Five Children Episode 42 Recap

Thrown into a drastic life change is obviously challenging for the kids who now feel loss, anxious, upset and angry with their parents’ sudden shift of behavior. The unfamiliarity makes the transition for this blended family harder as Sang Tae & Mi Jung carefully establish open communication to help their kids coping and adjusting to their new family. Yeon Tae’s battle with her self-esteem is frustrating to watch, on the other hand, it’s satisfying watching Jin Joo’s self-confidence crushing Tae Min’s Mom pride.

Episode 42 Brief Recap

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The oldest brother who knows the reason why Dad & Mom got divorced (but can’t say it out loud for now) lectures his sister that their parents won’t never get back together – the fact Woo Ri knows too ever since she saw Mom crying after Dad ‘left to America’. He encourages her for not upsetting Mom as she’s happy now. Then he confiscates the cellphone Dad gave to his sister, upsetting her.

Soo & Bin whinge their Dad changes a lot – he doesn’t take into account their feelings after he married Mi Jung so Jin Joo points out it’s natural they’re emotionally having a hard time now because they suddenly have a new mother & three new siblings. She reminds they were scared of their maternal grandparents when they first moved in there because of unfamiliarity, but now they really like their grandparents hence she believes the same thing will happen with their new family. Their dad is currently trying to get close to his new family members that’s why it seems like he cares more about the other kids but don’t worry too much as this too will pass.

While Mi Jung understands Sang Tae wants to raise their kids without any discrimination, she shares what she told Bin & Soo. Because they aren’t biological parents of all their five kids, what they need to do now is to get close to them and continue educating them like they used to. He agrees it’s for the best. They want to know what their kids are thinking so Mi Jung proposes a family meeting while Sang Tae suggests a family book.

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So Young notices Yeon Tae is no longer wearing the ring, thinking they broke up over a fight last time. Ho Tae believes his sister isn’t a fool who broke up thoughtlessly, Sang Min must’ve hurt her really bad that made her taking off the ring. But Yeon Tae admits she’s a fool.

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Poor Sang Min is going crazy, keeps thinking his phone rings! He doesn’t have any appetite either – his Mom doesn’t care, bombards Tae Min with questions about Jin Joo (who hasn’t told him to break up). When asked why he likes Jin Joo who’s not his ideal type, Tae Min points out she’s a unique innocent & honest woman. Only when Sang Min keeps staring at the pumpkin in the middle of the table, before dashing off to find his phone thinking it’s ringing! Considerate Dad advises Mom to stop talking about Jin Joo in front of a broken-hearted Sang Min. Anyway, Mom asks Tae Min if there’s a nice teacher at his school for his brother… Well Mom, if you know that your son is currently dating that nice teacher, you’ll love her!

Believing he’s at fault, Sang Min regrets hurting Yeon Tae with his harsh words last night 🙁

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Soo & Bin are only staring at the other three kids setting up the table & helping Grandma with their dinner, they’re used to have a housekeeper ahjumma so they’re not helping at all. Bin even asks Grandma to grab water for her, Woo Young tells her to get it herself. Soo as well, simply because this is not their home. Bin drops the glass, big brother kindly helps to clean it but he gets cut instead. Their parents arrive just in the nick of time, Mi Jung applies the ointment and Woo Young angrily put the bandaid (after Mom repeatedly asked him) on Soo’s desk.

The kids are upset at the moment, the perfect time to hold the first family meeting. Cutie Woo Joo expresses she wants her Mom & new dad to come home earlier. Woo Ri complains Mom only flicked her head, didn’t scold Bin although she was at fault and didn’t apologize after falsely accusing her, Woo Young also complains the same thing. Well, Bin complains Dad only likes Woo Joo now so Mi Jung proposes Sang Tae to help his kids with homework after he comes home from work. Soo and Bin are upset Dad keeps calling Mi Jung ‘mom’ – Grandma Jang points out it’s to avoid gossip. Anyway, all the kids don’t want to call their step-parents Mom / Dad and out of jealousy, Woo Ri & Woo Young ask Mom to send them to private academies.

