Five Children Episode 46 Recap

Overindulgent grandparents spoiling their grandkids is a long battle faced by many parents, unfortunately Sang Tae & Mi Jung can’t escape from this grandparents’ trap. Their set of rules aren’t respected by nosy Ok Soon who continues giving their grandkids especially Bin whatever they want. Sang Tae is trapped between protecting his wife, treating his five kids fairly while still giving Bin the attention she craves for and dealing with his in-laws who are always ready to lend their hands. Kim brothers’ girlfriends are cherishing their friendship, until they realize that they’ll marry into the same family.

Five Children Episode 46 Brief Recap

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Sang Tae should notice by now that Bin’s tantrums have an underlying problem that must be addressed soon. Fortunately, her art teacher recognized it – explaining to her homeroom teacher that Bin has a physiological distance with her dad and has a strong desire to be loved. Instead of taking his spoiled brat daughter to her favorite shop, Sang Tae delegates it to Mi Jung as he brings the other four kids for lunch.

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Because Mi Jung promises to buy anything Bin wants, Bin happily shops at kids boutique where she picks two clothes. Mi Jung convinces her to pick just one because she just told Woo Ri (who wanted to buy two too) that she would only buy one for her but Bin suddenly gets angry & throws the designer clothes to the floor! She doesn’t care if her siblings only bought one because for her, she couldn’t buy the clothes she wanted. Mi Jung is speechless as she follows Bin home because she doesn’t want to ’cause a scene knowing she’s just a step-mom but Grandma Jang advises her to raise Bin like she raises the other kids and scold her whenever needed.

Sang Tae is aware Bin loves dolling herself up (with expensive clothes) so his wife should buy Bin whatever she wanted. Mi Jung argues that both her daughters also love to doll themselves up but not with a $500 piece clothing! Moreover, they went to the store because Woo Ri wanted to buy a summer cloth and they agreed only to buy each kids one summer cloth.

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Bin’s tantrum continues… she throws Bin’s new summer dress and gives Dad a silent treatment. Sang Tae then helps the boys with their recycling chore – Soo is amazed Dad knows although they never did it while living at his maternal grandparents’ house. His dad has to remind his mature son that he used to live alone and only lived at his in-laws’ place for three years.

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Mr Kim can’t wait to get back to their house but his wife wants to settle Sang Min’s marriage first. When Tae Min gives Mom a hand cream, she’s overjoyed thinking it’s a gift from her favorite son but her facial expression changes when Tae Min tells her it’s from Jin Joo. She reluctantly promises to thank Jin Joo herself. Mrs Kim then asks Sang Min to invite Yeon Tae to have a meal with them this weekend – her beaming smile clearly shows her admiration for Yeon Tae. Tae Min looks defeated.

Yeon Tae is going to see her bestfriend now – it’s been a while since we last saw these two besties together.

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She offers her help so Jin Joo can finish work faster then Jin Joo repays her kindness with a nail art. They talk about their boyfriends and Jin Joo remembers weirdo Sang Min that she knows – he’s not Yeon Tae’s boyfriend, right? Yeon Tae cutely points out of course not because her Sang Min isn’t a weirdo. Conversation moves to Mrs Kim – Jin Joo is shocked hearing Yeon Tae’s great impression about the same woman who told her to break up with Tae Min. Jin Joo feels small because her friend has better credentials & achievement but it doesn’t matter much because she really loves Tae Min.

To Jin Joo, Yeon Tae honestly divulges that there’re lots of things she plans to do before getting married and doesn’t want to have kids too soon afraid it’ll hurt her teaching career but she can’t date for her whole life so marriage is clearly in the future and she only wants to get married with simple man Sang Min. It’s so cute seeing these women praising their boyfriends to the moon and back 🙂 Yeon Tae awkwardly asks if it’s okay she becomes Jin Joo’s older sister-in-law, Jin Joo realizes it’d be almost impossible because Mrs Kim doesn’t like her.

So Young can’t kick out In Chul but doesn’t want to see his face either so she’d rather escaping for few days with Mom at aunt’s place.

Feeling guilty, Mi Jung decides to buy one outfit for Bin. She’s annoyed with Sang Tae who’d buy the kids whatever they wanted. It’s not a good parenting, Sang Tae!

