[Gallery] 2014 MBC Drama Awards Red Carpet

The host for tonight’s show: Choi Soo Young (My Spring Days)

 photo ChoiSooYoung_MBC_bc1_zpsb0e00120.jpg  photo ChoiSooYoung_MBC_bc2_zps4e6380a6.jpg

Daesang Contenders Lee Yoo Ri (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Song Yoon Ah (Mama)

 photo LeeYooRi_MBC_bc1_zps3786567d.jpg  photo SongYoonAh_MBC_bc2_zps97000de5.jpg

Kim Ji Hoon (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Oh Yeon Seo (Jang Bo Ri is Here)

 photo KimJiHoon_MBC_bc1_zps0b7fc638.jpg  photo OhYeonSeo_bc1_zpsa66dbb1d.jpg

Jung Joon Ho, Hong Jong Hyeon (Jang Bo Ri is Here)

 photo JungJoonHo_MBC_bc2_zps61cebc8d.jpg  photo HongJongHyeon_MBC_bc2_zpsb24fb825.jpg

Kim Ji Young (Jang Bo Ri is Here), Yoon Chan Young (Mama)

 photo KimJiYoung_MBC_bc1_zps940064b6.jpg  photo YoonChanYoung_MBC_bc2_zps4142da59.jpg

Baek Jin Hee (Triangle, Pride & Prejudice), Kim Sae Ron

 photo BaekJinHee_MBC_bc2_zpseef3e4a0.jpg  photo KimSaeRon_MBC_bc2_zps26222da2.jpg

Kim Ji Young (Everybody, Kimchi), Kim Seul Gi

 photo KimJiYoung_MBC_bc3_zpsd1349e81.jpg  photo KimSeulGi_MBC_bc1_zpsc571fb7f.jpg

Jang Na Ra (Fated to Love You, Mr Back)

 photo JangNara_MBC_bc2_zps450f51cd.jpg  photo JangNara_MBC_bc1_zps7663ba49.jpg

Choi Jin Hyuk (Fated to Love You, Pride & Prejudice), Jung Il Woo (Night Watchman Journal)

 photo ChoiJinHyuk_MBC_bc2_zpsd1b2913b.jpg  photo JungIlWoo_MBC_bc1_zps49ab36a4.jpg

Jang Hyuk (Fated to Love You), Lee Joon (Mr Back)

 photo JangHyuk_MBC_bc1_zps026f802f.jpg  photo LeeJoon_MBC_bc1_zps0d18acac.jpg

Moon Jeong Hee (Mama), Hong Soo Hyun (Will You Love & Give it Away)

 photo MoonJeongHee_MBC_bc2_zpsafa6fa18.jpg  photo HongSooHyun_MBC_bc1_zpsced1a9e3.jpg

Go Sung Hee (Night Watchman Journal, Miss Korea), Han Sun Hwa (Rosy Lovers)

 photo GoSeungHee_bc1_zpsbda8676a.jpg  photo HanSunHwa_bc1_zps5f24b671.jpg
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