Five Children Episode 41 Brief Recap

It doesn’t take long for another meddling Mom’s ruining her kids’ happiness because of stupid level prejudice. Jin Joo and Yeon Tae are facing mountains that are too high to climb – can they save their relationship? The eldest four kids start voicing their disgruntlement over their dad’s / mom’s decision to treat them equally – they came from different living environments hence it’s not easy to live together with one heart.

Episode 41 Brief Recap

Using the excuse they’re here as the landlord isn’t working as Mi Sook is still kicking her priers in-laws out until they bring up how they’ve been raising up their grandkids with love so they have rights to check Soo’s & Bin’s rooms. Moreover, they might be strangers for this blended family and her now-estranged in-laws but they’re not strangers to their grandkids who have closer relationship with their maternal grandparents.

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While Mi Jung is hesitant to share what her downstairs neighbors have done, her Grandma insists Mi Sook should be told about Soo’s taking up cello lessons downstairs. Because Mi Jung is still trying to get close to her step-kids, she can’t say no. Then, she points out how happy Soo & Bin were knowing their grandparents are living downstairs so it’ll be unfair to separate them just for her own sake (when Mi Sook tells her to move out to avoid confrontations with the in-laws). Mi Sook’s heart is touched with Mi Jung’s thoughtfulness and full understanding.

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Sang Tae confronts his in-laws about Soo’s cello lesson but gets slapped by Jin Joo’s lecturing him that her parents started living again because of their grandkids hence they moved here. She’s fed up with Sang Tae who blames his in-laws for raising his kids with money, never give them any credit for raising his kids with love. Then she tells his parents to maintain their pride, stop begging to Sang Tae who clearly doesn’t appreciate them anymore.

On the third floor, Mi Jung scolds Woo Young for not cleaning up the bathroom – threatening to cut his weekly allowance but it’s actually Soo’s turn to clean it up. Instead of scolding Soo, she changes her tone and only tells him what he should do. She does the same thing to Woo Ri who gets a flick on her forehead although Bin was the one who’s responsible for organizing shoes today. Mi Jung feels bad but she can’t answer Woo Ri’s complain why Mom isn’t giving Bin a forehead flick too.

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Mom is cleaning her son’s desk when she spots evidence that Tae Min paid for Jin Joo’s nail academy. Disappointed, she starts going crazy – it’s clear she doesn’t like her favorite son’s choice of woman. What about her other son? Doesn’t she care about Sang Min who’s currently nursing his broken-heart by exercising non-stop without eating anything? His worried manager calls Tae Min, begging the brother to take hyung home. Suddenly, Sang Min collapses due to exhaustion and dehydration. He murmurs Yeon Tae’s name so Tae Min asks for his hyung’s phone from the manager then sends a text to Yeon Tae ‘I miss you’.

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She replies straight away with a warning msg that she’s gonna put his number as spam so there’ll be no use texting & calling her again and it’s over now. Of course Sang Min blames Tae Min for texting her, her answer basically confirms their relationship is over so his life is practically meaningless & over too now. T_T Yeon Tae deletes text messages, pictures, traces of Sang Min on her phone. Why???

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After witnessing his wife works tirelessly at home, Sang Tae suggests hiring a housekeeper but considerate Mi Jung prefer them to save the money for their kids’ education. Instead, he can help her out and give her a kiss on her cheek 🙂 He kisses her… without realizing Soo is here!

Anyway, Sang Tae & Soo have a daddy-son talk where he emphasizes their living environment has now changed so it’s unfair if he’s the only one who has his private lessons. Soo argues his grandpa allows him to continue, so why can’t he? Sang Tae replies he has to try living according to what his dad can afford now because they’re no longer living with his grandparents. Bin then complains she doesn’t have enough space because she’s sharing a drawer with Woo Ri so she asks Dad to buy another one. The girls have promised to share it in half but because Bin has more stuffs, she’s eyeing Woo Ri’s space that she’s emptying for future use. When Mom asks her girl to share it with Bin, Woo Ri complains she’s already sacrificed her space in the closet for Bin. Once again she brings up Mom didn’t flick Bin’s forehead earlier.

