[Gallery] Joseon Gunman Press Conference

On 19 June 2014, Lee Jun Ki, Nam Sang Mi, Han Joo Wan, Jeon Hye Bin and PD Kim Jung Min attend Joseon Gunman Press Conference at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul.

Nam Sang Mi and Jeon Hye Bin both dressed in simple white dresses, the handsome men Lee Jun Ki and Han Joo Wan dressed in white shirt / t-shirt & cool suits. Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi showed their perfect chemistry. From the press pictures, the main casts look like a happy little family who’re very comfortable with one another.

Can’t wait for Joseon Gunman to start. 6 more days! ^^

Joseon Gunman 7minutes highlight video

 photo JoseonGunman_PC1_zps8af4d262.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_bc2_zps3c0c2dca.jpg

 photo JoseonGunmanPC_zpsd7830915.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_bc1_zps3754e312.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_LeeJunKi_bc3_zpsce9ce075.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_LeeJunKi_bc2_zps80cbe5f7.jpg  photo JoseonGunman_PC_LeeJunKi_bc1_zps5f00f678.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_NamSangMi_bc3_zps96237b7f.jpg  photo JoseonGunman_PC_NamSangMi_bc4_zpsc39d9106.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_LeeJunKi_NamSangMi_bc1_zps4eb7bfac.jpg  photo JoseonGunman_PC_LeeJunKi_NamSangMi_bc4_zps4ae16fcd.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_HanJooWan_bc2_zpsfef6b8c1.jpg  photo JoseonGunman_PC_HanJooWan_bc1_zps7d1777e0.jpg

 photo JoseonGunman_PC_JeonHyeBin_bc3_zps1387af22.jpg  photo JoseonGunman_PC_JeonHyeBin_bc2_zps0f0e9e2c.jpg

Pic cr KBSTV & as labeled

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