Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) Quotes and Narration

Episode 5

“Life is a mixture of all sorts of genres. What genre was your day today? Rom-com? A strange but beautiful fantasy? A sad melodrama?” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Her smile reflected the light of the sun when it is the brightest.” -Kim Shin-

“Ji Eun Tak: Ahjussi, do you love me?
Kim Shin: I will if you need me to. I love you.”

“You and I started long before you were even born” -Kim Shin-

“At the age of 29, you’re still shining. But I am not by your side. My life of eternity has finally come to an end. Times after my death, you are still here. You have forgotten me & your life is perfectly complete with me gone. I have to disappear to make you smile. In the end, that’s the decision I’ve made” -Kim Shin-


Episode 6

“This sword is the punishment. However, even if it’s a punishment, isn’t 900 years enough?” 🙁 -Kim Shin-

“It’s not a punishment! The deity wouldn’t have given you those abilities as punishment. If you were a bad person, he would’ve created only the goblin. He wouldn’t let you meet the goblin’s bride to remove the sword!” -Ji Eun Tak-

“There is no life that deserves to die.” -Grim Reaper-

“Life is a momentary thing. You come & you go” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I’m humbly accepted my fate & is living a brave life as the goblin’s bride” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Every moment I spent with you… shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it. No matter what happens, it is not your fault!” -Kim Shin-


Episode 7

“If it doesn’t work again, there’s only one answer: true love” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Could you give up trying to die & consider living instead? Because of you, some people in the past were able to turn a new leaf. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were to benefit from a strange but beautiful stroke luck of miracle?” -Grandpa-

“My face is my business card, it says right there: “Pretty person!” -Sunny-

“Sunny: What do you like?
Grim Reaper KWB: You
Sunny: You’re driving me crazy 😀 Not that. Like hobbies / things like that
Grim Reaper KWB: You… Your unpredictable acts draw me in more than a drama does. Your unpredictability incites my imagination.”

“My power is staying alive” -Kim Shin-

“I was obsessed to become your bride because it felt like we’re becoming family (I never had) that I thought I could have” -Ji Eun Tak-

“The oracle was right. The future I foresaw was correct. With this girl’s help, I will be able to end this curse of eternity and return to ash. A mortal soul can live up to 100 years – is what I’m looking for my life as an immortal soul or your face? I think it is your face” -Kim Shin-


Episode 8

“I’m really the (your) bride, this was my destiny” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Who says first loves don’t work out? I don’t like this” -Kim Shin-

“Having to like you… I couldn’t be more foolish” -Kim Shin-

“That sword is his reward & punishment, his reason for existing and the clue to his extinction” -Grandpa-

“You are my life & my death. And I… like you. Thus, I keep this secret and ask above for permission. May you not know for one more day, for 100 more years” -Kim Shin-

“She was born to pull out your sword – no, you gave her that fate. She will become useless if she doesn’t do what she was born to do as there will be no reason for her existence. If she fails to pull out the sword, she will continue to face death” -Birth Grandmother-

“One day after 100 years, when the weather is good enough, I hope I will be able to tell her she was my first love. I ask… above for permission” -Kim Shin-


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Episode 9

“I, who have lived hundred years. On a day that’s just right, it was first love. So that I could confess. So that the Heavens would permit, I am asking” -Kim Shin”

“All the time I’ve spent with you were all blindingly bright. Because the day was good, because the day wasn’t good, because the day was just right. All the days were good. And also, whatever happens… it’s not your fault” -Kim Shin-

“I wish you would continue to need me. I wish you would ask that of me.
I wish I could use permission as an excuse… With that excuse, I wish I could stay alive… with you.” -Kim Shin-

“I need you. That’s all I ask of you! I Love You!” -Ji Eun Tak-


Episode 10

“One mustn’t put too much strength in the hand that’s holding something lowly. If you clench on it because it is precious, that lowly & precious thing is bound to die” -Park Joong Hun-

“I want to hold your hand & hug you but… I should at least know whose hand I’m holding and who I’m hugging!” -Sunny-

“Instead of focusing on getting over her fast, you should focus on what helps you heal”


Episode 11

“Even if she was my sister (Sun) in her previous life, I am nothing to her in this life. She’s got her own life now. I wonder if I should let the past be of the past” -Kim Shin-

“That person named Kim Sun was very brave in the face of love” -Ji Eun Tak-

“One or two out of 100 are born with the same face as in their previous life.” -Kim Shin-

“We should both die together, that’d be the best – at the same time so nobody has to suffer alone with a broken heart.” -Ji Eun Tak-

“You will not die, I won’t let you die – I’ll stop it, I’ll always stop it!” -Kim Shin-

“I don’t know what door will open but I will not let go of you. I promise this so trust me. I might be a greater person than (what) you take me for” -Kim Shin-

“I cannot spend my life locked up at home – spending the rest of my days trembling here in fear wouldn’t be living at all. Even if I were to die tomorrow, I must live today.” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Protect me with your life and I’ll do my best to stay alive. I trust you!” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I know it’s impossible but I dreamed of a happy ending” -Grim Reaper-


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