Goddess of Marriage Casts – Episode 21 Hwasin – Brief Recap


Hwasin Episode 21 
Broadcast Date: 16 July 2013

Guests: Jang Young Nam, Lee Sang Woo, Nam Sang Mi & Kim Ji Hoon


The casts of Goddess of Marriage promoted their drama on SBS talk show “Hwasin”. It’s a really enjoyable episode. Ji Hoon is very witty, Lee Sang Woo is a modest unpretentious man, Nam Sang Mi and Jang Young Nam are both very honest with their feelings. Beside promoting their drama, they also addressed rumors about their personal / love lives.

Summary of GoM-related scoop

Lee Sang Woo (Hyun Woo)


– Lee Sang Woo is a certified kissing machine.

He explained was just doing his job. Nam sang Mi chipped in, his kissing style is unique. He doesn’t feel embarrassed nor looking forward to the kissing scene, but he has a poker face. He’s not shaky and he has no facial expression. When they film kissing scene, he gets it done like a machine. He described that if he get nervous / anxious, then his partner  will be uncomfortable. So it’s his way of caring and to ensure his partner will be comfortable with their kissing scene.

– Lee Sang Woo & Nam Sang Mi’s hot kissing scene on episode 1

After he read the script, he waited for Sang Mi in the bed, topless. The script didn’t say that he had to take off his clothes. But because it’s a bed scene, he took liberty and improvised. But the PD asked him to wear something as it would look too sensual. According to Sang Mi, Sang Woo is good at leading the kissing scene.

Nam Sang Mi (Song Ji Hye)


– women will get jealous because in GoM she dates both Lee Sang Woo and Kim Ji Hoon. Kim Ji Hoon plays the man she’s engaged to after knowing him for three years and Lee Sang Woo plays the man who she’ll meet during her trip and someone who’s like her soulmate.

– She still doesn’t know who she’ll choose in the end. The MCs believe her character (Ji Hye) will choose Sang Woo’s character (Hyun Woo) because 1) he’s more popular than KJH (:D) 2) he’s her soulmate

Kim Ji Hoon (Kang Tae Wook)



After the drama’s press conference, he uploaded a selca with Clara who wore a revealing dress. It’s his cute trick to be the talk of the town.

Jang Young Nam (Eun Hee)


– She is so scared of going to a script reading, she skipped many scrip reading sessions in the past. She feels like everyone’s watching her when she reads her line, hence, she tends to avoid it pretending that she has a very busy schedule. She attended GoM script reading after confessing to the writer that she’s not good at script reading and asking her consideration to understand her if she didn’t do well.


Other interesting facts

Lee Sang Woo prefer to watch variety shows than being in it because it’s more fun relaxing when he watch the shows at home.

– During her university days, Jang Young Nam was known as “Lee Young Ae on Daehakro“. She’s an excellent stage actress, incredibly talented and beautiful.

Jang Young Nam washed Song Joong Ki in Werewolf Boy because he lived like a wolf and never washed himself. During that scene, she was supposed to pretend scrubbing him so the make-up wouldn’t come off. But she kept scrubbing him.

– She is 7 years older than her husband, but she hasn’t thought about their age difference. Because if she doesn’t think she could respect and trust him as her husband if she think of him as someone who’s younger than her. She considers him a man.

Kim Ji Hoo has been in many variety shows before, so he feels like he’s a host instead of a guest. Like a real host, he gave many witty suggestions, such as they should give a bigger reaction to JYN’s story, and encourage his fellow cast mates to speak up.

– He watched and analyzed variety shows meticulously, the MCs teased him to study acting instead of variety shows.

Lee Sang Woo‘s kissing scene collage video. They analyzed that he always grabs the back of his partner’s neck.

