[Gallery] Stars attend Oh Ji Ho’s Wedding

Oh Ji Ho marries his 3 years younger bride at the Shilla Hotel, Seoul on 12 April 2014 on a private wedding ceremony, with his family & close friends in attendance.

Actor Jo Yeon Woo, Jazz vocalist Lee Dong Woo

Ahn Sung Ki, Jung Suk Won

Kang Seong Min, Kim Ki Cheon

Han Jung Soo & Jo Dong Hyuk, Min Hyo Rin

Ko Chang Seok, Song Chang Ui

 Choi Jung YoonLee Jung Jin

Jeon Hye Bin, Ha Joo Hee

Kim Seung Woo & Kim Nam Joo, Kwon Min & Yoon Ji Min

Jang Hyuk, Singer Mario 마리오 & Kim Joon 김준

BEAT WIN (비트윈)

Fashion designer Park Sul Nyeo

 pic cr as labeled

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