[Gallery] Shine or Go Crazy Press Conference


Shine or Go Crazy, MBC Monday-Tuesday fantasy romance sageuk drama of the Goryeo era held the drama’s press conference on 15 January 2015 at MBC new building in Sangam-dong. Jang Hyuk and Im Jo Hwan who play as half-brother dressed in all black, while Oh Yeon Seo who’ll be entangled in the love triangle matched the handsome men black theme color.

 photo JangHyukPC_bc2_zps6327d098.jpg  photo JangHyukPC_bc1_zps9c8b357f.jpg

 photo OhYeonSeo_ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc1_zpsa6e340f3.jpg  photo OhYeonSeo_ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc2_zpse6c889ce.jpg

 photo ImJooHwanPC_bc1_zpsd96400f7.jpg  photo ImJooHwanPC_bc2_zpsecafa906.jpg

 photo JangHyukOhYeonSeo_ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc1_zps423a8975.jpg  photo ImJooHwanOhYeonSeo_ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc1_zpsc9429818.jpg

Honey Lee is looking gorgeous in pink dress.

 photo HoneyLee_ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc1_zpsa1f7d87e.jpg  photo JangHyukHoneyLee_ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc1_zps2320ff32.jpg

Ryu Seung Soo & Lee Deok Hwa

 photo RyuSeungSoo_ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc1_zpsb9a5c17c.jpg  photo LeeDeokHwa_bc1_zps0ee8213f.jpg

Shine or Go Crazy premieres next Monday, 19 January 2015 on MBC.

 photo ShineOrGoCrazyPC_bc2_zpsf887a05d.jpg

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