Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) Quotes and Narration

Goblin (Guardian): The Lonely and Great God 쓸쓸하고찬란하神-도깨비 is a tvN Friday & Saturday drama about Goblin Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) who’s ‘cursed’ of an immortal life until he finds his Bride who will remove his cursed sword.

After living for around 900 years, with a strict principle for not meddling with the life & death of mortals, he fulfill a dying pregnant mother’s wish allowing her & her daughter Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) to live, letting them spending 9 years together. Eun Tak now lives with her ungrateful aunt’s family and she magically can see mythical characters such as Goblin, Grim Reaper, Ghosts. Eun Tak’s mother & unborn baby Eun Taek were destined to die that day & are Grim Reaper Wang Yeo’s (Lee Dong Wook) missing souls.

Appearing in front of Eun Tak on her lonely birthday, Kim Shin becomes her guardian granting her wishes & getting summoned when she thinks / calls him. Thanks to him, her life is no longer lonely & she gets a job at Kim Sun also known as Sunny’s (Yoo In Na) chicken shop.

Kim Shin’s cheeky ‘nephew’ Yoo Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) secretly rents out a room at his mansion to Wang Yeo where their bromance blossoms 🙂


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Episode 1

“When a powerful desire indwells in things touched by mortal souls, they become Goblins. A blade smeared with blood from countless battles enchanted with a powerful desire covered with its master’s blood. Only the bride of the Goblin will be able to draw the blade and once drawn, everything will turn to ashes & peace will be granted” *Grandma Fortune-teller*

“At a moment of life & death, make a wish with a powerful desire – a soft-hearted Creator might grant you that wish” *Grandma Fortune-teller*

“He (Goblin) is… the water, the fire, the wind, the light & the dark. And he was once a human”

“The souls of your people are saving you. However, the blood of thousands (people) are on your sword as well as the blood of your enemies who’re also descendants of deities. You shall be immortal and watch your loved ones die. You won’t forget a single death as this is the award I give you & the punishment you shall receive. Only the Goblin’s bride shall remove the sword. Once the sword is removed, you shall return to ash & be at peace”

“If there’s a divinity in this world, I’m that ‘anyone’ -Kim Shin-

“Ji Eun Tak: ‘What does buckwheat flower mean?’
Kim Shin: ‘lover'”

“Who are you to judge whether I am valuable or not?” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Live in reality, not in rumors!” -Kim Shin-

“I’ve made up my mind… I will marry you – I really think you’re the goblin! I love you!” -Ji Eun Tak-


Episode 2

“If you catch a falling maple leaf, you will fall in love with the person you are walking with… It’s like how they say you will marry your first love if you catch a falling cherry blossom.” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Oblivion is part of the blessing” -Wang Yeo-

“I once considered my endless life a reward but in the end, it’s a punishment.” -Kim Shin-

“Hello, I’m Ji Eun Tak. I will become your bride in about 200 years. Even about 200 years later, you are still handsome. You’re kind of mean at times but don’t worry – you’re doing well.” -Ji Eun Tak-

“On this rainy night, what is your umbrella? The voice that responds when you call. The memories of seeing the same thing at the same time. The first time you matched each other’s pace. Did someone come to mind? Yes, that’s the person…” -Radio DJ-

“Stay close but not too close. It had better be important enough to stay close or you are dead!” -Kim Shin-

“Do you get summoned when I’m just thinking about you?” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I don’t mind seeing you while promising our future. I love you! :D” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I hope I get an umbrella in my life” -Sunny-

“When I’m not here, you should just slack & not work because if you work harder when you are not being watched, the owner would not know about it!” -Sunny-

“Fortune-teller: Your life is like a sail boat in an open sea.
Sunny: I hope I’m on that boat alone with a handsome man.
Fortune-teller: I see a man in your life, watch out for the man with a hat! A pit-black-hat.”

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“Don’t look for death as it will find you!” -Wang Yeo-

“Don’t underestimate my power to foresee the future. You were thinking about her, Goblin!” -Wang Yeo-

“Shouldn’t you apologize like a man if you hurt her feelings? You are pathetic! Man up and tell her you are sorry!” -Deok Hwa-

“He (Goblin) saved his bride’s life – that’s very romantic :)”


Episode 3

“The resentment and the desire for revenge are making you miserable” -Wang Yeo-

“I know I had my ups & downs but I like the life I’m living. I was greatly loved by my mom, I even found myself an umbrella & I’m pleased to have met you” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Act of responsibility, willingness to become better; people call it ‘apology’ -Kim Shin-

“One is suffering from losing the memory of the previous life while the other is suffering because he cannot forget. The two are depending on each other” -Grandfather-

“I cannot find that girl – all my possessions are of no value to me” -Kim Shin-

“Whenever it rains, I’ll think you’re feeling down from now on. It’s not like I have anyone else to rely on, now I’ll have to worry about you on top of that” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Have you heard this? Humans have four lives: a life of planting seeds, a life of watering the seeds, a life of harvesting and a life of cherishing the harvests” -Ji Eun Tak-


Episode 4
“Ji Eun Tak: I can see it (the sword) since the first time I met you. What does that make me now? Am I still not the Goblin’s bride?
Kim Shin: I think you are”

“A part of me is relieved to meet the end of this eternity but it’s not that bad as a part of me still wants to live” -Kim Shin-

“Ever since I found I’m the Goblin’s bride, I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I don’t look up to the sky to see the stars anymore, why should I? I can just look at your eyes” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I was worried you might hear me so I was really discreet when I thought about you. I even sang in between my thoughts. While looking at the maple leaf, I made excuses to myself trying not to think about you!” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I shed a tear when I met a woman I’ve never met before” -Wang Yeo-

“Your choice is the only answer in your life” -Kim Shin-

“Ordinary people cannot forget the moment of miracle”

“You are the first and the last (bride)… because I chose it to be that way” -Kim Shin-

“I’ve been waiting for someone my entire life… my love. I don’t like younger guys, I’d prefer a king on a white horse” -Sunny-

“I have you, you’ll be by my side – I wouldn’t mind living forever” -Ji Eun Tak-

“It’s been almost 1000 years, I can’t stay sad for that long. I’m a brave Goblin who has accepted my fate. Even the deepest sorrow cannot last a thousand years and the most profound love cannot last a thousand years” -Kim Shin-

“I see! That’s why they say love quarrels are like cutting water with a sword” 😀 -Ji Eun Tak-

“Mass isn’t proportional to volume.
A girl as small as a violet, a girl who moves like a flower petal – is pulling me toward her with more force than her mass.
Just then, like Newton’s apple, I rolled toward her without stopping until I fell on her with a thump.
My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground.
It was my first love” -Kim Shin

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