Goddess of Marriage Casts on 2013 SBS Drama Awards

Nam Sang Mi, Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Young Nam and Jang Hyun Sung attended 2013 SBS Drama Awards last week.

Red carpet pictures

Kim Ji Hoon

 photo KimJiHoon_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc2_zpsdc44d393.jpg

Jang Young Nam

 photo JangYoungNam_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc1_zps510f8fed.jpg

Jang Hyun Sung

 photo JangHyunSung_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc1_zps102aadbd.jpg

Goddess of Marriage was far from perfect, the ending left me speechless. But one thing for sure, the casts acted their hearts out. Hence, I’m pleased Goddess of Marriage casts took home 5 awards.

It’s no longer a big secret that broadcasting stations rarely give award based on merit; but nevertheless, I had a big grin on my face when I saw Nam Sang Mi, Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Young Nam and Jang Hyun Sung’s names were called out and they came up to the stage to receive their awards.

Nam Sang Mi won two awards: Top Excellence Actress (Weekend / Long Drama) & Ten Star Award. She did an amazing job portraying Song Ji Hye, who’s torn between her soulmate who she fatefully met on her roadtrip in Jeju Island and her temperamental fiancee who didn’t care about her feeling.

 photo NamSangMi_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc1_zpsaedc9f0f.jpg  photo NamSangMi_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc2_zpsf8abc3c7.jpg

Kim Ji Hoon won Excellence Award (Weekend / Long Drama) for his solid portrayal as a temperamental fiance & husband who couldn’t protect the woman he really loves in front of his family.

 photo KimJiHoon_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc1_zps6e282aac.jpg

Jang Young Nam and Jang Hyun Sung won Special Actress & Special Actor (Weekend / Long Drama). They played a married couple in GoM, I really despise Jang Hyun Sung’s character that every time I watch Superman is Back, everything he did to Jang Young Nam’s character came back to me. He’s a well-deserved winner. Jang Young Nam did a solid job portraying a dedicated (plus sometimes hopeless) wife & loving mother who went berserk after she found out about her husband’s infidelity, but she never gave up fighting for her marriage.

 photo JangYoungNam_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc2_zps6a6ca0ad.jpg  photo JangHyunSung_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc2_zps4f4f9299.jpg

 photo JangHyunSung_JangYoungNam_GoM_SBSDramaAwards_bc2_zpsd32e1561.jpg


Congratulations Nam Sang Mi, Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Young Nam, Jang Hyun Sung & the rest of GoM casts and crew. =)

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