Five Children Episode 44 Recap

When we persistently fight for what’s worth keeping for, nothing is sweeter than overcoming obstacles with our family and soulmate that stay through thick and thin. Claiming the victory at the end of a rough journey becomes more satisfying & meaningful.

Episode 44 Brief Recap

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Ho Tae might not like Sang Min but he’d do anything for his sister. Panicked Yeon Tae forgets to thank her brother, starts crying when he looks at her boyfriend who’s oblivious with all the attention around him. Her parents are relieved he’s not their son who cried over someone else’s daughter. If Mi Sook is Sang Min’s mother, she would never let Yeon Tae to marry her son.

Tossing around unable to sleep, Yeon Tae fixes Sang Min’s blanket, stares at him & gently holds his hand – grateful he’s okay. She ends up lying beside him until she falls asleep. Sang Min wakes up, thinking he’s dreaming watching his girlfriend’s sleeping next to him. After he realizes it’s not a dream, he sweetly put his left arm around her head and his right arm hugging her.

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Sang Tae, Mi Jung & their families were strangers so naturally the obstacles will keep coming. Before she decided to marry him, Mi Jung read a book that it’ll take three years for family like them to become a family but how much pain will their kids have to bear? Will their wound be healed or will it become a trauma? It’s scaring her. Sang Tae believes their family is going through a process to be a family. Describing this process as a chain of big & small mountains, he points out there’ll be lots of times they’ll have to climb over the mountains but as parents, they should not let their guards down & never get tired.

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Soon Young is up early this morning, she quickly wakes Yeon Tae up before her parents & brother catch her sleeping with her boyfriend last night. Although his arm is hurt, Sang Min is over the moon. He jolts when he finds Ho Tae standing in front of him, complaining about his strained back after carrying him last night. Sang Min sincerely thanks him – hugs him as he promises to repay his debt for the rest of his life. He then politely greets Yeon Tae’s parents who’s relieved he’s looking fine.

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After a great bonding time exercising with the boys, Sang Tae discusses about their composite writing – bluntly divulges he read it last night. He points out it’s okay to behave like kids their age hence it’s their rights to hate Mi Jung or Sang Tae or miss their mom / dad as he promises to be their best dad. The only thing he asks them is to understand his feeling.

He tells them if they think (the marriage) is shameful then it’ll become shameful but if they’re proud then it’ll make them proud. The boys agree they aren’t ashamed becoming a family but they don’t want their friends to know about this yet. Sang Tae mentions every family is different so they should aim to be a happy family and shouldn’t care about what people say behind their backs.

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Woo Ri is envious when Sang Tae gives his daughter a hairband. Her jealousy grows when Mi Jung is too busy helping Bin styling her long hair so she put her hair clip herself. When he returns from his morning exercise, Sang Tae surprises Woo Ri to pick one present he hid on his hands. She picks hair pin, perfect for her short hair and the other one will be given to Woo Joo. Sang Tae brightens her gloomy mood – she runs to her room to put the new hair clip on her hair.

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Sang Min forget to tell his worried family that he’s safe as he’s currently having breakfast with Yeon Tae’s family. Mi Sook urges her daughter to make up after Sang Min reveals their relationship crisis will be taken care of if Yeon Tae changes her mind. Whilst he understands why she’s angry, he’s apologized so many times but she never answered his calls so he went crazy & drank until he got drunk.

Yeon Tae then blurts out she called him but his phone was off. Soon Young belatedly realizes she has his phone and returns it, explaining to the confused parents why she had it. Anyway, Ho Tae warns the couple for not dragging them again into their relationship problem. Yeon Tae who realizes Sang Min hasn’t checked his phone, begs him to give it to her so she can erase her voice message but of course he isn’t giving it to her. He listens to her confession repeatedly because it moves him to tears. She vows she won’t run away anymore and will always think about how much she likes him whenever she’s facing a hard time.

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While he wants to get married, he is aware he’s wrong. So let’s just date passionately until they’re ready to talk about marriage. He drops her in front of the school and follows her quietly. His brother who spots the happy couple is relieved they’ve reconciled and his hyung is doing well. He calls his worried parents to tell them hyung is alive 🙂

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Mi Sook brags to her family & friends that her son’s drama is aired this morning, bursting with pride. Ho Tae gets two supporting messages from his siblings which makes him smile. His family gather around to watch the makjang drama together, Soon Young proudly takes a picture of Director Ho Tae’s name when it’s flashing on the screen. Congratulations Director Ho Tae, you’re one step closer to achieving your dream!

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Following Sang Tae’s advice, Woo Young isn’t ashamed of his family secret anymore – telling off his nosy friend to mind his own business. Soo follows his footsteps. He thanks Woo Young for finishing his homework last night.

But where’s Soo Ho? He arrives with his mother who asks Tae Min to escalate this issue to the school board because (according to her) it’s a school violence. Tae Min shows her their apology letters as he explains her son caused the fight but she argues that Woo Young & Soo ganged up against her son and they beat him up. She’s also upset at Woo Young’s sarcastic remark. She demands the boys’ parents to apologize to her & the boys apologize to her son – if not, she’ll report Tae Min to the board of education.

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In Chul is guilt-ridden but can’t he try giving what his wife wants? She’s fed up watching him prioritizing his kids over their marriage. In desperation, So Young begs Mi Jung to convince In Chul to change his mind but of course Mi Jung isn’t going to help her. Whose ex-wife is butting into her cheating ex-husband’s marriage????

Tae Min discusses with Sang Tae that if this issues goes to the school of board, it’ll be recorded on the boys’ records for the rest of their lives. He asks Sang Tae to think about Soo Ho’s mother’s demand thoroughly over the weekend. Sang Tae notices how respectable and good his boys’ teacher is – praising him and wishing his relationship with Yeon Tae will last a long time.

