Five Children Episode 49 Brief Recap

Breaking up inflicts pain, leaving a big hole on Jin Joo’s heart as Tae Min is totally oblivious to the fact that his own mom is the reason why his girlfriend abruptly ended their relationship. Jin Joo thought her whole world crumbles down but fortunately her family now starts to realize something’s wrong… Sang Min has to go through more hurdles before he can marry the baby of Lee’s family 🙄

Episode 49 Brief Recap

Jin Joo doesn’t offer any explanation except that she’s tired of everything. Wiping her tears, she hangs up after giving a warning she won’t see him even if he comes to her place. In disbelief, he rushes over to talk to her as Mom is confused why Jin Joo abruptly changed her mind (breaking up with her son).

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While the newly engaged couple is enjoying their time in Yeon Tae’s room, two big brothers are keeping close eyes & aren’t going to leave them alone. Just as Sang Min is leaning closer to (kiss) Yeon Tae after cheekily teasing her for thinking about naughty thing she wants to do during their holiday, Sang Tae comes in handing family’s photo album. His second attempt fails too as Ho Tae barges in then reprimands them as if they’re little kids, ordering to leave their room’s door open.

Because Sang Tae doesn’t talk about other people’s flaws, Mi Sook asks Mi Jung her impression after working with Sang Min. She bluntly points out his fussiness and his kind heart of taking care people whom he cares the most. Her reply makes her MIL happy that her daughter who used to lose with her best friend Jin Joo will now marry a great man.  Things will get better for Mi Jung too after Jin Joo gets married as her parents’ attention will shift from Sang Tae’s kids to Jin Joo & her kids.

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The men in Lee family aren’t giving away their precious Yeon Tae easily. They continually pour Sang Min drinks to test him, as they bombard him with questions to confirm his feelings for Yeon Tae. In front of them, Sang Min confesses they didn’t fall in love at first sight (they were like oil & water at first) but their feelings grow as they continue seeing each other. Mi Sook agrees, bringing up experience meeting her husband during arranged blind date. She was disappointed at first but she realized later that her short husband has such a big deep heart. So for her, as long as Sang Min treats Yeon Tae like Shi Wook treats her, she has no other expectation. Sang Min promises he will treat Yeon Tae like a princess and will lose to her whenever they have fights.

But Shi Wook’s heart is still heavy. This wise man who likes poetry, asks if Sang Min has any poetry he memorized because poetry teaches people to apply sensitivity in their lives which is crucial in marriage life. Sang Min surprises everyone by reciting a poetry (which sounds like a break-up poetry) before adding his own version to make this poetry a happy ending. Everyone laughs at his joke as Ho Tae keeps giving him more alcohol, hoping he’ll get drunk and will answer the next set of questions truthfully. Well Ho Tae wants to know if Sang Min dated many girls in the past. Mi Jung is aware he did but none lasted long and Sang Tae knows he stopped dating long time ago. Sang Min doesn’t answer Ho Tae’s question, instead, he proudly brags he’s been born again since meeting Yeon Tae so he doesn’t remember a thing about his past dating. Great answer!

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As Tae Min is agitatedly calling for Jin Joo & waiting for her outside her home, Jin Joo wishes he’ll go. When Dad comes to her room, she pretends nothing’s wrong. Annoyingly, he wants Tae Min to quickly formally meets them because he doesn’t want to lose with Yeon Tae and her family. She bumps into Woo Young who’s going downstairs to throw the recyclables so she begs him to lie that she’s not home but upright Woo Young doesn’t want to lie to his homeroom teacher so Yeon Tae grabs the recyclables from him.

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Back to Sang Min, did he pass the test? Both brothers nod but Dad still needs to be convinced. He walks with the couple, admitting he wants his beloved daughter to do whatever she wants before getting married. He feels she’ll lose something getting married too early. Moreover, he’s disappointed she will leave him too soon. As the baby of the family, Yeon Tae receives so much love and the one he always wants to protect. Sang Min understands Shi Wook’s heart as he vows his life will revolve only around Yeon Tae and he’ll make her happy so she won’t ever regret choosing him. Yeon Tae vows the same. Witnessing their unity, Shi Wook holds their hands and give them a big pass too. <3 Because Sang Min drank too much alcohol, Yeon Tae becomes his personal chauffeur tonight. He cheekily stretches his hand to hold her 🙂 She drops him off as Tae Min watches over in jealousy.

