[Gallery] The Night Watchman’s Journal Press Conference

On 29 July 2014, Jung Il Woo, Jung Yun Ho, Go Sung Hee, Seo Ye Ji, Yoon Tae Young, Kim Heung Soo, Kim Sung Oh and PD Lee Joo Hwan attend The Night Watchman’s Journal‘s press conference at 63 City Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

 photo NWJ_fighting_zpsa22e964d.jpg

NWJ_PC_JungIlWooGoSungHeeSeoYeJiJungYunHo _bc1

Jung Il Woo

 photo NWJ_PC_JungIlWoo_bc2_zpsb1e13035.jpg  photo NWJ_PC_JungIlWoo_bc3_zpsf032684e.jpg

Jung Yunho

 photo NWJ_PC_JungYunHo_bc1_zps806823c2.jpg  photo NWJ_PC_JungYunHo_bc2_zps7f998cf4.jpg

Go Sung Hee

 photo NWJ_PC_GoSungHee_bc1_zps80acf42a.jpg  photo NWJ_PC_GoSungHee_bc2_zpsfd89c158.jpg

Seo Ye Ji

 photo NWJ_PC_SeoYeJi_bc2_zps70d89c82.jpg  photo NWJ_PC_SeoYeJi_bc1_zpsc78f51ba.jpg

 photo NWJ_PC_JungIlWooGoSungHee_bc1_zpsc0c64c13.jpg  photo NWJ_PC_JungIlWooSeoYeJi_bc1_zps9592c00b.jpg

 photo NWJ_PC_JungYunhoeoYeJi_bc1_zpsd35e026f.jpg

Kim Sung Oh (I’m looking forward to see his transformation as evil intimidating Psychic Sadam)

 photo NWJ_PC_JungYunHoGoSungHee_bc1_zps7f1b031d.jpg  photo NWJ_PC_KimSungOh_bc1_zps7281d8e9.jpg

Yoon Tae Young  & Kim Heung Soo wore matching suits

 photo NWJ_PC_YoonTaeYoung_bc1_zps9e0224b1.jpg  photo NWJ_PC_KimHeungSoo_bc1_zps80b77721.jpg

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Pic cr as labeled

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