[Gallery] 2014 KBS Drama Awards Red Carpet

The hosts for tonight’s award show: Kim Sang Kyung (What Happens with my Family), Park Min Young (Healer), Seo In Guk (The King’s Face)

 photo KimSangKyung_ParkMinYoung_SeoInGuk_KBS_bc1_zps9fcbeda9.jpg

Daesang Contenders: Yoo Dong Geun (Jeong Do Jeon, What Happens with my Family), Cho Jae Hyun (Jeong Do Jeon)

 photo YooDongGeun_KBS_bc1_zpsd687be2a.jpg  photo ChoJaeHyun_KBS_bc1_zpsbeb44808.jpg

Ji Chang Wook (Healer), Shin Sung Rok (Trot LoversThe King’s Face)

 photo JiChangWook_KBS_bc1_zps97eaf9c3.jpg  photo ShinSungRok_KBS_bc1_zpsbc71768f.jpg

Eric Moon (Discovery of Love), Joo Won (Naeil Cantabile)

 photo Eric_KBS_bc1_zps6a8a02db.jpg  photo JooWon_KBS_bc1_zps12953bc9.jpg

Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi, Jeon Hye Bin (Joseon Gunman)

 photo LeeJunKi_NamSangMi_KBS_bc1_zps46a210d3.jpg  photo JeonHyeBin_KBS_bc1_zps6f936478.jpg

Park Hyung Sik & Nam Ji Hyun, Seo Kang Joon (What Happens with my Family)

 photo ParkHyungSik_NamJiHyun_KBS_bc1_zps255305ee.jpg  photo SeoKangJoon_KBS_bc1_zpsf4fd1e5b.jpg

Im Ho (Jeong Do Jeon), Yoon Bak (What Happens With My Family)

 photo ImHo_KBS_bc1_zps2415e05e.jpg  photo YoonBak_KBS_bc1_zpsbe6fd48a.jpg

Kim Hyun JooSon Dam Bi (What Happens with my family)

 photo KimHyunJoo_KBS_bc1_zpsc2965d9a.jpg  photo SonDamBi_KBS_bc1_zps4d7fe2d3.jpeg

Han Chae Ah (You’re the Only One)

 photo HanChaeAh_KBS_bc1_zps51c6e1ea.jpg

Hwang Dong Joo (Cuckoo Nest), Park Bo Geum (Wonderful Days, Naeil Cantabile)

 photo HwangDongJu_KBS_bc1_zpsc96314af.jpg  photo ParkBoGeum_KBS_bc1_zps6e36eb10.jpg

Daniel Choi (Big Man), Son Ho Jun (Trot Lovers, Beyond the Clouds)

 photo DanielChoi_KBS_bc1_zps82c8f61a.jpg  photo SonHoJun_KBS_bc1_zps7e7c9879.jpg

Lee Da Hee (Big Man), Joo Da Young (Inspiring Generation)

 photo LeeDaHee_KBS_bc1_zps2fa0bf50.jpg  photo JooDaYeong_KBS_bc1_zpsf10ca95e.jpg

Shin So Yul (Love & Secret), Kim Ga Eun (Abiding Love Dandelion)

 photo ShinSoYul_KBS_bc1_zpsf1be8fd0.jpg  photo KimGaEun_KBS_bc1_zps3ec82ebf.jpg

Lee Chae Young (Two Mothers), Lee Yul Eum (Middle School Student A)

 photo LeeChaeYoung_KBS_bc1_zpsd9d2e4a9.jpg  photo LeeYulEum_KBS_bc1_zps924eb95a.jpg

Kim So Hyun (Different Cries), Kim Sae Ron (Hi! School – Love On)

 photo KimSoHyun_KBS_bc1_zps0c6adf49.jpg  photo KimSaeRon_KBS_bc1_zps5391b7aa.jpg

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