Five Children Episode 54 [Final] Brief Recap

The finale – This may be the last episode but there’re still plenty of things need to be resolved before we finally say goodbye to Five Children families. Will all the characters get their well deserved happy ending? Will there be one or two weddings? 🙂 Will everyone live in harmony & peace? Sit back & relax!

Final Episode Recap

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Mi Jung cheers her husband as they’re anxiously waiting for her biopsy result. She points out her long life line, assuring she’ll live a long life even longer than Sang Tae who is still in tears. The next morning, the caring husband cooks porridge for his wife who’s already up & is making their bed. She still think nothing is wrong with her especially because she had corrosive esophagitis in the past. Her grandma isn’t convinced though, because sometimes what seems to be a small illness can become a big one later on. Grandma Jang is over the moon watching Mi Jung finally has a loving, caring husband. And she feels sorry for Sang Tae as this brings back his traumatic past so it’s understandable he’s scared.

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Ho Tae is grilling Sang Min & Yeon Tae because he didn’t see Sang Min when he woke up this morning. Soon Young also divulges her sister-in-law wasn’t in the room when she woke up at 4AM. In conclusion, they weren’t in the room between 2AM – 4AM. Sang Min quickly escapes to get more bread so does Yeon Tae who follows along. Perhaps Soon Young can read their mind as she suggests returning to Seoul after breakfast to give this lovebirds some time alone.

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Soo reports about Mi Jung’s endoscopy to his downstairs grandparents. Ok Soon feels sorry for Sang Tae because the current situation is similar with their late daughter Jin Young but Min Ho shuts her up. Because nobody is going to go exercise this morning, he asks Jin Joo to join him pointing out Tae Min is here because of her. Meanwhile, Mrs Kim checks Tae Min’s room to find he’s not there – confirming what Ok Soon & Min Ho said to her. So she asks her husband what should she do? Well her husband replies, just let Tae Min have his way and approve their relationship.

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As usual, Tae Min is waiting in front of the apartment building. But nobody is here today, where’s everyone? Jin Joo is peeking, quickly hides behind the pillar when he walks towards her but he spots her! He smiles at her and casually asks if she’s been well. He is willing to do anything to win her back knowing he’s a man who broke the heart of the woman he loves. As he holds her hand, he asks her to trust him – promising she won’t get hurt again. In tears, Jin Joo is wondering how far he’ll go because he’s already more than enough for her and he never disappoints her. She apologizes for giving him hard times 🙁 Tae Min then proposes they’ll start over & take things slowly. She can continue pursuing her dream while he’s also working hard to be financially stable. While they’re working hard, they’ll hold each other’s hands tightly and strive towards their marriage slowly.

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He believes their parents’ hearts can be gradually changed. After watching Tae Min tries so hard winning her parents’ hearts, Jin Joo realized she should tried harder too. She should discuss things with Tae Min instead of hurting alone, hiding the pain herself so they can find the solution together. Tae Min assures it’s not too late. They can work hard starting from now and get married with their parents’ blessings. He gives 3 years, confidently believes they can save money within these 3 years to be financially independent so they still can get married even if his mom disapproves. Jin Joo is more than happy living anywhere as long as she’s with him. So they agree to start anew & go at it slowly.

Even though Mrs Kim rejected Ok Soon’s & Min Ho’s ginseng gift, she drinks it 😀

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Sang Tae still looks anxious when he accompanies Mi Jung to get her result. Mi Jung meanwhile shows no concern at all especially after knowing the kids are having fun at home. Well… the result is out… and she has mild stomach cancer! Crap >.< Fortunately, her prognosis is good because they discovered this early so she can be fully healed through a simple operation. Because they’re on vacation, Mi Jung wants to get it done ASAP. Sang Tae can finally breathe freely now.

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Their downstairs neighbor brings delicious side dishes except kimchi because they know Sang Tae’s mom frequently sends it to them. They also propose to send their housekeeper ahjumma (their brain) twice a week to do the household chores, to help Mi Jung & Grandma Jang. Mi Jung glares at her husband but she then gratefully accepts their offer, but only when she’s recovering from her surgery. Ok Soon insists she should continue receiving help so Mi Jung finally gives in after her husband asks her to. Mi Jung confesses she was very flustered when they first moved in as Ok Soon replies she was the same too but it’s understandable, right? Now, Ok Soon realizes Sang Tae has found a gem hence he really wanted to marry Mi Jung 🙂 The kids are back, Min Ho greets everyone but Woo Ri & Woo Joo still give him the ‘x’ 🙂

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Min Ho follows her around & takes her to a patbingsoo place where he suggests of sending her to a private piano lesson she really wanted. She finally breaks her silence, pointing out Min Ho should stop offering things to her because what he really needs to do is… to apologize to her. Min Ho realizes what he did wrong so he explains why he took Bin here and Woo Ri was indeed the first one he brought here. She accepts his apology, then agrees to take his offer for an acting lesson. He promises to take her to and from there as her manager. After patching things up with Woo Ri, Sang Tae points out Woo Joo is still crying over her ‘lil brother’. So what should Min Ho do now? As he drinks his ginseng drink, suddenly he has a lightbulb moment! Yeah!