Sang Tae initially wanted to hire a housekeeper but he promises to help his wife so they can use the money to send them to private lessons & academies. Sang Tae then asks his kids if it’s okay Mi Jung scolds them whenever they commit a mistake – they reluctantly agree but please without head flicking. Mi Jung shows them a family book where they can write their complains, the parents will only look at it on the weekend.

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The in-laws now realize the problem now lies on Sang Tae, not the kids’ step-mom as they initially worried about. Jin Joo points out albeit hard adjusting living with the new family, her family should wash their hands off because they’re are one family now. She’s not taking sides, she understands her parents’ position and her brother-in-law’s but what’s best for the kids? Mom spots a ring on Jin Joo’s finger (finally!), elated at the expensive engagement ring. But Jin Joo lies it’s simply a gift.

Although he’s not expressing it well, Sang Tae is grateful for his in-laws & understands why they moved downstairs. They get ready to sleep but cutie Woo Joo suddenly appears on the door, wanting to sleep with them. Mi Jung initially refuses but Sang Tae invites the cutie in, teasing his disappointed wife 😀

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Initially opposing the marriage, Mi Sook now takes care Mi Jung well knowing how hard it is juggling between work & family. She makes & brings lot of kimchi, bumping into her nosy in-laws on the way there – who complains Grandma Jang also lives there. Nobody’s home so she just leaves the kimchi there. Ok Soon then brags about Mi Jung’s kindness to her grandkids. Anyway, Ok Soon think it’s a great way to get close to her daughter-in-laws Mi Jung (following her housekeeper’s advice) so she buy then put boxes of kids’ favorite fruits in front of the apartment. Grandma Jang think the fruits are from Mi Sook, as she called she’d drop some kimchi today.

Tae Min gives his students composite writing homework about their family. Both Soo & Bin look irritated – what’ll they write?

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Sang Min is on his best behavior today – in front of his future brother-in-law. Mi Jung knows this is the perfect time for a payback of the harsh things he did to her. He becomes a very obedient man who accepts instant coffee (not luwak coffee he loves), tries on multiple outfits for the upcoming fashion model, poses as instructed then goes to dinner with them although he’s dead tired & doesn’t have any appetite.

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The truth is, Yeon Tae asks her brother to buy Sang Min a meal after seeing how thin & gaunt his face is (Sang Tae sends her Sang Min’s picture). Without beating around the bush, Sang Tae points out he knows about their relationship, giving a warning he’ll watch Sang Min closely of how he treats his sister. Sang Min shows how he’s crazily in love with Yeon Tae, confidently promises he’ll make her happy. Both Mi Jung and Sang Tae can only smile watching his firm determination & love.

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Jin Joo is in a dilemma, Tae Min keeps calling her but she can’t answer it. She knows well they don’t match but… he’s a great catch and she might not be able to find a better man if they break up. Unfortunately, his mother is such a two-faces! However, Tae Min – the person she trusts the most – should be able to be break the tension between his wife & his mother if they get married, right? Jin Joo is calling Tae Min now!

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Mom & Dad don’t recommend cross-cousin / in-laws marriage because it creates gossip, jealousy, problems, endless arguments when they know each other’s family too well. Mom is furious Jin Joo dares to video call Tae Min who shows the phone to his agitated Mom. Jin Joo greets her calmly and talks as if nothing happened, asking her to go on a date again.

Mi Sook feels sorry for Mi Jung being trapped in a very uncomfortable position between Sang Tae’s kids and their nosy maternal grandparents but nothing else she can do because of the kids. It’ll be great if they can leave this new family alone, right? She believes giving the kids everything they want isn’t love – sometimes they have to say ‘no’ too. Yupe, spot on!