Nam Sang Mi became glamorous all of a sudden, people suspected she had plastic surgery. She never uploaded any pictures  of her wearing revealing clothes on her SNS account. She has her own complex, hence, she always made sure she put double-sided sticky tape on herself to prevent accident especially when she bends down. But now as she’s in her early 30s, she needs to show different aspects of herself. Hence, this is the reason why she became glamorous. The low necks needs to be lower 😀 Just before GoM’s press conference, she casually told Ji Hoon that she feels embarrassed because she has a large chest 😀 Ji Hoon didn’t ask her 😀 She explained she doesn’t like wearing something with low neck which may look too sensual on her so she told the drama’s writer about this. And during drama filming, she always feels like she’s working with men who are like her family, so telling the truth might make it more comfortable for them.

– She loves Physical Education and has muscles. She rarely lost in an arm wrestling match, she’s lost once to Shin Bong Sun.

Kim Ji Hoon loves to take pictures together with actresses to get some attention.He believes he’s asking for favor for something that he can’t do himself.

– He announces that he has SNS account (his twitter account is jiraishin99) and he’d like to have many followers. So, GoM fans, let’s follow his twitter account =)

– He has a habit of posting selca pictures; even when he wanted to show the delicious food he ate, he always made sure he put himself in the picture. He really thought hard of the best pose which could make his selca with Clara be the talk of the town & the net. During the drama’s press conference, she was wearing a revealing dress so he deliberately put his arm around her and he looked down at her which made him looked a little naughty but he actually did it for a cute purpose, to gain attention.

– He debuted 12 years ago. His fanbase’s size remain the same – small group of elite fans. He sometimes get jealous to the other actors’ fan support. During GoM press conference, Lee Sang Woo fans from across the world sent 3tons sacks of rice, one side of the walls were full with his fans’ sacks of rice. His fans sent 100kg sacks of rice. But he’s healty and happy and try to be positive. He really loves his fans. He won’t give up as he just started now, he believes a new phrase of his life just began.

– Lee Sang Woo explained the meaning behind his fanclub name “Shark and a Pack of Dogs”. Shark came from the song that he composed & sang. A Pack of Dogs from a line from his drama “Life is beautiful”

– Sang Woo sang “Shark” (min 4:54). He’s just sooo adorable.  He also showed his raw talent – rotate a guitar (second video min 1:40). Kim Ji Hoon was wondering if he could get more fans if he could rotate a guitar like Sang Woo. Ji Hoon pretended he didn’t have any special talent, but the MCs believed he had already practiced and wanted to show off. So he did. He mimicked Cho Young Pil and sang one of his hit song “Bounce” (2nd video min 2.40) Sang Woo rotated the guitar while he sang 😀

– Lee Sang Woo & Sung Yu Ri dating rumor. He came to Yu Ri’s movie premiere and it was the only time he met her after the drama ended. They both became more distant after the rumors / exaggerated news articles came out. They met during MBC’s drama award and sat side by side as they worked together on Feast of Gods. But they both were really awkward.

– Lee Sang Woo never approached or asked anyone out. He explained he never said it loud, he started a relationship based on mutual connection

– Kim Ji Hoon caught a fly, he took pictures of himself and the fly hahaha. He also caught a dragonfly from top of his head. While he caught these two insects, he totally interrupted Sang Woo’s talk about his unique approach about relationship.  Sang Woo was really happy  as it looked like he didn’t know how to wisely answer those questions.

KJH_fly_bc1 KJH_dragonfly_bc1


– Lee Sang Woo: A determined turtle is fast

He usually makes slower progress than most people whenever he start something new. Like a turtle. He used to stutter, and he blushed when he talked to a stranger. His personality has improved a lot now.

He was first approached by his agency’s president if he wanted to become an actor. At first, he thought he would not be able to dive into acting because of his personality and he couldn’t talk in front of others; but his president believed he would be okay.  After much deliberation, he decided to do it and got better at it.

Doing a short drama is harder for him, he prefer long drama (First Wives Club).

His personality changed ever since he started to talk a lot while he’s working & reading the scripts. His award acceptance speech has improved too. In 2008, he was so shy and could only said a very short speech, but when he accepted award last year, he expanded it to 3 eloquent sentences.

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