After listening to their argument, Sang Tae points out his girl is selfish because they’ve already promised to split the closet & drawer equally in half but Bin’s been using more. Almost in tears, Bin nags that this wouldn’t happen if they have a bigger room and their own closet & drawer – it’s not her fault she has more stuffs! Woo Ri yields in, allowing Bin to use the space she’s not using. Sigh.

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Sang Tae encourages Mi Jung to scold his kids if they do something wrong, they might not realize it because they’ve been brought up over-protected and spoiled but Mi Jung is hesitated because they’re still trying to get close. He feels sorry for forcing Soo & Bin to give up the things they enjoy but he needs to be firm to help them adjusting to this new living environment sooner. Though he’s worried of the consequences too. They are aware they make a lot of people upset with their marriage but Mi Jung will always hold on her husband tightly and live with him until their dying days 🙂 In order to protect this family, Sang Tae doesn’t mind becoming the bad guy. Woo Ri complains to her brother about Mom’s unfair treatment, brutally reveals she hates Mom nowadays.

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Yes, he’s the bad guy in front of his in-laws who’re worried they can’t see their grandkids again if they make Sang Tae angry. Their housekeeper (aka the brain of this household) gives her employers a great advice to establish a warm MIL’s & DIL’s relationship with her grandkids’ step-mom because stirring things up won’t do them any favor. She then suggests to send Soo to the academy, letting the couple who created their own family to do whatever they want. Her employers should not stick their noses on this family, never let their left hand knows what their right hand does. And they need to approach Mi Jung’s kids, to slowly open Mi Jung’s heart so they won’t move out.

Mi Jung was right, she has two mother-in-laws and one of them desperately loves her son-in-law & grandkids. She’s so happy being married, doesn’t mind to even have ten mother-in-laws because her husband treats her as his Queen. She receives a surprise flower bouquet on a regular day at work, crossing off her #26 wish. She ticks off her wish #21 – giving a compliment at least once a day by sending him a text praising him as the coolest person in the whole world 🙂

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Yeon Tae admits she’s disappointed as Tae Min acted like nothing happened though in his defense he hasn’t known about this for long time. He points out his hyung really likes her, hence he stayed quiet not wanting to make the whole thing more awkward. And there’s something between him and his hyung he can’t tell her (another secret?) But she’d rather him to tell her the truth earlier so she wouldn’t be in a relationship with Sang Min. Anyway, Tae Min points out it was in the past – now they’re good friends and she’s dating Sang Min. He knows her text to Sang Min last night wasn’t her true feeling as he tells her about his hyung’s condition. Sang Min is an innocent man who can only think one thing at a time so he’s only thinking about her now. Tae Min points out he can’t accept that because they’re brothers was Yeon Tae’s reason to break up. Please think of her love to Sang Min! Anyway, she asks him to keep this a secret from Jin Joo as she emphasizes she’s made up her mind and her text was true – it’s all over now.

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Cheeky Soon Young read through her husband’s makjang drama script, cutely shows it to her MIL so they have a grand time roleplaying as mother-in-law who wants her pregnant daughter-in-law to break up with her son. Ho Tae can only watch them having fun in silence.

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Sang Tae is busy helping Woo Joo learning English so Bin asks her Oppa helping her with her homework. In front of Woo Young, Mi Jung tells both Soo & Bin that they can continue with their private lessons at their grandparents’ place but please don’t tell their Dad for now – she’ll slowly convince him. While Soo & Bin look happy, Woo Young shows his jealousy on his face.

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After being rejected by Woo Young, In Chul changes his tactic & gives the cell phone to Woo Ri who excitedly accepts it. She knows Dad did it because they can’t no longer meet over the weekend. When In Chul asks about her step-dad, her expression changes. She think her Mom is now favoring Soo & Bin!

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Fortunately, So Young’s Mom’s biopsy result came back clear. When So Young passes a heavily pregnant woman, she decides to continue with the fertility treatment & will fight with her husband so she can have a baby of her own.

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Jin Joo gets a surprise call from Tae Min’s mom, wanting to go shopping with her today so she cancels her plan with her handsome boyfriend who’s waiting in front of her academy. She’s so excited to go on a date with her future mom-in-law, thinking she really likes her. Tae Min think alike.