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Woo Young’s friend’s Mom works at the convenience store where the blended family is shopping. Cutie Woo Joo innocently reveals Sang Tae is their new dad. Later that night, both boys tell each other they will only write about their family (not their new blended family) for their homework.

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Tenacious Sang Min is grateful Yeon Tae hasn’t told her family about their break-up, admitting his fault for hurting her feeling. But it was a harsh truth, right? This whole thing is uncomfortable for everyone involved so Sang Min brings up he won’t meet with his brother again to solve this awkwardness. Then he asks her, can she live without him? Because he can’t. She isn’t answering this simple question, asking him to leave. As soon as she arrives home, she breaks down in tears. Yes you’re such a fool Yeon Tae yaa. She regrets sharing about her first love to Sang Min.

Knowing he’s going crazy, Sang Min gives his phone to Ho Tae who points out about his sister’s stubbornness. So Young is smart, she believes Sang Min wanted Ho Tae to give his phone to Yeon Tae who’ll return it – forcing them to meet up.

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Woo Ri sneaks in to her brother’s room then she calls dad outside. In Chul grins hearing his daughter’s voice – but it doesn’t take long for her to complain again about Mom’s taking the other kids’ side allowing them to take private lessons.

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In Chul looks annoyed too, but did he contribute anything so his kids can go to private lessons? No, right? Anyway, Soon Young expresses she wants to have kids too, their own kids. She wants them to undergo fertility treatments together to make her dream comes true as soon as possible. She’s been considerate enough but her patience has its limit watching her husband pouring out his love & attention to his kids & the other family.

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Tae Min discusses his concern after reading Soo’s & Bin’s homework that neither boys wrote anything about their blended family. It’s clear the kids are having a hard time. Yeon Tae isn’t running off from Tae Min, which proves that they still can be comfortable as friends.

She passes on the concern to Sang Tae who realizes the kids’ negative feelings about their marriage is getting out of hands.

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Unexpected accidents happen when kids play sport but of course Woo Young & Soo fight back when one of their friend deliberately push them. This friend’s mom works at the convenience store so he heard. In front of everyone, he says it out loud that these two boys are brothers. Both Woo Young & Soo are enraged their friends now knows their family secret.


For someone who has never experienced living with a blended family, this drama opens my eyes about the difficult transitions the kids go through when they suddenly thrown into a drastic life change. It’s worst when the kids are friends (and rivals at times) with each other. Well Soo & Woo Young can’t hide the secret about their blended family for long, especially when they refuse to call their new parents Mom / Dad. It’s a pure embarrassment for them but it’s awesome to see these boys immediately teaming up to fight their nosy friend. I think it’s great for Mi Jung & Sang Tae addressing their kids’ complaints as soon as it arises, trying to come up with the best possible arrangements to make everyone happy & continue living like they used to live. Like their kids, they’re also still adjusting to their new big family that they make mishaps along the way.

Yeon Tae’s 7 years unrequited love crushed her self-esteem, she foolishly created unnecessary drama within herself to protect her vulnerability that she unknowingly shared to Sang Min. She needs to make peace with herself, let go of the past disappointment to gain her self-esteem back & move on before she can have a healthy relationship with Sang Min who is now manning up – proving himself as a dependable man who’s worthy of Yeon Tae’s love. As a pro golfer, his never-give-up attitude is commendable. It’s adorable watching him on his best behavior in front of his future brother-in-laws 🙂 This is the man who’s not afraid of swallowing his pride for his woman, my ideal man 😀

Meanwhile Jin Joo is oozing with self-confidence, one of the reason why Tae Min likes her. Even though she had her ‘numb’ moment, she didn’t let Tae Min’s mom destroying her relationship. Curious to see Tae Min’s reaction when he realizes how two-faced his Mom is. And I’m wondering what’s the secret between him and his hyung that he couldn’t even tell Yeon Tae. Are they not real brothers? Hmmm…


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