[Gallery] Yoo Na’s Street Press Conference

JTBC upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Yoona’s Street held their press conference today at Seoul Megabox Dongdaemun attended by Kim Ok BinLee Hee JoonLee Moon ShikJo Hee Bong, Shin So YoolKang Shin Hyo, Seo Yoo Jung and PD Im Tae Woo. May 14 is Rose Day, Kim Ok Bin & Shin So Yool received a “surprise” red rose. ^^

Yoona’s Street premieres next Monday, 19 May 2014 on JTBC.

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc8-3_zps85d178e0.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc8-2_zps71df9df9.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc8_zpsbc64b0c0.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc1-3_zps2c319089.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc1-5_zpsaf6de6ce.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc1_zpsa1ff86e2.jpg  photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc2_zpsf8dd6176.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc2-2_zps1de2b4b9.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc1-2_zps17d331b6.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc5-6_zpsb56f0a48.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc9-2_zpsca8cb163.jpg  photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc9-3_zps52e83310.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc5-2_zpse7178de3.jpg  photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc9-4_zpsbe18929d.jpg

 photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc9_zps15709f11.jpg  photo Drama_YoonaStreet_PC_bc9-1_zps0f345df1.jpg

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