[Gallery] Pictures from You Who Came From the Star Press Conference

Today, SBS holds press conference of their upcoming Wednesdays-Thursdays rom-com drama You Who Came From the Stars (You From Another Star).

Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoo In Na, Park Hae Jin, Shin Sung Rok, PD Jang Tae Yoo attend the press conference; the actors are very tall & looking really handsome today, especially the main hero, Kim Soo Hyun who’s dressed in all-black. Jun Ji Hyun’s comeback to the small screen has already garnered viewers’ attention & interest; she looks really beautiful today in a lace-white dress & red shoes. Yoo In Na is pretty in red and black-belt.

They held a star while posing for a group shot. Hwaiting!

 photo YWCFAS_bc1_zps1fd61369.jpg

 photo YWCFAS_KSH_bc3_zpsbe9121ae.jpg

 photo YWCFAS_JJH_bc2_zpsbed5bd44.jpg

 photo YWCFAS_KSH_JJH_bc2_zpsd765b69a.jpg  photo YWCFAS_KSH_JJH_bc2-1_zps4b2bbd4d.jpg

 photo YWCFAS_KSH_YIN_JJH_bc3-1_zpsac334527.jpg  photo YWCFAS_KSH_YIN_JJH_bc3-2_zpsce944c60.jpg

 photo YWCFAS_YIN_bc3-1_zps4d74b6d1.jpg  photo YWCFAS_YIN_bc3_zps50f30f63.jpg

 photo YWCFAS_PHJ_bc2-1_zps3610b4ae.jpg

 photo YWCFAS_PSJ_JJH_bc2-1_zps9a20abae.jpg  photo YWCFAS_PHJ_YIN_bc3-1_zps8b42a7cb.jpg

Pic cr as labeled

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