Five Children Episode 8 Brief Recap

This episode is my favorite Five Children episode to date. Mi Jung’s frankness takes the center stage as she asks Sang Tae the question we’re dying to know. Their friendship naturally evolves from co-workers to friends and perhaps something more so it’s awesome to see her confirming the stage they’re at  – it’s best to draw the lines before they (accidentally) hurt each other’s feeling. Brothers Tae Min’s & Sang Min’s bromance is simply the best! 😀

Episode 8 Brief Recap

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They enjoy a nice bike ride in the riverside which put a smile back on Mi Jung’s face. Sang Tae teases that it’s good seeing her smile, making her blushes & wonders why! When asked, he coolly replies she looks pretty when she smiles so she asks him bluntly if he likes her. He’s shocked, suddenly loses his focus and stumbles down. No, he doesn’t like her – he’s only taking care his team member like he always does to his other team members. Just after he said she’s not his type, he protects her from a speeding biker – throwing both of them to the grass and Mi Jung lies on top of him.

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As they stare into each other’s eyes, their hearts beat so fast. Flashback to Sang Tae telling his late wife that his heart never beats no matter who he sees. He then blames Mi Jung for shocking him so bad that his heart started pounding. But it’s not Mi Jung’s fault for thinking that he likes her, he’s really nice to her. Sang Tae actually calls her suffering from self-conceit disease, complaining that it’s not a sin to love & treat other people kindly. Interestingly, Mi Jung clarifies that she didn’t want him to get hurt as she doesn’t want to date anyone (at the moment). Yupe, Sang Tae is dumped although he doesn’t like her 😀 He yells out that he only wanted to cheer her up after kneeling in front of people who ruined her marriage & life! That’s why he didn’t even go home & went straight here.

Mi Jung: “But… I didn’t kneel down!” Oh yeaaah!

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She didn’t mind kneeling down but she didn’t do anything wrong so why did she have to kneel? To apologize for what her grandmother did to So Young? Well So Young’s mom slapped her too and she accepted it graciously. About the child support, she deserves to receive it and she can easily settle it by the law but because it’ll take time, she grabbed their car key from the cash register. She drove In Chul’s car and promised to return it after they send the child support. Awesome!

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Sang Tae is beyond mad at this point. Especially when he heard she stole her ex-husband’s car. Well she didn’t steal, she only took it as a “ransom”. But her action put a negative connotation on his mind – he think she’s a pain in the ass! Wow did he just call her that? She confronts him! But a smile soon breaks on her face realizing he’s staring at her (boobs). He yells out that it (her boobs) was there 😀 and where should he be looking at? Awkward awkward

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Ho Tae is relieved that his first love is living well, he did the right thing of letting her go. But Soon Young emphasizes that she didn’t mind him although he didn’t have money, making Ho Tae lectures she shouldn’t said it carelessly (as she’s a married woman now) and to look back at their past as good memories. He gives money to the taxi driver to drive her home, as usual, she instructs the driver to take her to the nearest station before asking him to return the money!

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Our OTP’s date isn’t going that well unfortunately. After series of misunderstandings, Sang Tae asks Mi Jung to pay her bike rental. So she won’t get the wrong idea again. Well Mi Jung complains non-stop on her way home. Granted she’s a divorcée with three kids but can’t a man like her for who she is? *Good question* Sang Tae meanwhile figures out he’s too nice to others and will need to draw the lines especially to women like Mi Jung. He doesn’t understand why he’s strangely concerned with troublemaker like her. *That’s because you… like her, Sang Tae ya* 😀

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Once Mi Jung made up her mind, nothing can change it. Even though In Chul calls her to return the car, she won’t give it back until he transfer the child support. In Chul points out that’s the reason he divorced his ex-wife, she started the mess before he fell in love with So Young. Well you should’ve divorced her first before dating So Young if that’s the case! So Young adds that the only way people survive is through pure love and this is all fate. So Young’s Mom is on their side only because they’re her family but she knows they’re villains 😀 And if she’s Mi Jung, she would’ve sent them to jail!

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Grandma Jang takes down the family picture as she can’t look at In Chul’s face anymore and as soon as Mi Jung comes home, she grabs a scissor to ‘kill’ her ex-husband! They’re startled when Woo Young wakes up & bombards them with questions. They should’ve been more careful in the future.

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After checking his kids who’re fast asleep, Sang Tae assures worried Ok Soon that he’s ok. Then he shares what happened today to his late wife, adorably explains that he feels sorry for Mi Jung who lives like a machine after series of unfortunate life events. If Jin Joo or Yeon Tae experience things like that, they won’t stay still either.

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Today is Yeon Tae’s first day as a teacher. She kicks big bro’s room to wake him up, follows by Dad who tells him to eat as they’re going to work now and Mom who complains he continues making troubles at home. The parents accompany her to the bus stop, cheering her up. It reminds her of all the time her parents walked her to the bus stop on her first day of college, high school and middle school. They’ve grown older but their spirit stay alive. She also receives the same fighting video message from her oldest brother. I love this family so much. They might not be financially wealthy but the parents raised their children with utmost sincerity hence they grow up into amazing people.

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Well the female teachers are most excited with new Teacher Tae Min who’s teaching the fourth grade (Lee Soo and Woo Young’s class). Yeon Tae meanwhile is teaching their sisters’ class. Lee Bin vows to keep the secret she’s her Aunt from her classmates.