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Before leaving, Ho Tae gives his drama script to his hyung & sister-in-law, because his drama is currently looking for a child actress. He hopes Woo Ri and Bin will audition for this role.

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They show the script to their daughters, advising them to do their best but not putting their hope too high because they might not get the role. Mi Jung helps Bin while Sang Tae helps Woo Ri practicing. Interestingly, it’s a meta of the girls’ characters in this drama! While Bin is very natural, Woo Ri stutters a bit. So their parents then take turns helping their girls reciting their role. Excited Ok Soon picks the best outfit for Bin while Min Ho realizes Bin doesn’t have a lot of clothes. They’re going to take the kids for their audition, vowing they won’t discriminate against the girls. Mi Jung isn’t worried too knowing she’s already has them under her control 🙂

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Jin Joo asks her co-workers to lie when Tae Min comes looking for her at work. Sang Min who knows his brother is heart-broken, is questioning Mom’s impatience as she’s rushing him to get married. Tae Min loses his appetite, hasn’t eaten for days as he doesn’t know what’s wrong. Sang Min consoles his younger brother who lost contact with Jin Joo. She’s currently reading his messages. Though she knows he’s hurting, she has no other choice.

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Mr Kim is worried for his son while his wife looks quite guilty for inflicting pain to her son. So she calls Jin Joo wanting to know why she decided to give up on Tae Min just because she’s having a hard time. Jin Joo replies nothing else she can do except breaking up. She’s trying her hardest but doesn’t want to stoop too low. Yes she understands Mrs Kim’s expectations so she’s letting him go know. Mrs Kim is concerned over her son, hopes Jin Joo will pick up Tae Min’s call but she refuses because it makes her want to see him. Mrs Kim hopes Jin Joo will tell her son directly her break up reason but Jin Joo can’t bear telling Tae Min that his own Mom forced them to break up. Just then, Tae Min calls so Jin Joo hangs up & turns off her phone. As she talked to Mrs Kim, Grandma Jang quietly listening – she’s there to do her laundry. She begs Jin Joo to tell her family so she isn’t suffering alone but Jin Joo asks her to keep this secret from her family. Grandma Jang is frustrated the in-laws meddle too much into another family’s lives while her daughter is in so much pain.

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Woo Young tells his parents about Jin Joo so Sang Tae takes it as a time to catch up with her. Jin Joo realizes break up is the best decision… She is upset watching Mrs Kim treats Yeon Tae nicely, her pride is crushed for constantly being compared with her best friend. To Sang Tae, she cries out she doesn’t want to break up as she’s becoming a better person thanks to Tae Min, she’s also doing things she want and having a lot of fun. He fills in the gap when her parents ignore her but things went drastically bad. She feels foolish, regretting her past for not studying hard & not getting a good job. Sang Tae points out she’s beautiful the way she is – as Jin Joo reveals Tae Min and him are the only ones who say this to her. She begs him to keep this a secret from Yeon Tae, so she won’t crush her friend’s happiness. Sang Tae is wondering why Jin Joo isn’t telling Tae Min – well, she can’t say this to a man who really loves his mother.

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Sang Tae calls Tae Min a fool who isn’t sensitive to the situation, Mi Jung reminds him he was like that too 😀 In his defense, he tried to butt in but yes he didn’t know his in-laws moved downstairs. Mi Jung is a bit hesitant sending Yeon Tae to that household, but Sang Tae is wondering if it’s because of Mrs Kim’s undying love to her son – which most mothers experience and will experience.

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Unfortunately for InSoon couple, the doctor didn’t find any specks of sperm on In Chul so pregnancy is highly impossible. She buries herself on Mom’s embrace, breaking down in tears that her dream has been cruelly killed.

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As Ok Soon goes to the audition with her granddaughter, Min Ho takes Woo Ri to shop for new clothes because they’re auditioning a role for the girl from a rich family. He vows to take any trouble from Mi Jung for buying expensive clothes without her knowledge. Both Min Ho & Ok Soon have a lot of fun accompanying the kids for their audition, grandma Jang thanks them for taking a good care of the girls. Then, Grandma Jang bluntly advises her to pay attention to her daughter too…

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Ok Soon rushes home, whining that Tae Min’s mom doesn’t like Jin Joo.

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Because Jin Joo continues avoiding him, Tae Min waits for Sang Tae in front of his house. Sang Tae realizes they can no longer hide the secret, hence he bluntly reveals what’s going on.


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