[Gallery] tvN My Secret Hotel Press Conference

On 14 August 2014, the casts of tvN drama My Secret Hotel attended the drama’s press conference at Seoul Imperial Hotel, Seoul.


Yoo In Na is playing as wedding planner manager Nam Sang Hyo

 photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc1_zps2cc2c0c3.jpg  photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc1-1_zps421f1be3.jpg

Nam Goong Min is playing as Nam Sang Hyo’s boss & hotel manager Jo Sung Gyeom

 photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc2-1_zpsa69c11f6.jpg  photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc2_zps57817ca4.jpg

Jin Yi Han‘s character Koo Hae Young meets his ex-wife Sang Hyo when he plans his second wedding.

 photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc4-1_zpsaa324830.jpg  photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc4_zpsb04a8741.jpg

Lee Young Eun who’ll tie the knot next month is playing as hotel public relation’s manager Yeo Eun Joo

 photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc6_zpsb3a89a27.jpg  photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc6-1_zps8822feab.jpg

Ha Yeon Joo (Jung SooA)

 photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc3_zps5177e4df.jpg  photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc3-1_zps2757e4cc.jpg

Choi Jung Won (Yoo Shi Chan)

 photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc5_zps0ad6061b.jpg  photo tvN_MySecretHotel_PC_bc5-1_zps14e2f29b.jpg

My Secret Hotel premieres next Monday, 18 August 2014.

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