[Gallery] Hyde, Jekyll, I Press Conference


On 15 January 2015, Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min, Sung Joon, Hyeri, writer Kim Ji Woon and PD Jo Young Kwang attended Hyde, Jekyll, I press conference at Seoul Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. This is Hyun Bin’s drama comeback after he finished serving his mandatory military service. He plays a character who has dual personalities (Hyde [Goo Seo Jin] – cold, Jekyll [Robin] – sweet). He’s reunited with The Fatal Encounter’s co-star Han Ji Min who plays as a master of circus in the theme park that’s managed by Hyun Bin’s character.

This romantic comedy drama premieres next Wednesday, 21 January 2015 on SBS.

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBin_PC2_zps97f0e0dd.jpg  photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBin_PC1_zps1cbf7a3e.jpg

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBin_PC_zps3df60a44.jpg

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HanJiMin_PC1_zps6c360848.jpg  photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HanJiMin_PC2_zps6af48360.jpg

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HanJiMin_PC_zps5e512132.jpg

Binnie & Minnie =)

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBinHanJiMin_PC1_zpsb1252798.jpg  photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBinHanJiMin_PC3_zpsfb52c7c9.jpg

Sung Joon plays a gentle hypnotherapist

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_SungJoon_PC1_zpsf80ba761.jpg  photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_SungJoonHanJiMin_PC1_zps262dbfe2.jpg

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBinSungJoon_PC1_zpsf3e27030.jpg  photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBinSungJoon_PC2_zps710cb10f.jpg

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_SungJoon_PC_zps14b7d871.jpg

Hyeri showed her cute famous aegyo which put the smile on her commander’s face when he bid her farewell in MBC variety show Real Men. Her character Min Woo Jung has a one-sided love with Robin (Goo Seo Jin’s warm personality)

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_Hyeri_PC2_zps0f3161a6.jpg  photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_HyunBinHyeri_PC2_zpsd9a7daef.jpg

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_Hyeri_PC_zpsef13cb0d.jpg

 photo SBS_HydeJkyllI_PC4_zps40f5a77c.jpg

Pic cr as labeled & SBSNow

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