Five Children Episode 6 Brief Recap

Sang Tae is blessed with loving parents & in-laws but they continually meddling into his personal life – cornering him into difficult situations. Trying to accommodate their endless demands wisely, he continues to impress me as a loving & considerate son-in-law, son, father & brother. His relationship with Mi Jung naturally grows as they spend more time together but she doesn’t make his heart flutter like his late wife did. Perhaps only a bit. And he never think about remarriage anyway so it doesn’t matter, does it? His sister on the other hand, receives a phone call from someone thanks to her drunken night.

Episode 6 Brief Recap

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Take a deep breath Ok Soon ah. And you Min Ho, you’re not going to die because of this so don’t worry. His blood pressure shoots up again but what else can they do? Sang Tae didn’t give any reason though Ok Soon believes he’s not coming home tonight due to work.

On the other hand, Min Ho’s sixth sense radar is up. He feels Sang Tae hasn’t introduced his ‘woman’ to his parents because he’s too embarrassed to do so – maybe she’s married or too young to be his kids’ stepmothers. Still in tears, Ok Soon reminds that Sang Tae is a faithful man (unlike Min Ho), that’s why Jin Young chose him. Jin Joo leaves as her mom snaps, bringing up the past when he had an affair…

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Flashback After working so hard for his family, Min Ho’s selfish desire led him to love other woman as he wanted to enjoy his life before it’s too late. Sang Tae boldly confronted his father-in-law, threatened him, carried him on his broad shoulder and brought him back to his family. He even warned Min Ho’s other woman for not ruining someone else’s family!

That’s why Ok Soon loves her son-in-law so much, she cannot live without him. Thinking that he might be spending time with another woman is hurting her deeply.

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At the hospital, Sang Tae reveals he knows Mi Jung’s grandmother won’t come so he’ll stay until she finishes her MRI appointment. It’s her first MRI so he explains in so much details what she’ll expect, making her looking anxious it’ll hurt. He used to accompany his late wife so he understands how Mi Jung is feeling right now. They’re chatting loudly that the other patient scolds them so Mi Jung (in loud voice) emphasizes work they’ll need to finish today and that he’s her Team leader to avoid misunderstanding. These two work well together as they try to photoshop pictures from Kim Sang Min’s photoshoot who’s currently bragging that he’ll be the blue chip in the international commercial field. This celebrity golfer is hilarious, well anyone can dream, right?

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He dreams that his phone won’t stop ringing and all girls will praise him. But why isn’t his phone ringing? He belatedly realizes that his phone is missing, where is it? Suddenly he remembers… about that drunken lady (Yeon Tae)… she has his phone! Half-asleep Yeon Tae grabs her phone but it’s not ringing so she goes back to sleep. Sang Min’s mind wanders around, maybe she’s a journalist pretending to be drunk? His phone has everything about his private life but Tae Min think he’s not that popular for any journalist to stalk about his private life.

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Sang Min is worried that whoever has his phone will leak pictures, messages, his personal life everywhere. His imagination is wild, as wild as his personality. Tae Min is more realistic here, he think that woman mistakenly entered his car thinking it’s her boyfriend’s or a friend’s car so let’s rest and try calling her back tomorrow.

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In the middle of choosing Sang Min’s pictures, Mi Jung (perhaps due to her medication) suddenly falls asleep on his shoulder. He convinces himself that his work colleague is only borrowing his shoulder temporarily and nothing else happens. But because he’s a family man, he gets up, waking her up. She looks okay now, fully awake.

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As Mi Jung is getting MRI test, flashback of Jin Young’s doing her MRI flashing on Sang Tae’s mind. He remembers his late wife was so scared, asked him to hold her foot. He automatically holds Mi Jung’s foot to (hopefully) calm her down but… suddenly he hears her snore. She’s sleeping during her MRI test. But she insists she’s a sensitive person who can’t sleep unless on her room and her bed. Sang Tae has to break her bubble that it’s not true as he saw her dozing off few times just in the past few hours. He even describes her as an obtuse woman.

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Mi Jung replies that Sang Tae’s late wife had her husband to reassure her whenever she’s scared but she can’t because it’ll make her more scared and she has nobody by her side to reassure her. After her divorce, she feels like a heartless machine at home and at work so why would a machine scared of another machine? The ones she should be scared of are her 3 children, people. The truth is, she’s a sensitive woman but she tries hard not to show it. She dozes off again and Sang Tae quietly undo her seat belt, unlocks the passenger seat’s door, waking her up. She quickly enters her house before thanking her team leader.

