[Gallery] Mr Back Press Conference

Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Na Ra, Lee Joon, Park Ye Jin, Jung Suk Won and PD Lee Sang Yeob – Mr Back Press Conference. Mr Back is a romantic comedy drama about Choi Go Bong, CEO in his 70s who suddenly wakes up as a man in his 30s Choi Shin Hyeong, giving this workaholic man a second chance to live his life to the fullest & to experience true love with Eun Ha Soo who after lots of struggles, finally secures a permanent job.

Mr Back premieres this Wednesday, 5 November 2014 on MBC.

 photo MBCMrBack_PC_bc1_zpsd36344ac.jpg

Shin Ha Kyun as Choi Go Bong and Choi Shin Hyeong

 photo ShinHaKyun_MrBack_PC_bc2_zpsbbe6997e.jpg  photo ShinHaKyun_MrBack_PC_bc1_zps182e8bec.jpg

Jang Na Ra as Eun Ha Soo

 photo JangNara_MrBack_PC_bc1_zpscefa7932.jpg  photo JangNara_MrBack_PC_bc2_zpsff0c5788.jpg

 photo ShinHaKyun_JangNaRa_MrBack_PC_bc1_zps473b66c7.jpg  photo ShinHaKyun_JangNaRa_MrBack_PC_bc2_zps396cbd37.jpg

Lee Joon as Choi Dae Han (Choi Go Bong’s son)

 photo LeeJoon_MrBack_PC_bc1_zpsff363971.jpg  photo LeeJoon_MrBack_PC_bc2_zpsb632d008.jpg

Father & Son

 photo SHK_LeeJoon_MrBack_PC_bc2_zpsd9ae3dba.jpg

 photo ShinHaKyun_JangNaRa_LeeJoon_MrBack_PC_bc1_zps610d7df2.jpg

Park Ye Jin as Hong Ji Yeon

 photo ParkYeJin_MrBack_PC_bc1_zps616d94ac.jpg

Jung Suk Won as Jung I Geon

 photo JungSukWon_MrBack_PC_bc2_zps440fd6a9.jpg  photo JungSukWon_ParkYeJin_MrBack_PC_bc2_zps75d20a50.jpg

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