Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God) Quotes and Narration


Episode 12

“I know (what longing would bring). Each time I long for it, I don’t know where it’s going to take me and it dreads me but I still miss it” -Grim Reaper-

“Birth Grandmother: ‘Why didn’t you create a perfect world without a sin (in the first place)?’
Deity: ‘Nobody would look for the almighty!’
Birth Grandmother: ‘Every child was conceived with love so stop torturing them! Get rid of the hands that’re covering his eyes. Let them recognize each other and make decision themselves.’

“Fate is a question that I ask someone. And the answer… is something you must find yourselves” -Deity-

“The ones left behind should live even harder. We might cry from time to time but we should smile a lot and cheer up. You are obligated to do that in return for the love you received” -Ji Eun Tak-

“A kid who’s nothing but nice – that’s why you light up this world. Remember, your good nature is what will bring you luck” -Birth Grandmother-

“It’s French for ‘Fate ordained by the sky’ – the absolute destiny far beyond the realm of humanity” -Kim Shin-

“No blind dates, no romance, no Tae Hee oppa. No man is allowed within 30m radius of that necklace. That’s what I make of your fate!” -Kim Shin-

“Everything about me is wrong. I sincerely hope this choice is the right one. As I’m not alive, I have no name yet you asked after me. Thank you for that.” -Grim Reaper-

“The kiss of the Grim Reaper brings back memories of your past life. I fear what I was in your previous life. But I wish you’re left only with good memories. I hope that a part of them are memories of your older brother and I hope that he is Kim Shin” -Grip Reaper-

“Leave only the shining, happy memories and forget all the sad & hard moments whether they were in your past life or present… and forget about me :(” -Grim Reaper-

“I hope you at least have the happy ending” -Grim Reaper-

“Was I really Wang Yeo? The feeling without memories… Is that the punishment I gave myself so I won’t forget who I was?” -Grim Reaper-

“It seems I was the source of the worst memories to both you my love and to Kim Shin” -Grim Reaper-


Episode 13

“If you two had been fated to pass each other by, you would’ve done so. And if you two had been fated to meet, you two would’ve met” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Whether it’s the first or fourth time, every single time is important” -Birth Grandmother-

“The world needs miracles – beautiful & strange miracles” -Ji Eun Tak-

“How could you tell me to only remember the happy times but (to) forget you? Because every moment I spent with you was a happy one, even if each and every moment with you was also sad & difficult. So did my dying to protect you become your happy ending?” -Sunny-

“Meeting you was the reward of my life” -Kim Shin-

“I’ll try asking God to let me come back with the first snowfall of the season” -Kim Shin-


Episode 14

“Remember! You must remember!
His name is Kim Shin. He’s tall, has a sad smile. He’ll come as a rain. As the first snowfall.
He’ll keep his promise.
Remember! You must remember!
You are his bride.” -Ji Eun Tak-


“The Almighty said ‘you have been erased from the memories of all who knew you. That is for the sake of their peace and it is my grace’. He also said ‘your punishment is over. That you can forget everything and sleep. Be at peace’. But the goblin’s eyes filled with tears.” -Birth Grandmother-

“Now I see what choice I made… I will remain here and become rain. I will become the wind. I will become the first snowfall… I ask for your permission just for that one thing.” -Kim Shin-

“Memories will soon get forgotten, only the glorious futility will remain. He (Goblin) will keep walking in that futility. What’ll happen to him after that endless walk? Where will he arrive at?” -Birth Grandmother-

9 years later

“On that desert, he was so lonely that he sometimes walked backwards (because) he wanted to see the footsteps in front of him.” -Kim Shin-

“I should’ve done this 900 years ago. Please forgive me for saying it so late. Please forgive me for not protecting my love or you, who protected my Goryeo. I had received love, but I didn’t love anyone. Please forgive me.” -Grim Reaper-

“I missed her very much. When I look at her, I think she will run into my arms but because I know that won’t happen, my heart aches” -Kim Shin-


Episode 15

“The future I saw was right. You ended up meeting this guy. I’m embarassed I cannot stop smiling ^_^” -Kim Shin-