They clearly have similar taste, pointing out at the same bag with similar reaction why the bright yellow handbag is perfect for Tae Min’s mom. But she think the bag matches better for Jin Joo so she gives it to her. She even tells her to look around the shop and she’ll buy her whatever she wants. Their shopping date is going so well that Jin Joo convinces they click well.

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But… suddenly Tae Min’s Mom asks Jin Joo to break up with her son! Why? Because she doesn’t like her simply because they don’t suit each other – they aren’t on the same level and Jin Joo’s a frivolous woman who loves expensive stuffs but can’t make money on her own. Mom doesn’t want to hear a story about Jin Joo’s past nor does she care anyway. She pretended to like her when they first met only because she didn’t want to fight with her son whom she’ll have to face for the rest of her life. Tae Min has never disappointed his parents, he never fights with his Mom. Moreover, he’s like a dependable elder son & a charming daughter at times – a son she favors & loves so much. She thought he’ll marry a school teacher (like him), he’s too good for Jin Joo so she hopes Jin Joo will find a better man who best suits her.

Jin Joo asks what’ll happen if she refuses to break up with Tae Min? Well, she’ll continue hiding the fact she doesn’t like her son’s girlfriend and putting a fake smile in front of Tae Min. What a twisted way to point the blame to Jin Joo. >.<

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Unable to accept the sudden break-up, Sang Min questions Yeon Tae’s last text message as he doesn’t think she meant it. How could she get over the person she really likes this quickly? This is because she’s really angry at him that she wanted to break up, right? Unfortunately, Yeon Tae confirms Sang Min’s worst fears. He’s mad she broke up over something that isn’t a big deal (for him) – so what if they’re brothers? So what if she liked his brother? He likes her now!

Yeon Tae argues they can’t erase the past & she’ll be very uncomfortable and it’s awkward to keep seeing these two brothers for the rest of her life. He admits he lied, hid this secret, acted like they’re not brothers because he likes her so much he’s worried she would leave him.

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Can’t she take his feeling into her consideration? Yeon Tae gives up, she can’t do this anymore. Sang Min curses that she will never experience love again in her lifetime and she won’t be able to date because she can’t express her feeling well and take the easy way out (quit) whenever things get a little difficult & complicated so how can she fall in love? Even when she pushed him away, he survived by thinking about how much he likes her hence he encourages her to follow her heart & try to think how much she likes him. Unfortunately, Yeon Tae walks home – making defeated Sang Min yelling out in frustration: “live alone like that for the rest of your life!

In tears, he waits but she’s not even turning her back to see him again. 🙁

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Jin Joo is still at the restaurant, feeling numb. When Tae Min calls, she answers him cheerfully giving impression their date went well. Tae Min passes on Mom’s compliment that Jin Joo was really likable & friendly so she really likes her – such a big lie! Jin Joo’s eyes are welled up with tears as she tells him she wants to see him now >.< After they hang up, she breaks down, why is this happening to this lovely couple? I’m so annoyed. Jin Joo usually calls her brother-in-law but she no longer has one now. 🙁

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Her brother-in-law runs out of ideas to take Mi Jung for a date but he knows his workaholic wife will always agree to go to a work meeting. So he lies about the meeting & takes her to have a relaxing massage. They then move to a lunch date where he presents her with a circulation enhancer present to thank her for everything she does at work & home. Sang Tae believes they’re (the two of them) are most important hence their relationship must be stronger to raise their kids together and they have to be happy for their family to be happy. Though they’re busy, they should try to spend time together (just the two of them) and love more. Moreover, their kids will leave them someday but they will always live together…forever…with one heart. Such a great speech from this amazing man who leaves Mi Jung in awe. She excuses to go to the restroom, but before that, she plants a kiss on his lips.

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Because their Dad & Mi Jung are out and Grandma is busy in the kitchen, Soo & Bin sneak out to their grandparents’ place to go to cooking class with Aunt Jin Joo. Ok Soon is surprised they have Mi Jung’s permissions to continue with their private lessons.

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To her oppa, Woo Ri admits she doesn’t like Mom gets remarried because they’re happier before. And they won’t be able to live with Dad anymore. During the cooking class, Bin expresses the same resentment especially because her Dad’s love is now split – so obvious that he only plays with Woo Joo now. Soo is also annoyed Dad doesn’t allow him to do things he used to do & enjoy. The kids have now spoken!


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