Five Children Episode 47 Brief Recap

Mi Jung takes Bin’s matters into her own hands so her overbearing in-laws can start respecting her position as their grandkids’ step-mom who legally has joint custody of the kids. She can’t always rely on Sang Tae who’s prioritizing Bin’s feelings, ensuring her dad’s love hasn’t & won’t ever change. Bin’s birthday party brings her whole family together but there’s always someone who loves ruining a happy occasion with their sarcastic remarks.

Five Children Episode 47 Brief Recap

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All three in-laws in the same place, it’s gonna be fun 🙂 Mrs Kim’s first impression: these in-laws are getting along well (if only she knows they’re like cat & dog) ^^ Her impression soon changes overhearing Ok Soon putting down her in-laws & Mi Jung, and the fact they’re living in the same building as their son-in-law’s new family. I’m gonna skip Ok Soon’s ignorant overbearing because they’re here for Bin’s birthday party, not to whine.

Ok Soon wants to hire a restaurant so Bin’s friends can all come along, promises to pay the costs. But Min Ho shuts this couple down, pointing out his plan for a simple meaningful home party where Mi Jung can cook home dishes for the party which will help to bring her and Bin closer.

After observing them closely, Mr & Mrs Kim realize their future in-laws aren’t that educated but they have warm hearts unlike Ok Soon & Min Ho who believe money is the answer of everything.

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Seeing your husband almost 24 hours a day both at work and home is tough, especially when one of them is upset. Mi Jung tries to avoid Sang Tae at work, opts to leave earlier after finishing her tasks & secretly writing joint custody written agreement. The team notices Mi Jung’s bad mood, cheekily teases Sang Tae that something must’ve happened at home last night. So Sang Tae sends her messages – without realizing he sends it to the team group chat! So yeah, everyone now knows that Mi Jung’s angry to him since last night because of Bin’s expensive clothes issue and he was scolded by his father in-laws. Park Hae Sung finally tells this couple that they’ve been arguing on the group chart 😀 Sung Hee is relieved she gave up on him because she can’t imagine having two in-laws 😀

Embarrassed Sang Tae hurriedly leaves his office, to patch things up with Mi Jung who has a hidden agenda on her sleeves.

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Although they live in the same house, Jin Joo’s parents don’t realize their daughter hasn’t used her car for ages and it’s been three months since she got her allowance. Even if Jin Joo is missing, they might not know. They’re too concerned with Soo & Bin that they didn’t put any attention on their daughter.

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Mrs Kim is impressed with Yeon Tae’s parents that she wants to rush their wedding. Just then, Jin Joo calls (again) 😀 She’s so persistent to win her heart but Mrs Kim turns down all her invitation. She emphasizes she will marry Tae Min, hoping to get along with her. For her, Tae Min is the only one who loves her.

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Sang Min prepared kimbap and fruits lunch boxes for their simple date in the riverside. He promises to do everything after they’re married so she doesn’t have to do any household chores. Yeon Tae points out most men talk these empty words but they totally forget about their promise after their marriage. But Sang Min who witnessed his father treats his mom like a princess, promises he’ll treat her so well that other women will get jealous at her. Anyway, he’s not pressuring her to get married soon – honoring her wish to date longer.

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Sang Tae knows how scary Mi Jung is when she’s mad, trying to stop her from seeing his in-laws. But she will kill ’em all 😀 She starts with inviting Ok Soon and Min Ho to Bin’s birthday party, pointing out their presence will be the greatest birthday present for Bin. Then… she asks them to sign joint custody agreement she typed at work today. They’re having a hard time understanding the agreement so let’s call their ‘brain’ to decipher Mi Jung’s words.

Brain explains this couple should respect Mi Jung as their grandkids’ mom because she has the kids’ joint custody and to discuss with her before they buy anything for their grandkids. If they break this rule 10 times, Mi Jung will move her family to a remote place! In return, they’ll be treated as family.

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It might sound harsh, but rules must be set to help them live peacefully. Ok Soon asks Mi Jung to add a clause in the agreement that the paternal & maternal grandparents shall be treated equally. Mi Jung agrees, both parties sign the agreement while Sang Tae watches over carefully. Your wife is a peace maker, Sang Tae! 🙂 It’s a done deal.

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Mi Jung then asks Sang Tae to follow her to the rooftop so their family won’t see their love quarrel. He admits he didn’t handle Bin’s issue well but he has his own reason he didn’t treat Mi Jung as Bin’s mom. He then brought up about her cold treatment at work, which irritated him. Moreover, she wrote that agreement without discussing with him first! At home, Sang Tae shows Bin’s picture – his excuse why he let her doing whatever she wants for now. He feels sorry for her, forcing her to adjust without taking into account her feeling & her need.

