’s Mom! Her blatant favoritism is so obvious, what did Sang Min do that caused Mom to favor Tae Min? Thankfully their Dad is awesome, he will click well with Shi Wook 🙂

Unfortunately Sang Min never told Yeon Tae about his family so she ruined the rare chance of making the first great impression. This couple (Yeon Tae in particular) frustrates me – why oh why couldn’t they sit down & talk? Stop making assumptions, stop pointing fingers and start talking. Open your heart Yeon Tae ya, Tae Min is in the past – he moves on so you should move on too with a man who clearly understands your past & wants to give you the happiness you deserve. I have no more comment about this couple lol.

Jin Joo has grown on me, it’s such a joy watching Tae Min standing up for her (especially when Mom threw difficult questions). The first meeting went well, now she has to continue keeping Mom’s good favor over her – to prove that she’s worthy of Tae Min’s love.


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