Five Children Episode 52 Brief Recap

Does karma ever bite back? Ok Soon & Min Ho might feel it does as they have to swallow the bitter pill after finding out Mrs Kim dislikes their daughter, reminding them the time they were against Tae Min. But Tae Min steadfastly tries hard to win brownie points, hoping it takes him one step closer to win Jin Joo back. The double in-laws stigma complicates things but at the end of the day, the kids’ feelings triumph this obstacle.

Episode 52 Brief Recap

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Apparently Woo Ri learnt about the word betrayer from a TV show she watched. She is angry her manager broke his promise when she still keeps her promise, keeping his secret safe. As Min Ho is comforting Woo Ri, Mi Jung notices Bin looks upset after saying her grandpa didn’t understand English words Ho Tae said at the script reading. Min Ho explains to Woo Ri that Bin’s in a bad mood and wanted patbingsoo that’s why he brought her there.

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Meanwhile, Woo Joo loses her stone Woo Jin that she left at the rooftop earlier to let it dry after she gave it a bath. Well well well, Min Ho saw it and threw it away! Woo Joo is upset her ‘little brother’ broke into two ๐Ÿ™ Both girls now are angry at Min Ho! In frustration, he doesn’t know how to defend himself as he thought it’s just a stone! How would he know it’s Woo Joo’s ‘lil brother?

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Ok Soon tries to convince Mi Sook that Mrs Kim is a two-faced who won’t treat Yeon Tae well like she did to Jin Joo but Mi Sook carefully points out it’s norm for parents to weigh into their kids’ marriage hence it doesn’t make her a two-faced person. Moreover, Mi Sook really likes fine man Sang Min whose mother adores Yeon Tae so of course she will still let her daughter to marry into their family.

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After Sang Min bought Yeon Tae golf outfit, he drives her to a hotel – much to her shock! What will he do to her here? He has to drag her out of a car as she refuses to move. He actually wants to show her the ballroom for their wedding party! Yeon Tae likes it but she feels sorry for Tae Min & Jin Joo whose wedding might not happen at all. Sang Min assures that couple will take care their own problem themselves and they can’t postpone or even cancel their wedding just because of them. Sang Min & Yeon Tae cutely rehearse walking down the aisle then they ask for the earliest available date that’s not clashing with his tournament time. They both carry envelopes home & decide to surprise their family.

Ok Soon praises Mi Jung for opening her eyes that she should start focusing on Jin Joo’s feelings. She complements Sang Tae for having great eyes in picking his spouses.

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Bin is envious Woo Ri still has a father & a mother while she doesn’t have a mother nor an appendix ๐Ÿ™ Because Ok Soon is still unwell, Sang Tae asks Bin to invite her grandparents to eat with them as he hopes Woo Ri will at least talk to her manager when he comes.

Grandma Jang bluntly talks about double in-laws showing her dissaproval as Ok Soon reveals Mi Sook still wants Yeon Tae to marry Sang Min. Ok Soon understands but she still feels disappointed because at least Mi Sook can tell her she’ll try to persuade Mrs Kim to let Jin Joo marrying into their family. She’s upset Mi Sook is already taking Mrs Kim’s side as her husband tells her to put herself in Mrs Kim’s position. Ok Soon asks Sang Tae to comfort Jin Joo but Mi Jung advises it’ll best for her parents to be there for their daughter. It’s so true.

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Min Ho tries to smile at Woo Ri but she only gives a ‘cross’ sign, earning a deathly glare from Mom. Woo Joo follows her sister’s action because she’s still upset about her ‘lil brother.

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Both Yeon Tae & Sang Min sneakily put the wedding pamphlets on their living room’s desks. Mr & Mrs Kim open it first but find out all dates have been booked out. The only ones available are in August (which only has few days left) and September! Mr Kim wants to visit Yeon Tae’s family to discuss the date but Mrs Kim still isn’t comfortable meeting this family. Sang Min points out it’s karma as Mom made Tae Min like that.

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As a good intern with amazing work ethic, Jin Joo’s boss generously gives her first paycheck with a bonus. She immediately think of buying a gift for Tae Min but her smile disappear when she wakes up to reality. Tae Min still doesn’t have any appetite as his brother encourages him to eat to gain strength to fight on. In front of Mom, Sang Min sadly reveals his younger brother didn’t even eat a single bite ๐Ÿ™

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Tae Min is on his way to win brownie points from Jin Joo’s family – he joins the boys with their morning exercise ๐Ÿ™‚ Min Ho shows Sang Tae recording he recorded about the clothes Bin has to wear during her drama filming

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Soon Young kindly gives the money she received from her last place’s security deposit to her in-laws as they’re currently need it for Yeon Tae’s wedding. Her husband praises her beautiful heart & agrees to her plan.