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From Ho Tae, Sang Tae finds out that his in-laws know about his blind date and the arguments his sister had with Jin Joo last night. Ho Tae no longer care about his mother anymore, he’s making himself comfortable at home. Yeon Tae’s hangover is really bad, she barely remembers about last night’s drunken arguments. Mi Sook meanwhile is bitter that because of Yeon Tae’s friendship with Jin Joo, their whole family is now entangled with her family.

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Jin Joo meanwhile illustrates a story about a bully evil step-mom, bluntly telling her niece & nephew that they might have one soon. They’re petrified! Jin Joo throws the evil step-mom toy away, as she encourages the kids to tell dad they don’t want a step-mom! As soon as Sang Tae arrives home, Lee Bin corners him with a remarriage question and he replies he won’t. After the kids left, Jin Joo straight away asks who did he spend the night with?

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Ok Soon and Min Ho laugh in relieve hearing his explanation that she’s his work colleague and he came to blind date to please his mom. Moreover, he never had any thought to remarry. His wife’s family is his family 🙂 Awww..

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Ho Tae’s advice to his sister: don’t hang out with a woman prettier than you. Crap brother. Anyway, he gets a message from his first love Soon Young and is going crazy! He just got invitation to movie premiere, of course he invites her. Soon Young who was a ballerina is showing her moves, happy to have a date with him. She almost tells him the truth that her marriage is a big lie but… it’s not the right time yet.

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Ok Soon reminds their in-laws that it was Sang Tae who insisted to move in while they only agreed for the sake of their grandkids so (Min Ho) lies that they don’t have any issue if Sang Tae wants to remarry but… seems like his parents forced him though he doesn’t want to remarry, he’s currently visiting his wife’s charnel house with his kids. Mi Sook lists her criteria for her son’s second wife but unfortunately it (the blind date) didn’t end up well. Ok Soon and Min Ho promise to let him go when he finds the right woman but they’ll raise his kids (because they’re Jin Young’s children). OMG, watching these two parents meddling into Sang Tae’s life is so frustrating to see. He’s an adult, let him live his own life! Anyway, Sang Tae’s parents promise they won’t send him to blind date again. For Ok Soon and Min Ho, it’s a mission success!

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Sang Tae put his wife’s wedding ring beside her picture then reveals he went to blind date but no woman makes his heart flutters like it was towards her. I love how honest he is with Jin Young.

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As she’s making her bed, a mysterious phone is ringing. Sang Min finally finds his phone. He orders Yeon Tae to give her phone number, turn off his phone as he’s going abroad for few days and he’ll contact her after he returns.

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Jin Young was such a nice lady, she helped Sang Tae’s parents running their small shop and even warned them about her parents’ arrogance a day before they met for the first time. She seek for their understanding to forgive her parents in case their tongue slipped. For Sang Tae’s parents, she was their daughter and their hearts still ache thinking about her. So it’s extra harder on Sang Tae too, right? It’s best to give him time…

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Instead of resting, Mi Jung is cleaning her place and making kimchi. Her daughter is still on silent strike which kinda cute now 😀 She’s stretched for cash and has to be extra diligent to cut things they don’t need to send Woo Ri to acting academy. When she’s asleep, Mi Jung sweetly draws a heart on her palm 😉

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So Young and In Chul are alone at home. She gives him herbal medicine so they can… you know 😀 But their alone time is ruined by So Young’s Mom who’s running late for church.

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She enters the cathedral quietly and sits beside… Mi Jung’s grandmother!


And another war will erupt soon! Fortunately they’re in church so have to be on their best behavior but I cannot wait to see their next pride-war.

My heart aches seeing Mi Jung described herself as a heartless machine. I don’t think she is because a heartless machine wouldn’t protect her children and spare them from hearing the truth about their dad’s affair. She is also a caring granddaughter who didn’t want grandma to worry. She might be workaholic but she juggles her family & work well. After In Chul pierced her heart & left a big hole on it, she matured into a tough strong-willed woman.

Ok Soon Mi Sook only wants her son to be happy but I found remarriage plan ridiculous. He’s not ready to move on so let him be. He’s such a loyal husband so it’s not easy to open up his heart. Moreover, he needs to take into account his two kids’ feelings.

About Ho Tae and Soon Young love story, it’s cliche and predictable. To be honest, I don’t see any sparkling chemistry between them (yet) but hopefully this couple will impress me later. Jin Joo and Tae Min are sweet together and I’m happy Yeon Tae will not be nursing her broken-heart for much longer. Sang Min is the total opposite of Tae Min (imho), he’s hilariously too absorbed with his own awesomeness and needs someone to slap him with reality. I think Yeon Tae is perfect for him 😀


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