“Ji Eun Tak: ‘I heard the memory about first love often gets glamorized and you get disappointed when you meet again.’
Kim Shin: ‘No, it isn’t true. She’s still beautiful'”

“Don’t you think oblivion is the deity’s way of showing grace? So you won’t fall in agony” -‘lil boy-

“To the one who thought that oblivion would bring me peace of mind, the moment our eyes met I knew that you too retained your memories. Hence in this life, we”ll have to live in each of our happy endings and ignore this tragedy. I pray that in our next life the wait will be short and the meeting will be long. That we won’t need an excuse to see each other – entitled with our own dearest names so we would greet each other when we accidentally run into each other with out love always be the solution. I pray we can meet like this.” -Sunny-

“Sometimes you are Kim Woo Bin, sometimes you’re Wang Yeo. Please live a long & happy life.” -Sunny-

“I’m saying this because today is just about right.
I’m saying this because you’re still shining.
I’m saying this because you were that first love.
On another day that’s just about right,
will you be my bride?” -Kim Shin-



Final Episode

“I will.
I will be the bride of this lonely man.
I will be the first & the last bride of this beautiful man.” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Was there anyone who made your heart pound? Anyone you missed to the point of wanting to cry? Was there anyone who made you think you would be willing to die for that person?” -Secretary (CEO) Kim-

“You didn’t care about the people around you or how the world works. That’s why I’m waiting for you to ask questions that an adult would ask. About the world, the joy, the sorrows of those around you” -Secretary (CEO) Kim-

“Give me a little more time, I will do my best to grow up” -Deok Hwa-

“I love all the roads we will walk together. I love all the sceneries we will see together. I love all the questions we will shyly ask each other and all the answers to those questions.  I love you in all those moments. From your bride…” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Maybe this punishment ends when we become desperate for life” -Grim Reaper-

“Every human dies at some point, that’s why life is even more beautiful… The first thought I had once I got my memory back was to live each day as if it were my last. If today is my last day, this will be my final memory of the person I love so I’d better live hard and love” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Kim Shin: Until death parts us, every word that you say whatever it may be… me too.
Ji Eun Tak: Until death parts us, every word that you say whatever it may be… me too.”

“A human’s sacrifice is something the almighty cannot predict. It wasn’t a part of his plan that’s because it’s a momentary instinct and a choice that solely made by that human. It is a choice only humans can make” -Grim Reaper-

“Do you remember what I said before? The person left behind has to live (his life) to the fullest. You’ll cry sometimes but you’ll also laugh & live bravely – that’s the proper response to the love given to you” -Ji Eun Tak-

“Don’t be heartbroken for a long time. I’ll come to see you again so wait for me and don’t make it rain too much” -Ji Eun Tak-

“I’ll be gone for just a while. I promise. This time, I will come to you. I will come looking for you. In our next life, I will make sure to be born with a long life and stay by your side for a long time. I will beg divinity to let me do that” -Ji Eun Tak-

“You have to come even if it takes 100 or 200 years, I’ll wait for you!” -Kim Shin-

“That day, missing soul walked through the tears of someone. Tides of time got carried away by the rainfall. It was a very long rain. Missing soul left this world without a guardian after leaving one behind – a very lonely & beautiful guardian.” -Grim Reaper-

“I’m happy I get to see you before I leave. I’m sorry for going first & leaving you behind. Please take care of yourself and let’s meet again sometimes” -Sunny-

“My sister, my friend and my bride have all left. And as always, I’m left all alone” -Kim Shin-

“Some people shine later on in life” -Mechanic-

“Every life is touched by a deity at least once. Just when you’re drifting away from the world, if someone nudges you back in the right direction, that’d be when the deity chooses to visit you” -Kim Shin-

“As I sent the lantern flying that night, I prayed that my sister in her future and my master in his future would meet again one day. And when they meet again, they will be happy. That’d be my wish” -Kim Shin-

“I liked you first, that’s my state… No, that’s my confession” -Detective Lee Hyuk-

“[Future] Ji Eun Tak: Ahjussi, you know who I am, right?
Kim Shin: The first and the last goblin’s bride”



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