Bin doesn’t want her grandpa taking her to drama filming because Ji Young teased her she doesn’t have a mother so Mi Jung offers to take her there after work! She hesitates a bit until Woo Ri emphasizes Min Ho is her manager and her Dad also encourages her. Bin is worried Ji Young will tease her Mi Jung isn’t her mother but Mi Jung points out she’s her mother too (her step-mother!)

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What’s Tae Min up to? He waits outside his in-laws’ house, with a boquet of flower. Where did he prepare that? Min Ho escorts him inside as Jin Joo quickly hides in the kitchen, eavesdropping their conversation. Tae Min presents Ok Soon with the flower as he excuses himself he’s here for a glass of water. It’s been twenty years since Ok Soon receives flowers (Min Ho knows she’s lying though) so she’s over the moon! Then, Tae Min asks if Jin Joo is home… Hmmm Ok Soon stutters saying she doesn’t think Jin Joo is home before asking if it’s really true they broke up and if he’s already trying to sort things out with his Mom. He reveals it’s on progress.

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Both Mi Sook and Mrs Kim inspect the wedding hall that can accomodate 200 guests. They are happy with the kids’ choice as they discuss about the wedding date. Mrs Kim prefer December because Sang Min has no tournament and Yeon Tae is on winter break but Mi Sook think it’ll be too cold so they roughly agree with November for now. Mi Sook then brings up Jin Joo – Mrs Kim reveals she only wants her second son to marry a non-problematic woman. Mi Sook understands where she came from because she also has sons as Mrs Kim points out the troubles her family experiencing due to double in-laws – so she doesn’t want it to happen with her sons. She believes the awkwardness will pass as the time flies by.

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As promised, Mi Jung accompanies Bin to her drama filming where they’re prepared next to Ji Young & her mom. She obviously takes Bin’s side and doesn’t want to lose with Ji Young’s Mom. She brought pretty hair pins for Bin, which makes her really happy. The fierce competition starts as Ji Young’s Mom pulls out the huge make-up case she brought so Mi Jung helps with Bin’s hair. They keep competing to style their daughters the best, make her the prettiest! Mi Jung adorably brought a bigger hair band but Ji Young’s Mom has a bigger one hahaha. So she removes it from Bin’s hair, encouraging her to trust Mi Jung as Ji Young and her mom hi-fiving.

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1-0 for Mi Jung & Bin ^^ Ho Tae asks Ji Young to take off her big hairband because her character is a modest child! It’s not about who’s the best or prettiest, it’s about best styling to match their character.

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Sang Tae gives the broken stone back to Woo Joo, throws a funeral service for her “little brother”. He points out Min Ho ย  didn’t know she had a younger brother and because he’s old, he doesn’t understand no matter how many times they told him.ย Min Ho is offended with Sang Tae’s words (because he genuinely didn’t know) but he swallows his anger as he helps with the funeral service, put the rock inside the pot and wishes it will reborn as Woo Joo’s younger sibling in the next life. Sang Tae can only giggle watching this.

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Sang Tae then encourages Min Ho to patch things up with Woo Ri but isn’t giving any clue how he should win her heart back.

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Bin & Ji Young are filming. Bin is supposed to push Ji Young from the swing hard but she’s reluctant perhaps worried Ji Young will be hurt. After repeating many takes, she pushes her as directed but Ji Young gets angry & shows Bin how to shove her as she shoves her to the ground! Both moms rush to their girls’ side. Mi Jung orders Ji Young to apologize!


Brief Comment

I apologize for this late brief recap. My comment will also be very brief because I could only watch this week’s episodes once instead of two / three times as I usually do for the past episodes. Feel free to correct me if I make any mistake ๐Ÿค—

Seems like the double in-laws stigma is currently at the bottom barrel of everyone’s priority. With only 2 episodes left, I guess nobody will care about this anymore ๐Ÿ˜…ย Mrs Kim’s focus now is to patch things up with her favored son who is working so hard to repair his relationship with Jin Joo. She will soon give up and start to see Jin Joo as her son sees her.

Mi Sook is trapped between Ok Soon and Mrs Kim. Deep down in her heart, she wishes both her daughter & Jin Joo be happy hence she tries to be neutral while cautiously emphasizes her point of views.

After experiencing the pain of elders opposing their marriage, Sang Tae & Mi Jung are the best example why following their hearts is still the wisest because as time flies by, they prove that the elders’ worries were uncalled for. Their advice give the two youngest couples the assurance they need the most to follow their feelings & hearts.



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