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After school, Jin Joo picks Yeon Tae up to go shopping together (without Tae Min who finally told Yeon Tae that he asked Jin Joo out). But Jin Joo still hasn’t given her answer, it’s her style in dating – playing hard to get. In frustration, Yeon Tae yells out why she forgot that they’re still fighting, she’s still angry at her! She doesn’t care about nice things Jin Joo promised to buy her. Just stop the car, Jin Joo ya! And don’t toy with Tae Min, he’s her precious friend. Awww <3

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Lol Sang Tae sends texts to Mi Jung asking if she’s returned the car and calling her out as a thief (he checked with the legal department!) when she replies she hasn’t. 😀 But she’ll return it tonight (as So Young’s mom predicted) and will solve it through law if they still won’t give the child support. In Chul meanwhile already gives up, he confronts his MIL that the child support actually comes from his salary (which MIL deducts to pay for the child support). Mom points out she only keeps them in this job only because they’re family – if not, she’d already fire them as they are lazy workers who frequently take time off. They can’t fight with mom as she’s right.

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Because Ho Tae has already filmed half of his new project, no production company is willing to continue (salvage it). He needs to humble himself, change his attitude to convince production directors / investors to invest in him. After lecturing him, one of them promises to talk to his CEO and hopefully will give him the good news soon. He then tells Ho Tae the truth about Soon Young’s family – no she didn’t marry a rich man & live in the USA, her family got bankrupt, her father collapsed, her mom passed away and nobody knows where her brother is. Her life’s gone in an instant. Ho Tae is advised not to pick up her call nor buy a water purifier she sells – well because he has no money anyway. He straight away calls Soon Young wanting to meet up so she takes off her work clothes, making excuses to step out for a moment.

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So Young’s Mom calls police because Mi Jung hasn’t contacted them nor returned the car! She’s crazy. Just then, Mi Jung calls In Chul but Mom tells So Young to ignore the call and don’t tell In Chul she called. Sang Tae hears in the radio about a thief stealing a car with registration number of the car in front of him. It’s In Chul’s car. He stops, put emergency triangle sign and directs the traffic as Mi Jung is arguing with the truck driver after their cars hit each other. Both of them claim they’re right! She runs to Sang Tae to help her but he doesn’t want her to get misunderstood again (for being too nice to her). lol. When she mentions that the Heaven knows who’s in the wrong, Sang Tae coolly points out the car black box knows too! Lightbulb moment – thank you for helping her, Sang Tae yaa.

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Sang Min is frustrated that Yeon Tae hasn’t returned his phone. He called earlier (they’re supposed to meet today) but she’s really upset Tae Min dumped her that she refused to go all the way to that cafe. She didn’t even want to see him today. His mood worsens as Tae Min makes curry again, he doesn’t like so he instructs him to make salmon salad. Suddenly, he changes his mind as he’s on diet so let’s just eat chicken breast salad. Tae Min yells out he’s not his wife! Sung Min hilariously states that he’ll take his brother even after he’s married. Their bromance is love. He notices Tae Min is in a bad mood – if it’s not because of his new job then it must be a woman’s problem. Spot on! Tae Min is upset Jin Joo plays hard to get while Sang Min is annoyed at his phone thief who ‘kinda’ mocks him.

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Sang Min decides to eat dumpling now and takes over the frying as he’s the expert. Awesome! He’s curious about the woman who made his calm brother frustrated like this while Tae Min is curious about his brother’s phone thief. Well, you know her Tae Min ah.

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Ok Soon and Min Hoo need to put extra attention on their fourth year college student Jin Joo – they don’t even know if she’s near graduating or has graduated (perhaps in secret) until the housekeeper mocks her. She should’ve graduated by now unless she didn’t have enough credits. And if she didn’t study, she would’ve failed, right?

As soon as she comes home, Dad points out his golf club & asks if she’s graduated. She adorably bows to dad, runs to the front garden where Dad chases her around. She escapes outside without her bags nor car keys and she doesn’t have any money. Oh nooo…

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The policemen are watching the black box carefully to find out if Mi Jung’s claim that the truck driver didn’t put the blinker on was true. They’re entertained by Mi Jung’s hilarious talk, endless complains about Sang Tae and her cover of SNSD’s I Got a Boy! 😀 From the black box, it’s proven the truck driver was wrong but there’s no accident compensation because it’s a stolen car. In return, she’s the one who’s supposed to compensate the car. Just then, In Chul and So Young (the car’s owners) arrive at the police station.


Thank God Mi Jung didn’t yield to the villains! She got slapped too so it’s fair now, isn’t it? Moreover, she was slapped during work hour – in front of her Team Leader which led to a rumor that spreading like a fire. Grandma was at fault but so did So Young’s Mom. I feel sorry for Mi Jung and So Young who were ‘punished‘ because of their elders’ pride war. If the elders stop meddling into the kids’ lives and stop putting more oil into the burning fire, I think they will be able to live their lives peacefully albeit they might not see each other again.

It’s understandable why Mi Jung misunderstood Sang Tae’s kindness. He’s the only man who stayed by her side when she was in her lowest moments, encouraged her to let out the anger hidden inside her and took her to a place where she could regain her strength back. Although we all know they’ll be couple in the end but now is too early for Sang Tae to reopen his heart for another woman. This drama emphasizes his faithful love for his late wife so I’d be cheated if he moves on that easily. A steady gradual growth of affection which evolves into love is best for a kind loyal husband like him. Even though he cleared up the misunderstanding, he still continues protecting Mi Jung (as her Team Leader). He’s the brain while she’s the brawn 🙂

The brothers… how adorable are they? Two grumps whinging about women who currently have the upper hands. I despise Jin Joo for toying with Tae Min’s heart, this girl is too spoiled that she think she can do whatever she wants to anyone. Can we entirely blame her? No… she rarely gets love from her parents (who’re too busy loving their son). Her parents should start disciplining her & showering her with love to get her back on the right track.

Glad Ho Tae found out the truth about Soon Young. She can’t lie forever, right? This drama doesn’t keep secrets too long – one of the reason why I really enjoy Five Children.

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