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Not aware of Jin Joo’s feeling, Tae Min reveals how his mom really pushes his eldest son’s marriage because she really likes Yeon Tae and she’s too stubborn to change her mind. He urges Jin Joo to change her mind so he can bring forward their marriage, innocently believes his mom also likes Jin Joo. If only you know, Tae Min. Sigh. It’s breaking my heart watching Jin Joo putting her brave smile although her heart is bleeding.

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Sang Min adorably follows Yeon Tae secretly, to ensure she gets home safely despite she tells him not to. He encourages her to share her honest feelings so she sheepishly reveals she wants to see him all night long but they have to part now… Sang Min points out there’s a way – it’s marriage. But remember, she’s not ready yet. As he hugs her goodbye, he cheekily press the house bell to greet Yeon Tae’s mom and tell her that their daughter is home safely. 🙂 No kiss but hi-five tonight ^^

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After hearing Sang Tae’s explanation, Mi Jung decides to give Bin the dress today. She mentions her grandma always gave her cousins’ clothes and it’s always been her wish to wear a pretty cloth so she knows how Bin feels – hoping this will make her happy. In honesty, she admits she is a frugal person so she only buys the kids one clothes to save money. She apologizes to Woo Ri who’s upset, which hopefully makes Bin realizes that her step-sister has a feeling too.

Sang Tae then invites Bin for a camping at the rooftop today so Mi Jung invites her daughter to sleep with her tonight. Sounds great, putting a smile on Woo Ri’s face.

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Looks like Yeon Tae gradually has changed her mind… leaning towards marriage so she asks her family what they’ll think of her marrying soon. While Mom is overjoyed, Dad doesn’t want her to rush so she can enter Sang Min’s family with with more pride (accomplishing her goal & saving more money). Ho Tae is against it too, encouraging her to enjoy her 20s. He talks about nonsense based on a futuristic’s words, believing marriage will be demolished in 20 years time lol. Anyway, he points out that while other people’s opinions are important, it’s her decision to make.

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In Chul isn’t going to give up on their marriage, they love each other and survived against people’s harsh treatment as homewreckers. So he promises to get vasectomy reversal surgery. So Young annoys it took him this long to make his decision, she already hates him to death. Her mom encourages her to forgive him, all couples go through different seasons of life – some days might be gloomy, some days might be bright & sunny and there’re days with rainbows too.

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Instead of sleeping with her mom, Woo Ri suggests everyone camps at the living room like they’re used to in the past. It’s fun, Soo is enjoying it too until someone’s farting and they start blaming each other 😀 Suddenly, cutie Woo Joo admits she did it hahaha.

At the rooftop, Sang Tae mentions how moved & happy he was when Bin was born because he’s always wanted a daughter. She’s his precious daughter, his heart aches whenever he think of her marriage. He then apologizes for all the hurtful things he’s done after his marriage, vowing to be a great dad for his daughter whom he loves the most… forever… Bin breaks down in tears, hugging her Dad.

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Yeon Tae accepts Sang Min’s mom invitation to see art exhibition in front of Tae Min who (hopefully) notices Mom’s preferential treatment over her two future daughters-in-law.

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The family divide the responsibilities for Bin’s birthday party, Mi Jung smartly asks Bin’s maternal grandparents to buy the cake as it’s the most expensive. Ok Soon is delighted to be treated like a family already, buying a three-tier cake for their spoiled granddaughter who celebrates her birthday with her family who treasure & love her.

Soon Young first brings up how two Lee brothers are the opposite of each other, Mi Sook adds that her eldest has always been a filial son. Dad praises their other son by pointing out Ho Tae’s physical strength – he’s tall unlike his parents. Well… Ok Soon then ruins the great atmosphere by comparing her two daughters, bragging about her amazing late daughter – not realizing everyone is quiet by now. Good grief. Min Ho adds to the insult, has nothing good to say about Jin Joo who stares frustratingly at her parents. They keep going until Grandma Jang sarcastically points out there’s a time & place for everything and now isn’t the good time to brag about their daughter.

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Mi Sook then breaks the good news that their daughter is getting married, bragging she got the ring. Well well, Ok Soon then brings up Jin Joo also got a ring! Mi Jung secretly gives a signal to Sang Tae that their parents should be told their daughter’s boyfriends are brothers but Sang Tae believes now it’s not the right time. Why can’t they open Bin’s presents instead?

Anyway, both parents are now bragging about their future son-in-laws… Min Ho and Ok Soon are shocked finding out Yeon Tae is dating Sang Min, thinking Sang Tae set them up. I’m tired of this nonsense >.< Can’t wait to see their reactions when they realize they’ll be tied again thanks to their daughters’ husbands 😀


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