[Gallery] Secret Door Press Conference

The casts of one of the most anticipated drama this Autumn, Secret Door, gathered together at SBS Hall in Seoul on 18 September 2014. Han Suk Kyu, Lee Je Hoon, Kim Yoo Jung, Park Eun Bin, Kim Min Jong, Choi Won Young are more than ready to give their best to the viewers in this sageuk mystery political drama which will shed a new light behind the conflict between King Yeongjo (Han Suk Kyu) and his son Crown Prince Sado (Lee Je Hoon).

Secret Door premieres next Monday, 22 September 2014 on SBS.


 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_bc2_zpsb126f761.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_HanSukKyu_bc2_zpse14f6100.jpg  photo SBSSecretDoorPC_HanSukKyu_bc1_zpsf3404b93.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_LeeJeHoon_bc2_zpsa1eed2d4.jpg  photo SBSSecretDoorPC_LeeJeHoon_bc1_zpsb9f3116a.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_KimYooJung_bc1_zps22faf025.jpg  photo SBSSecretDoorPC_KimYooJung_bc2_zps6e9a92de.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_ParkEunBin_bc1_zps809712e7.jpg  photo SBSSecretDoorPC_ParkEunBin_bc2_zps636b3bab.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_KimMinJong_bc2_zpsff8a9e15.jpg  photo SBSSecretDoorPC_ChoiWonYoung_bc2_zps05a09a15.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_HanSukKyuLeeJeHoon_bc1_zpsea5bdf2c.jpg  photo SBSSecretDoorPC_ParkEunBinKimYooJung_bc1_zps10c6eb3e.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_KimYooJung_LeeJeHoon_bc2_zpsc8738693.jpg  photo SBSSecretDoorPC_ParkEunBinLeeJeeHoon_bc1_zps64d479ad.jpg

 photo SBSSecretDoorPC_KimYooJung_KimMinJong_bc2_zps60140b18.jpg

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