[Gallery] All About My Mom Wrap Up Party

Celebrating the hard work they put in for the past few months, Go Doo Shim, Kim Kap Soo, Eugene, Lee Sang Woo, Oh Min Suk, Son Yeo Eun, Choi Tae Joon, Song Seung Hwan, Hwang Jung Min, Kim Young Ok, Kim So Yeong and child actor Gil Jung Woo gathered at a buffet restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul yesterday. It’s really the end T_T

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 photo 53c8f7bf-92de-481b-ae92-4ec2eb46d841_zpselaisurm.jpg  photo 5c3e41a7-660e-4660-83ab-296c8e647d3b_zpsf2evfxqp.jpg

 photo 983d4581-5eb5-4fdd-9b92-716ffd1b09ee_zps70y7xtal.jpg  photo cf72b5d0-d68e-44a6-a4da-3c09a2f59d9f_zpsgpyg4gdp.jpg

 photo 50609133-a3f9-41dc-8a2e-6a29ddbc3725_zpsbb1yyc62.jpg  photo 6bad7e8f-d422-4e9c-ad46-b67cb5c4b694_zpswb6sjxpq.jpg

Seems like it was only yesterday All About My Mom aired its first episode, 6 months passed by like an arrow – we’ll say goodbye to this family drama tomorrow night. I’m gonna miss all the casts and will try my best to follow their future projects. There’s no break for Lee Sang Woo who jumps straight to MBC weekend drama Happy Home (premieres in 2 weeks’ time) and his on-screen father Song Seung Hwan whose new 60 episodes SBS weekend drama Yeah That’s How It Is premieres today at 8:45PM.

They look happy albeit tired 🙂

 photo ffd5d260-86ee-43ef-9349-b976a45bb7e2_zpsuit0gjet.jpg

pic cr as labeled 


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