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Soon Young is still sulky this morning. It soon changes when her husband arranges a pregnancy spa package for her then takes her for a shopping & lunch date. It’s his apology for neglecting her lately, which she cheekily tells him he should neglect her again so they can go on more date like this in the future 🙂 Smile disappears from her face when Ho Tae admits he got this spa voucher from the actress who took him home last time. He tells her not to worry because this actress is dating her co-star so don’t be jealous, So Young!

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Showing her best behavior, Jin Joo meets with Mi Jung to submit her mystery shopper application. Just then, a familiar face appears – it’s Sang Min who walks straight to his ‘blind date’, abruptly pointing out about their twisted fate 😀 Jin Joo looks confused when he tells her to take everything about their blind date to their graves and to pretend not knowing each other when they meet again. He’s such a weirdo on her eyes hahaha.

She whines to Mi Jung who asks her how did Yeon Tae and this weirdo ended up together. She nods until she realizes… What? That weirdo is dating Yeon Tae? How could it happen? So Tae Min is Sang Min’s brother? Oh no.

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Mi Jung buys the $700 red dress Bin wanted with monthly installments, thankfully she didn’t buy the purple one as well. When she arrives with her grandma, Bin is upset that the red dress has been sold because it’s her favorite, sulking until Ok Soon let her to buy anything she wants.

Meanwhile, Mi Jung realizes she doesn’t know Bin’s & Soo’s favorite food as she plans to make seafood & green onion pancake (해물파전) to thank Ok Soon & Min Ho. Grandma Jang dissuades her granddaughter’s kind thought, reminding her of the ill things this couple did to her and to avoid further trouble in the future.

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Both grandkids are spoiled by their grandparents today – Soo happily indulges in his favorite snack & Bin got new expensive clothes. Min Ho nags at his wife, advising her to purchase clothes for other kids but she doesn’t think it’s wrong to spoil her granddaughter because they have money. Sigh. Their ‘brain’ housekeeper points out Ok Soon has crossed the line as she whines she can’t stand watching her grandkids suffering upstairs.

Mi Jung arrives with 해물파전 which clearly isn’t this family’s favorite food as Min Ho brags he bought the kids muffins. Anyway, Mi Jung shows her gratitude & thankfulness, making Min Ho & Ok Soon feel uncomfortable.

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She then peek at Soo & Bin learning English with their private tutors, recalling Woo Ri’s request to learn English too. Meanwhile Ok Soon is busy packing expensive food (her grandkids’ and Sang Tae’s favorites), explaining in great details how to eat it like Mi Jung’s never seen it before. Her husband just shakes his head, ashamed at his wife’s overbearing attitude.

Ok Soon’s clearly crossed the line when she brings up wanting to pay their utility bills because Bin’s stressed out she had to turn off the lights! It’s not because of the bills, Ok Soon! It’s teaching the kids responsibility!!! Mi Jung explains her intention teaching the kids to survive but Ok Soon continues blabbering, complaining Mi Jung is raising the kids wrong bla bla bla. Anyway, Mi Jung leaves with bags of Bin’s clothing and food. Hilariously, Ok Soon who whined about 해물파전, can’t stop eating this pancake.

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Mi Jung is upset because she bought the expensive cloth for Bin’s birthday but Ok Soon beat her to it. Sang Tae is trapped between his wife, his kids and the overbearing mother-in-law – but he’s trying his best to treat Bin nicely after what his sister told him. Finally he heads downstairs, takes a deep breath to face his in-laws.

He smiles when he brings up what his MIL did for his daughter. Ok Soon defends herself, asking if it’s wrong since she’s Bin’s grandmother and the step-mom didn’t buy her what she wanted. With calmness, Sang Tae replies it isn’t wrong so he’s here to thank her. He is aware his in-laws tries to fill in the gap that he couldn’t do / afford and give him confidence to depend on them. However… Ok Soon sighs…. what is he going to say now?

He begs them to help him and the kids as they’re trying to adjust to the new family – her constant butting in wouldn’t help them at all. Suddenly, Min Ho gets up & yells at Sang Tae to follow him to! OMG, even Ok Soon is startled!

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Min Ho gives a signal for Sang Tae to be quiet as he continues yelling (as if he’s scolding Sang Tae). Sang Tae then follows him to the rooftop, while Ok Soon and the ‘brain’ are panicked Min Ho would hit Sang Tae in the rooftop.