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Jin Joo has a good news – her academy director who owns a nail shop recognized her talent and offered a 2 days / week internship at her shop. She also plans to get another job so he once again brings up about their wedding but Jin Joo reveals she’s not ready to get married.

She wants to enter marriage life with confidence – as a career woman on her dream job like Yeon Tae. He understands her intention and promises to think about it. From Tae Min, Jin Joo finds out her brother-in-law still cares for her and wishes their relationship to last.

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Contradicting herself, Jin Joo is actually not concerned of pursuing her dream job as a married woman but she lied to Tae Min because of his mother’s break-up threat.

After spotting her sitting in the park alone, Sang Tae uses this time to catch up with Jin Joo who confidently shows how much she’s changed. He can see why and how she’s maturing into a better person, it’s Tae Min! Sang Tae encourages her to hold on Tae Min & never lose this amazing man, words of advice Jin Joo really needs to hear. When she brings up about finding another part-time job, he offers her to be a mystery shopper for his company.

He admits he’s going through difficult times, it hurts him when he can’t do anything but he doesn’t hate her parents. His kids are still adjusting into their new family but he knows they’ll be okay. Jin Joo is worried Mi Jung would get upset if she calls him brother-in-law, Sang Tae assures he’ll take care Mi Jung’s feeling so of course Jin Joo can keep calling him brother-in-law.

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Jubilant Sang Min hugs Tae Min, Dad & Mom who’re relieved this crazy man in love is safe & sound. He’s currently walking on bed of roses and doesn’t want to rush his marriage so all of a sudden Mom tells Tae Min to get married later because the studio apartment she prepared for his wedding gift is currently being rented. She requests him to date Jin Joo and not rushing into marriage, contradicting herself of wanting to see him getting married early. He’s wondering why both her Mom and Jin Joo suddenly change their mind.

Sang Min also think alike, suggesting his brother to enjoy dating & all its charm because dating and marriage have different charms. Tae Min suspects hyung is tricking him to get married later but his remark upsets his brother who only wants him to be mentally & financially ready. But Sang Min’s glare shows that he’s not giving up to win this stupid marriage race.

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Mi Jung is frustrated Soo Ho’s mom who was in fault first for spilling the beans about their family secret is the one who demanded to escalate this issue to the violence committee which will leave a dent on the boys’ records. Grandma Jang points out to the worried Mi Jung that the boys are now getting along well now.

As expected, Jin Joo reports everything to her parents who go ballistic and want to give this lady a lesson. But Jin Joo reminds them that violence will make things worse for the boys.

Sang Tae & Mi Jung ask the boys to apologize because although Soo Ho was wrong, they ganged up attacking him – Woo Young also hurt his feeling with his sarcastic remark. Sang Tae reminds him about the quote they had to write 100 times as their punishment, encouraging them to be good to others who hurt him.

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So they bow their heads & apologize. Furthermore, they stay behind helping this lady doing her job at the mart so she asks them and the grandparents to leave! Grandparents? Spot on! Min Ho & Ok Soon barged in earlier lending their hands too because they couldn’t just sit still watching their grandson’s in trouble.

The whole family sincerely apologize so this lady forgives them & promises she won’t bring this up again. After hearing from her son, she is aware she’s wrong too. Ok Soon and Min Ho promise to be a regular customer at this mart. Mi Jung then invites them to have a meal but Min Ho politely turns it down although his wife really wants to come. This family has successfully climbed over a mountain.

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Yeon Tae runs into Tae Min’s mom in front of Tae Min’s classroom – innocently asks if Mrs Kim is one of the 4th grader’s mom! She laughs hysterically before introducing herself as Tae Min’s mom.


With only 10 episodes left, finally Yeon Tae meets her ex-crush’s and her boyfriend’s mom – it’s long overdue. I’m still scratching my head why Tae Min never shows a picture of his family nor introduces his family to his best friend of 7 years. I sense a family secret will be revealed soon, though I could be totally wrong here ^^

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One of my biggest peeve about this drama is the characters’ lack of communication which lead to misunderstanding, love quarrel and/or self-pity. Hence, I’m relieved & overjoyed Yeon Tae and Sang Min made up. It’s dragging far too long. I have nothing else to add except that I’m waiting for their lovey-dovey moment as they’re now stepping into dating world full of rose petals & endless charm.

Jin Joo is repeating her past mistake. She should just tell Tae Min straight up about his mother’s demand instead of carrying the burden alone, hurting herself. Tae Min has to wake up to this reality that his mother isn’t the kindest woman he’s ever known.

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Jin Joo’s and Sang Tae’s close relationship was neglected as he’s building his new family hence I’m happy to see them sharing their hardship and encouraging each other like they used to in the past. His word of assurance gives Jin Joo a renewed strength to handle Tae Min’s mom’s threat and at the same time, reminding her of the great relationship she has with Tae Min who helps her to grow into a better person. Even though he’s no longer her sister’s husband, Sang Tae will always be her dependable brother-in-law. Likewise, Sang Tae is reminded of the unwavering support he has from his in-laws who’re always ready to help his family at all costs.

Desperation forces So Young to seek Mi Jung’s help, she’s lost her mind. I feel sorry for her, but she should know what she got herself into when she married a selfish dad with 3 kids. She made her own choice and must now bear the painful cost.

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Having a realistic expectation about blended family turns Sang Tae into the optimist who is determined to build a happy family where everyone loves, trusts, respects, cherishes, supports one another. Of course the obstacles will keep coming, but if they focus on the positives, they can overcome these obstacles together like Soo & Woo Young did. This incident brought the boys closer to each other & to Sang Tae – they’re no longer ashamed about their family secret because they now understand that every family has its own story with its own mix of chaos & love.


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