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Today is Mi Jung’s surgery. Her loyal husband is anxiously waiting outside alone, praying so hard for his wife to pull through without any complication. His parents rush in, upset that he only told them this morning. They went through this before so he didn’t want to worry his parents but they want to worry together as a family. Dad comforts his son that it’s norm to be sick but bad things don’t happen all the time because of sickness so he shouldn’t be anxious and to love & care Mi Jung more.

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Thankfully Mi Jung’s surgery went well but she still can’t pass gas so Sang Tae takes her around hoping it’ll help her to fart 🙂 She nags because she’s tired & hungry. As Sang Tae leaves to go to the bathroom, finally she does it! Yaay!

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Min Ho takes Woo Joo to buy a new stone but she shakes her head. Nothing looks like her ‘Woo Jin’. Min Ho realizes her ‘lil brother was very precious for her so he gives up for now. But as they’re walking to the hospital to visit her mom who’ll be discharged today, she spots a stone on the road & finally finds her ‘Woo Jin’. Ok Soon is at the hospital, spoiling after Mi Jung post her operation with delicious food.

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Today is… Sang Min’s & Yeon Tae’s wedding day. Min Ho & Ok Soon are invited, cheerfully greet their in-laws & Ok Soon even helps Mi Jung with her ribbon. Tae Min brings Jin Joo to greet his parents. Mrs Kim still gives a disapproving look but their tension is cut short by Min Ho & Ok Soon who comes to congratulate the happy parents 🙂

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The emotional groom can’t look at his beautiful bride’s face, his heart beats so fast he almost collapses. When Jin Joo & Tae Min visit the bride, Sang Min turns around but Yeon Tae quickly tells them the groom is here. He greets Jin Joo as if they never met but Jin Joo stares at him, teasing him of the childish strategies he used to win her friend hehe. He replies with a deathly stares that he’ll be her future elder brother-in-law soon. 😀  They then take a group picture.

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Shi Wook walks his only daughter down the aisle before trusting her to Sang Min. He then leads his bride to the altar.

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Samg Min promises to treat his wife like a princess as Yeon Tae’s brothers remind him that his princess has two brothers hence he’ll receive double punishments if he ever hurt her. Dad tells the brother to shut up stop giving him a hard time 😀

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Meanwhile, Tae Min & Jin Joo bump into Tae Min’s parents and Mr Kim let the women to catch up. Jin Joo updates her future mother-in-law of her job and her plan to take the official exam soon but Mrs Kim still isn’t satisfied. Jin Joo’s parents who quietly followed them, believe Mrs Kim’s heart will soon melt because the kids have been working so hard pursuing their goals. If she still opposes, Jin Joo’s parents will be gladly take Tae Min to their house 🙂

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Of course Mi Jung is shocked finding out her ex-husband is moving far away, worried about Woo Ri. But Sang Tae holds her hand, promising to raise the kids well. Mi Jung hopes he’ll write to the kids, especially Woo Young.

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Ho Tae is mentally exhausted directing a drama because it’s not his dream job but his eyes widen seeing the money written on the contract. Because he did such a great job with the 120 episodes makjang drama, he’s now promoted to a main director! He takes his time deciding, watching a movie to find what he really wants to pursue. In the end, he promises signing the drama contract after he wraps up his unfinished movie project.

A year later

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It’s been a year since Sang Tae & Mi Jung become parents of five kids. They celebrate it together, blowing the candle as the kids ask if their parents made any wish. Both Sang Tae & Mi Jung wish they’ll celebrate together like this again next year. Sang Tae has always wanted to do his best to make his family happy & be a good parents but he discovered the kids didn’t open up that easily. 🙂 It takes time 🙂 Mi Jung admits they’re still clumsy parents, the kids still fight with each other but there’re more happier times as they slowly build the family together.

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At work, Mi Jung got promoted as Team Leader, much to Assistant Manager Chun’s annoyance because she lost her man & her coveted job promotion to the same woman 🙂 Sang Tae was promoted to the Director.