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Min Ho apologizes for meddling in Sang Tae’s new family, secretly moved to this building. When he was a loan shark, he learnt that every family has its own struggle & situation so he understands Sang Tae’s position but truthfully he’s disappointed because Sang Tae never shows his smiling face to them after his marriage – though he knows Sang Tae is doing the right thing to protect his wife. After Mi Jung came with her pancake, he realizes Mi Jung is an affectionate person. He then expresses his disappointment being omitted from morning exercise so Sang Tae adorably invites his considerate father-in-laws to join them.

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Yeon Tae made a gorgeous flower bouquet for her future mother-in-law who knows this fine lady took flower arrangement class, scoring her more brownie points. Her first meeting with Sang Min’s family is going really well as Sang Min continually feeds her with everything after she praises the delicious food in front of her. Mom could feel her son really loves Yeon Tae because it’s out of his element while Mr Kim thanks Yeon Tae for changing Sang Min to be a better man. Sang Min cutely points out it’s true as he’s been born again because of her.

Unexpectedly, Yeon Tae starts pouring out her feelings – confessing how much she really loves him and how he influenced her positively. Mrs Kim uses this moment to ask them about their marriage plan because it’s obvious they love each other.

Yeon Tae mentions about her family’s financial situation after having 2 weddings this year and she’s not financially ready too so Mrs Kim replies they’ll take care of everything. Moreover, Yeon Tae can still continue her teaching career and when she has kids, Mrs Kim is more than ready to help her.

She also mentions Yeon Tae would have to start calling Tae Min young master which would be awkward, so she once again emphasizes it’ll be tough to have people they know involved in their marriage. Both Kim brothers laugh awkwardly 😀 But don’t worry, Mom will kick Tae Min out of this house 😀 Anyway, Yeon Tae promises to think through this.

Tae Min tries bringing up about his marriage too but Mom keeps cutting him out. He realizes something’s off.

Mom then asks about Yeon Tae’s parents’ business, why?

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Of course to find out about her family background. Dad isn’t comfortable coming here without letting Sang Min knows but his wife only wants to know Yeon Tae’s parents who raised her into such a fine lady that any family is proud to have her as their daughter-in-law.

Soon Young suggests to have Bin’s birthday party at their house so nobody will feel left out. This gives her an excuse to talk to her in-laws again. As expected, Ok Soon is overjoyed she’s invited!

While Mr and Mrs Kim are quietly enjoying their meal, the nosy Ok Soon & Min Ho arrive!


This week’s episodes clearly highlight kids’ physiological problem when they’re brought up spoiled by their doting grandparents. A little spoiling is great, grandkids spending time with their grandparents & making many lovely memories they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives is awesome but overstepping the boundary set by Sang Tae & Mi Jung is wrong. If she keeps this up, Ok Soon is gradually turning Bin into another Jin Joo ~ a materialistic without any sense of responsibility. A nice balance needs to be established so the parents do the parenting while the grandparents dote on their grandkids by giving their love & attention without spoiling them with too much material things. On the other hand, the grandkids need to understand that they should behave differently when they’re at their grandparents’ house and at home. They have to respect the rules at each house, and never expect to be spoiled at home. Sang Tae needs to emphasize this to Bin so she’s not throwing tantrums whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.

Ok Soon is too overbearing that even her husband doesn’t know how to handle her. Min Ho has such a gentle heart, he knows his place and is understanding of Sang Tae’s tough position. Their conversation at the rooftop was important for Sang Tae to understand his father-in-law’s feelings.

Abruptly sharing her father with another three kids led Bin to put up her defense. She’s still a little kid who craves for love which she easily gets from her maternal grandparents so her self-centered behavior is getting worse. It’s great that her art teacher picked it up and Yeon Tae immediately addressed it with her brother who now put his focus on Bin to ensure she no longer feels neglected and unloved. Mi Jung shouldn’t bought the expensive dress, she gave in way too easily. She has to be more strict with herself, follow the rules she created in raising all five kids fairly. Her step-kids might hate her now but they’ll thank her in the future when they realize Mi Jung raises them up to be the best version of themselves.

The mystery behind Mrs Kim’s ill-treatment to Sang Min is answered – as a scholar family, she had high expectations both her sons would follow their footsteps hence she disagrees with Sang Min’s career choice. And she clearly expects to have scholars daughter-in-laws so her prejudice about Jin Joo isn’t that surprising. Thankfully, Tae Min has started to notice Mom’s hostility towards his girlfriend that I hope he’ll pick this us as a warning that his relationship isn’t as smooth as he thought it is. I was afraid Mrs Kim wouldn’t like Yeon Tae but fortunately she adores her. I think we’ll see their wedding very soon. 🙂


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