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The company is going to renew Sang Min’s contract but they’ve found a competing company offers him double the amount their company offers him. Unfortunately, their company’s budget won’t allow them to beat their competitor so what should they do? Director Sang Tae has the upper hands of course. He calls his brother-in-law, with a slight intimidation, he asks Sang Min to discuss his contract with his wife because a married couple should share everything & shouldn’t have any secrets. Sang Min bluntly asks if Sang Tae is pressuring him to renew his contract but Sang Tae replies it’s not true :d

Yeon Tae tries to convince her husband that her brother’s company brand is a match-made-in-heaven with her husband. Sang Min tells her that private & business matters are totally different and wants her to choose between things that’ll be good to them or to her brother. What does she really want? Of course she wants to see him succeeded! And it’ll be working with her brother’s company again which has better quality. He follows her suggestion and promises to sign the contract!

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Jin Joo plans to open her own shop, supported by her boyfriend who is more than ready to invest. Nah.. hehe. He knows she’s talented, has already loyal customers so she’ll be successful.

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Bin still casually says she hates her mom but deep down she really loves her 🙂 Soon Young’s & Ho Tae’s little boy Joon is a cutie, fortunately he’s not a crybaby like his daddy ^^

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What about his Dad? After going through many hardships, he finally receives his movie director award! His parents & family watch with pride. During his speech, he dedicates his win to one person only – his wife Soon Young. He declares his love to the woman who was his first & would be his last audience, who trusted him & stayed by his side. Soon Young is over the moon while both Shi Wook & Mi Sook are envious lol. They also wanted their names to be mentioned because they lent their support too. But they know Soon Young went through a lot of hardship staying by their son’s side.

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Kids do make troubles from time-to-time so do the boys. The girls also still fight from time-to-time. But they make each other’s laugh too. Sang Tae & Mi Jung learn & grow as parents throughout all these.

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The big family is going to a camping trip without Grandma Jang. It’s such a happy time for them. The parents hold hands as Mi Jung narrates

We went through trials and errors before coming to realizations that we should embrace each other a lot more and spending a lot more time together – loving each other…. A parent is someone who exists & stays at a place wherenever the kids call for them

Sang Tae continues

a place where you can rest comfortable, a person who will be there embracing me whenever I need them. 

He hands everyone noodles he made, pointing out it’s their granddad’s noodle so the kids promptly corrects him that it’s not granddad’s but it’s his noodle. Sang Tae shares that whenever he has a hard time, he would go to his dad’s restaurant to eat his noodle and he’d forget about the difficult moment he had. It’s a comfort food that only parents can give to their kids.

Sang Tae: We’re becoming a family like this… little by little… every single day

A couple nearby can’t help but make a comment about this big family that they’re clearly going through a lot of heartache. Guess, they don’t know the magic of this family. 🙂

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I couldn’t ask for a better ending for Sang Tae’s & Mi Jung’s family. The kids don’t magically get along with each other all the time, the parents don’t miraculously become the best parents but they gradually embracing each other to become a strong-knit family that love each other dearly. The parents raise their five kids equally, supported with well-balanced parenting resulting in happy, contented, respectful, well-behaved kids. Well done Sang Tae & Mi Jung!

Time truly heals. Mi Jung now has two caring mothers-in-laws who dote on her. Glad she’s okay! 🙂 She’s incredibly blessed. With her genuine sincerity, she won their hearts and now she’s reaping the rewards.

Congratulations to Ho Tae for finally making his dream came true. It’s true that his parents supported him but it was his wife Soon Young who saw the potential in him & encouraged him to pursue his dream. So it’s fitting for him to thank her during his speech. He wouldn’t be Director Ho Tae without Soon Young’s endless encouragements & supports.

It’s awesome watching Jin Joo’s and Tae Min’s love journey. They went through mountains and mountains of obstacles to shape them into who they are today. Now they’re both independent goal-driven successful individuals who can confidently sail the next stage of their relationship together as a strong unit. Nobody, not even Mrs Kim can split them apart anymore.

There’re plenty of things that I’m honestly quite disappointed about the finale…

Sang Min & Yeon Tae’s wedding was very short – feels like it’s just a glimpse of their wedding day. They went through so much getting into this stage so I feel a bit cheated to be honest. It’s still beautiful but I wanted more 😀

Mrs Kim hasn’t given her permission for Jin Joo to marry her son. Obviously it’s still work-in-progress and based on the timeline, the couple still has 2 years to achieve their financial goal but another time jump would still be acceptable 😀

So Young & In Chul couple were only there as homewreckers without any strong plot backing them up. I wish the writer would give them a chance to prove In Chul is a great father and So Young is a supportive wife who also loves In Chul’s kids. It’s disappointing their screentimes were gradually decreased as the drama progressed.

Despite these disappointments, Five Children is such a fantastic heartwarming family drama that reminds us once again about the true value of family. I’m gonna miss this drama so much.

Thank you Party of Five Team @Viki for subbing this drama and thank you my loyal readers for reading & commenting my brief recaps. 🙂



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